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bill_gannon t1_jbtgaxe wrote

I've learned you never move on. All you can do is move forward.


Tric90 t1_jbujsru wrote

Correct! I've been trying to move on with actions from the past. Best I did during those 8 years was move forward


kyl_r t1_jbvmdvs wrote

The only way out is through.


Spacechip t1_jbwd6wy wrote

I'm starting to feel this way. I've been waiting for time to do it's thing to let go and I just can't.


habitual_wanderer t1_jbtgwa7 wrote

Aren't we all....aren't we all


alt_account_6 t1_jbvjaii wrote

>tfw you never get shoutouts on these motivational posts

Here's one for me then.

Beloved be the one with bedbugs, the one who wears a torn shoe in the rain, the one who wakes the corpse of a bread with two tapers, the one who catches a finger in the door, the one who has no birthdays, the one who lost his shadow in a fire, the animal, the one who looks like a parrot, the one who looks like a man, the rich poor man, the extremely miserable man, the poorest poor man!

Beloved be the one who is hungry or thirsty, but has no hunger with which to satiate all his hungers!

Beloved be the one who works by the day, by the month, by the hour, the one who sweats out of pain or out of shame, the person who goes, at the order of his hands, to the movies. the one who pays with what he does not have, the one who sleeps on his back, the one who no longer remembers his childhood, beloved be the bald man without hat, the thief without roses, the one who wears a watch and has seen God, the one who has honour and does not die!


MarshallsHand t1_jbtit7h wrote

In the days of kings and queens, I was a jester

Treat me like a god, or they treat me like a leper

You see me move back and forth between both

I'm tryin' to find a balance, I'm tryin' to bulld a balance


purp_mp3 t1_jbulg8t wrote

i'm trying, every single day. and even if i'm still not where i wanna be, even if it seems impossible, i'm always gonna try my best.

i learned that the most important thing is enjoying the "trying part" and not just dreaming of the final destination.


Leather-Creme2611 t1_jbwqf0r wrote

If I slap you in the face with a fish, you would enjoy trying to get me to stop just as much as when the welts heal? Really?


Leather-Creme2611 t1_jbvul85 wrote

If I lock you in my basement with only enough water to survive, you would seriously enjoy trying to get out just as much as being rescued?



cyankitten t1_jbuill8 wrote

Thank you. I’m most of these. Thank you for this!


ichigokuto t1_jbu6ct4 wrote

I’ve often been told I’m very trying…


VeganMinx t1_jbuzrhd wrote

I feel seen.

Thank you <3


SinnerClair t1_jbvnfqt wrote

Not me trying to string together the colored words into a different sentence..


SKyle4Jan2019 t1_jbvxnlm wrote

My therapist told me you shouldn’t “try” to do anything because all you do is set your self up for failure when you don’t achieve your goal… I want to believe what she’s telling me is true, but at the same time how do you do anything if not to try?


SpicyWhizkers t1_jbwp0u2 wrote

Ah I see where you’re coming from and where there might be a misunderstanding. Yes, in a literal sense, the first step in doing anything is trying.

But what I believe your therapist is trying to convey is that you should go into anything you do with a “I’ll DO it and succeed” mentality. It’s the difference between literally trying and “trying”.


spyson t1_jbv0qdl wrote

Trying is how you find happiness, don't become insecure and talk down to others because they're "try hards".


melon_fever t1_jbvx88v wrote

new move on heal love themselves balance


ThisIsALine_____ t1_jbwlfn5 wrote

I tried something new.
Which was loving me.
Tried to find balance.
Tried to heal myself.
But ultimately, i just movd on.


ShyHumorous t1_jbwo1xm wrote

I to add a shout-out to those that are trying to relax! Sometimes we work so hard on self improvement and get stuck there that we might forget to stop and smell the roses


Helpful_Cat0808 t1_jbwpywa wrote

Trying 75 Hard!!! On day 5. If you don’t know it, look up the podcast by Andy Frisella! It’s motivating.


invisibleninja777 t1_jbwrh0k wrote

I've been trying to live my dream. Started a tiny gaming youtube channel and been loving it if you want to support me, throw a subscribe my way - LBNinja7 on yt


Due-Caterpillar-2097 t1_jbyhkev wrote

The "trying " one is a mood haha, doing nothing particular, dont know where to start, just Im trying okay xD


hrhrhrhrt t1_jbzgm4l wrote

I feel like someone posted a list of what I'm doing, and it is weird.


HardCorey23 t1_jbw8sby wrote

What about those that have given up?