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TheTjalian t1_jbp8t94 wrote

Have you read it yet? Is it any good?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbp91q9 wrote

>is it any good?

I hope so lmao


TheTjalian t1_jbpa4dc wrote

Bahaha. Congrats on your book launch OP. Did you self publish or go through a publisher?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpaar2 wrote

Self published. It didn’t seem to make sense to put several middlemen between me and an audience when the internet exists. I figured if it it was good enough, it would do well eventually.


TheTjalian t1_jbpbqex wrote

Absolutely respect the grind there. Good on you! I hope you go on to sell loads :)


CuntMaster16 t1_jbpdb28 wrote

Well don’t be shy give us the name! What kind of story is it? I’ve been looking for a new read


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpdtp1 wrote

It’s a fantasy story called the second sun and it’s written as if I tried to birth a baby between Tolkien and Dickens


CuntMaster16 t1_jbpdx5k wrote

That actually sounds really good. Where can I buy?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpf2fh wrote

“They drank to quiet their cheerless reflections of the perils of their bounty. Still Morrow suffered the burden of due celebrity for his skills in battle and the legends inspired enemy warriors of some regard to seek him on the field as their nations met to advance the violent ends they efforted to sew shut. While a young man, Still Morrow delighted in these mortal disputes but as the years aged him, he discovered his foes were of eternal youth and ignorance. And despite sharing the dress of previous champions, he saw those before him become but children, anew and scarcely corrupted by war. The old sergeant came to dread the maintenance of his myth, as he realized his survival of so many campaigns was a curse born from the gods, and his state unrivaled would end when feebleness stole his mind or vengeance rent his heart.”


rainmace t1_jbpnjmu wrote

You realize this stanza barely makes grammatical sense in the English language right?


Cypher1388 t1_jbpthl9 wrote

Looks like someone doesn't have a voice

But yeah some of the stylistic choices in the application of Grammer are... Sus, but not illegible.


CuntMaster16 t1_jbpe57l wrote

Also what name did you put for the author? I’m getting a lot of results for that name. Wanna make sure I get the right one. If you don’t want to put it here for ppl to see can you DM me?


dearbokeh t1_jbpfrbl wrote

This is actually not a crazy question. Like obviously you’ve read it, but have you actually read it like a normal person would is totally fair to ask.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpg8kn wrote

I never suggested it was a crazy question but frankly i did everything I could to ensure the quality of my work and so if it is found wanting then I would hear anyone’s criticism. However, only one person has read the story and they’ve a great many reasons to love it as well.

Edit: I mean to say I have no unbiased source of opinion on my book so I’ll just wait until one emerges.


dearbokeh t1_jbpleq8 wrote

I wasn’t implying you thought it was a crazy question, more so just saying it’s an interesting question in general beyond its comedic take.

Not sure if I’ll read it as it may not be my ‘cup of tea’ but I’ll for sure look it up! Happy for you!


meatballsbonanza t1_jbpbwij wrote

Congrats! Stringing together enough words to constitute a novel is an epic task. You should be proud.

I had a look at the blurb at goodreads and I think you should consider simplifying the language. I had to read the first sentence a few times before I understood it. No good having readers give up even before they open the book.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpc50q wrote

I did change it but Goodreads takes longer to get its summaries from Amazon I guess


tobiasvl t1_jbpqcn8 wrote

I actually don't think Goodreads automatically updated blurbs when Amazon does. On the other hand, Goodreads is crowd sourced, although you need to be a "Librarian" to edit stuff (just something you apply for). I'm a Librarian so I can update it manually if you want me to.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpqy2v wrote

Haha that’s amazing yes thank you


tobiasvl t1_jbpt0me wrote

OK, done. BTW, I see that the shorter description is only for Volume I on Amazon, the combined Vol I & II still has the longer one. Maybe that's intentional? There's something weird on Goodreads though - Volume I is there as a separate book, but it's 499 pages long, while Vol I & II is 421 pages...


Yarusenai t1_jbpk6yt wrote

I think the same about the excerpt he wrote further up. It's unnecessarily verbose, so much that it really restricts the flow. He does say it's like that the entire time, which would turn me off immediately, but I am probably not the target audience. Good luck in either case!


Sovereign444 t1_jbpkwrd wrote

I agree, I mean I hate to be a spoilsport and I’m happy for him, but it seems unnecessarily overly complicated.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbplkxz wrote

It was written for those who love writers like Dickens and I appreciate your thoughtful words. Though what I wrote further up about Still Morrow is not a summary, it’s an excerpt from the book.


Yarusenai t1_jbpulpa wrote

Yes, that's what I meant; the excerpt. I corrected that.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpcghp wrote

“An adventure, charming and whole that seeks to enlighten, to hearten, to soothe and to even frighten the reader when made to contemplate our capacity for good and evil and indifference.”


demisemihemiwit t1_jbpms4t wrote

Split infinitive. I'm out.

Just busting chops! I'll never have anything but respect for artists with the focus and drive to finish such a huge task. Congratulations!


Weak_Horn3t t1_jbp4m4m wrote

Looked up your book and it sounds dope! Gonna figure out how to get myself a copy soon.


wittiestphrase t1_jbp68h0 wrote

What do you mean? It’s available for purchase and appears to be on Kindle Unlimited.


Weak_Horn3t t1_jbp789v wrote

Oh I meant getting like a physical copy. I saw it was on kindle but I usually like to get a physical one versus online if I have the option


softcore_UFO t1_jbp59ym wrote

Sixteen months is impressive. You must be incredibly proud.


Suitable-Evidence538 t1_jbp9s6j wrote

I’m jealous and angry, but also happy for you. I’ve been pounding at this craft for years, agents are a gauntlet. Congratulations.


fckdemre t1_jbpr5mc wrote

Dude self published so you could go that way if you so choose


Suitable-Evidence538 t1_jbps1l1 wrote

Thanks. Yea, this man’s smile is convincing me of that. Great call.


fckdemre t1_jbpwlcy wrote

Check out r/selfpublish (I think that's the sub name) for tips and stuff. Lots go into self publishing. Don't want to post out into the void


03ifa014 t1_jbp8g23 wrote


Any advice for those of us looking to get published at some point?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbp8nan wrote

Self publish. Publishing companies are dying in my view and if the work is quality enough, it will thrive. That’s my hope anyway.


TeamRedundancyTeam t1_jbphtsg wrote

>Publishing companies are dying in my view

Mind elaborating on this?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpisal wrote

Simon and schuster were purchased by Harper Collins and those who retail their product are often dying. though some bookstores do thrive, I find it to be rare. Media distributed directly to an audience from the source is the future. Like we’re seeing with video games and other media content, the bloom of indie content people discover some has a great deal of cultural value. This is only simulated in a traditional publisher’s boardroom.


Old_Title5793 t1_jbpmckf wrote

What's the process of finding a good editor like when you self publish?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpni5j wrote

Im disabled with severe Tourette’s and my wife and I just separated so I had no money for an editor lol it’s a mistake, I know but one that cannot be helped.


Supahonky t1_jbp7lnm wrote

I guess I'm the only one wondering... What is it about? I would also like to say congratulations.


Delhigh t1_jbpo31h wrote

I'll find out what it's about when I buy it


Vincent541 t1_jbpeah5 wrote

My stupid ass thought you never owned a book and was like, yeah man small steps.. And then it dawned, you wrote your own book


reach_Chris t1_jbp0qoo wrote

There's nothing quite like that feeling! Congrats!!


marlinmarlin99 t1_jbp7cq9 wrote

Maybe put the link for the book and synopsis maybe iono.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbp8123 wrote

I don’t want to self promote 🤷‍♂️if people want to look it up by the title or my name they can


klippDagga t1_jbpa5sc wrote

Very cool and congratulations!

How did you decide what type of story you wanted to write?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpavwy wrote

I didn’t write one story, it’s hundreds of stories that only seemto make sense when you put them together


Ganzo_The_Great t1_jbphjbq wrote

Reminds me of Ray Bradbury's the Martian Chronicles.

Congrats btw. That is not a small achievement by any means, you should be proud af!


Jackmerious t1_jbpcgi7 wrote

Congrats! It’s one of the best feelings isn’t it?


Lokkuri t1_jbpf4g7 wrote

Did you take any lessons how to write a book? Ive been interested to write my self, but after some pages i realize it all reads just like a diary, with no "driving force" behind it.

All the luck to you


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpfmwe wrote

I taught myself actually but the first book I ever read to become a writer was “On writing” by Stephen King, which he said don’t use adverbs. I followed that advice until I could learn to use them effectively.


09232022 t1_jbpgs9e wrote

I read this and initially thought you had to save up money for 16 months to buy the first book you've ever owned, ever. I'm like damn, I know the economy is tough but that's like some Nigeria level poverty.

Happy for you dude! Always been a dream of mine.


gilgasmashglass t1_jbphv3j wrote


I’m still in the midst of writing my story and have considered self-publishing as well. Traditional, as much as it is “respected,” does feel like it is dying and not keeping up with the fast world that is evolving around it (and the wait times for it is from what i heard, agony.)

Any advice when going the self-pub route?


averm27 t1_jbploh6 wrote


I've been struggling to finish my book. Started it during mid COVID.

Haven't touched in around 2 months.

While reading it, I was unhappy with a lot of the story, so I deleted almost 100 pages..

From 27 chapters done. Now 15 chapter..

I made a mistake deleting it all, and cannot find them anymore.

Writing is harder and honestly tiresome. I enjoy the hell out of it. Just demoralized, I'll get back into it, hopefully, soon


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpm11o wrote

I wrote the whole book, 162,000 words and had to rewrite the entire thing because I had basically only written notes


Dyliciouz t1_jbpnn9v wrote

Stipe Miocic wrote a book?


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpnyao wrote

People have commented this like a dozen times, is he someone famous?


Dyliciouz t1_jbx848j wrote

Legend of MMA heavyweight division, genuinely thought that's who I saw for a second lol


JRsFancy t1_jbp895g wrote

Much respect my man!


kintleko t1_jbp9syf wrote

It's a lot of hard work but you have done it! I am happy for you, that's a huge milestone! I hope you celebrate this success!


seejaywhy t1_jbpakhg wrote

Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment


ShueiHS t1_jbpar9a wrote

Congrats it's an accomplishment on its own! I wish you the best :)


KB_Sez t1_jbpdmb4 wrote

Brilliant!!!! Congratulations!!!

Put up an affiliate Amazon link so folks can check it out!


AintNothinButaDream t1_jbpeib6 wrote

Congrats! Very cool.

Your next book should be a book on how you wrote and self published your first book.

Then your third book should be a book on how you wrote your second book.

Etc, etc.

You're welcome!


dangerouspeyote t1_jbpf6xg wrote

Congratulations! That is a massive accomplishment.


Holobolt t1_jbpfe5r wrote

This is my only motivation to write, to hold the book I wrote


UzaiBaka t1_jbpftbn wrote

Just bought it on Amazon, looking forward to the read and congrats!


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpgp6l wrote

Aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy lol you’re the very first to actually BUY it


dearbokeh t1_jbpg4wr wrote

This is a really beautiful photograph. I can feel how proud you are. Makes me even feel good inside. Not an easy thing to capture. Congrats!


Talmaska t1_jbpgj3f wrote

Well done, old son! I hope it sells a million copies and you write many more to your adoring fans. Well done indeed.


TheChoosingBeggar t1_jbphbnj wrote

I love images like this. This smile is absolutely everything. The face of self satisfied accomplishment. Wonderful accomplishment OP. All the best.


EvolMada t1_jbpi4bm wrote

Any good? Can you summarize so I don’t have to read it all?


EvolMada t1_jbpiiks wrote

Congratulations!! Very motivating to see people doing things outside their comfort zone. ☝🏻Just kidding BTW. All for the haha.


orjanbodo2 t1_jbpj8if wrote

Bought it. Good luck, wish you all the best!


jamesallensmith t1_jbpjhez wrote

Is this a sequel? Where's the first sun book? Great job by the way and congrats 😊


TheWalkindude_- t1_jbpji12 wrote

Wow that has to be an amazing feeling. Congratulations 🎈🎊


Effective-Okra t1_jbpjrgo wrote

Bravo and Congratulations! This is very exciting! :)


WillametteWanderer t1_jbpkhkm wrote

Great Job! The focus it takes to get even the first draft written is amazing, not to mention the rewrites. You should be very proud!


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpl365 wrote

Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot that people see I worked really really hard and not to mention, it gets lonely being a writer. Not many who have the patience to share your work with regularly.


Thunderror t1_jbpm0wd wrote

I was looking for more descriptive description of what the story is about.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpmms9 wrote

It’s an epic fantasy with hundreds of characters and plots that intertwine at dramatic moments, knights, two empires, one in decay, the other in civil war.

Conquered peoples conspiring to kill those who occupy them by building a massive navy of former enslaved peoples and patriots from the homeland.

The other story is about a paradise with fae folk and giants living amongst one another for thousands of years, sheltered by a mist until they discover someone simply floated through untouched by that once certain death.


geodude_007 t1_jbpm8lg wrote

Low-key thought you were Daniel Radcliffe when I first saw your picture. Lol


White_Elzora t1_jbpm8vz wrote

Something many dream of, but never do. Just to complete a story is worth congradulating! Now, having the courage to publish it? A big congrats to you! Wish you the best!


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jbpmd77 wrote

That's a long time to save up to buy a book. But congrats I guess. For your second book just go to the library! Books are free there.


PaulieStreams t1_jbpmna8 wrote

Must have a lot of time on your hands now that you are no longer the UFC heavy weight champ Mr Miocic?


MerCat3 t1_jbpmnt4 wrote



Elmst333 t1_jbpmrix wrote

I got that sweater! The Irish store right?


etfarmgirl t1_jbpn3q9 wrote

You got the sweater you are a real author


Somerset76 t1_jbpn661 wrote

You look like a proud daddy! Congratulations!


PIebejer t1_jbpn9qp wrote

I have tears in my eyes because I'm so happy for you. Well done. No we do not know each other.


AGreenJacket t1_jbpno71 wrote

Congrats my dude! Got an audiobook yet? (Or are you looking for a narrator cause I know a guy)


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpnuvw wrote

I need an audiobook more than anything. All the reports I’ve gotten back is that it’s much nicer to hear than read because I use a complex and irregular sentence structure


AGreenJacket t1_jbpolvo wrote

Well hey if you need a guy I do this for a living!


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpouy2 wrote

Ummmmm okay haha DM me? I guess

Edit: this guy has signed a contract with me to produce the audiobook


jacksev t1_jbpo0v3 wrote

This is so awesome! It sounds very interesting. I’ll definitely be picking it up soon.


FergusonTerd t1_jbpox1l wrote

Is it normal to release multi volume books like this simultaneously? Just curious, I would think, you’d make more money releasing separately. Especially for first edition


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpph74 wrote

Well I wrote a long book and thought I could offer the first half free and if you liked it you could buy the combined volume 1 and 2


JeffreyDawmer t1_jbpq32r wrote

What an incredible story. I hope you go on to sell tens of copies


jdamwyk t1_jbps6l0 wrote

Oh my god fr!? Dude congrats! How tough was the process of getting published? I’ve been thinking about writing but i’ve always been intimidated by the whole thing. I hope you keep writing!


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpsh44 wrote

I self published after a few rejection letters. I’m fine with it so far.


jdamwyk t1_jbw45a9 wrote

Color me impressed bro. You inspire me to follow my dreams and i totally dig it 😌


Lamplightermk101 t1_jbq0v9a wrote

It won’t let me upvote for some reason? Congrats!


BigRocket t1_jbpbq8t wrote

First book called second *** vol 1 and 2. Are there lots of numbers within the book too?


Alarid t1_jbpklgx wrote

"If the sun is so great, where is sun two?"


DaBears2112 t1_jbplltf wrote

Oh the Photoshop possibilities


mdegroat t1_jbpmamy wrote

Your first book is called the second?


Tchaikovsky08 t1_jbpmcx1 wrote

Congrats on paying money to a vanity press to give a book you wrote the sheen of legitimacy. Congrats on using reddit for thinly veiled marketing for said book.


mastagras t1_jbpukny wrote

Congrats on being a cynical, mean, bitter little twatwaffle that adds nothing of value to this thread.

OP congrats on the achievement and making something that was important and special to you a reality.


Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpmy7n wrote

Lol I self published on Amazon you nerd and you do realize people other than celebrities achieve things right? Maybe have some class solidarity.

Edit: also I designed the cover sooooooooooo


Dogga2868 t1_jbppt9z wrote

Congratulations! What an amazing achievement - and I’m sure this is a dream come true moment - enjoy! 💯🔥🤙


glowson t1_jbpq7oz wrote

18 months of work? @#$! How much does it cost?!


swat__katt t1_jbprtny wrote

But... is it your first sun though? Kidding, Congrats!!


Nerds4Yous t1_jbpcptd wrote



Kristofmorrow OP t1_jbpdbrt wrote

Bro I’ve been working on this for free for 16 months, if I want to post that achievement to TWO subreddits, I think that’s alright, don’t you?