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(44 F) For the last 3 weeks (missed 2 days) I’ve gotten up at 5 am to start my day. Exercise, breakfast and prep lunch before leaving to work. Problem is although I’ve been going through the motions, it’s all in a zombie trance state and sloppy. It’s like when I’m exercising my movements are floppy instead of purposeful and defined. I’m getting married in 3 months and I’m so physically blah and tired that I can’t make my body move to get anything out of this time I’m spending it’s just flop from one movement to the next. I’m sure I can’t really be accomplishing anything. Thoughts?



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Shivankar_11 t1_jbjhkyr wrote

I felt the same when I started waking up early... I then realised that I was breaking the inertia in body to be lazy.. after a few weeks that became my routine and I am so glad I did that, because now I seem to find that extra time for myself, which I otherwise would have wasted.. And as for the reason to continue.. Ask yourself, If you go back to your old routine, would you be any better? And what can you achieve once you start feeling active with this new routine of yours..
And congratulations for your wedding ☺️


hayybabee t1_jbk09j6 wrote

I’ve had this same issue


extrastone t1_jbiua09 wrote

Congratulations! Good to hear you have been so disciplined.


MuchoGrandeRandy t1_jbkmddt wrote

Taking the actions brings the results of having taken the actions.


depressionwar t1_jbwcgix wrote

Do you have darker skin by chance? You could be lacking vitamin D


CntryGrl78 OP t1_jbxm8em wrote

I live in Wyoming. Work inside all day. It’s frozen and snow covered from November through May. Everyone has a lack of vitamin D here.


depressionwar t1_jbxtedx wrote

I’m black and was recently prescribed a super high dosage of vitamin D. I live in Vegas and have absolutely no reason to have a deficiency in this desert sun but mine was scary low. When I wake up in the mornings now, I feel content instead of groggy. All of my muscles don’t ache so much that I don’t want to get up out of bed. I’m also recovering from a very bad depressive episode (aka my whole life) and I literally feel like I have energy again. Please give it a look if you’re interested, you can get D2 supplements anywhere.