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alt_account_6 t1_jbvjaii wrote

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>tfw you never get shoutouts on these motivational posts

Here's one for me then.

Beloved be the one with bedbugs, the one who wears a torn shoe in the rain, the one who wakes the corpse of a bread with two tapers, the one who catches a finger in the door, the one who has no birthdays, the one who lost his shadow in a fire, the animal, the one who looks like a parrot, the one who looks like a man, the rich poor man, the extremely miserable man, the poorest poor man!

Beloved be the one who is hungry or thirsty, but has no hunger with which to satiate all his hungers!

Beloved be the one who works by the day, by the month, by the hour, the one who sweats out of pain or out of shame, the person who goes, at the order of his hands, to the movies. the one who pays with what he does not have, the one who sleeps on his back, the one who no longer remembers his childhood, beloved be the bald man without hat, the thief without roses, the one who wears a watch and has seen God, the one who has honour and does not die!