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King5teve t1_jbvailz wrote

Better idea, chop that tree down. I can see you already have plenty of people cutting you down. Take a note from their play book, and cut that thing down. Work smarter not harder.


Starshapedsand t1_jbwl5od wrote

But then you don’t get the view from the top, and it stops producing coconuts.


ace400 t1_jbwsb45 wrote

Chop more down get more coconuts. Build a high viewpiint with all the trees ... problem solved and aquired many coconuts with "dream" stickers


Neanderthal888 t1_jbwzhf3 wrote

Made me a bit sad to see “people” as a weight pulling someone down.

I think people can help lift you up if you find good people and trust them to.


ElleRisalo t1_jbxegao wrote

All these folks struggling to climb while dragging around all this stuff behind them.

Want some real motivation, cut the rope holding all the stones....will make reaching those goals a little easier.

If the baggage is that important you can pick it back up of the ground after you reach your goals...those rocks ain't going anywhere, but you also don't need to carry them around with you everywhere you go and in everything you do.

Cut the cord and relax a bit.


BeneficialLocal3235 t1_jbvf0yu wrote

To keep love alive. It's so.ething you fight for, for example, freedom. Caring is sharing.


MyCatsNameisGibson t1_jbwoq0p wrote

May I recommend spite? The single most powerful motivating force I've ever had plentiful amounts of.


NotAnADC t1_jbwtf9q wrote

Hitler probably felt the same.

Like, these institutions are in place for a reason. If literally everyone and every fiber of your being is telling you not to do something, maybe listen.


Sanity_LARP t1_jbxr0cp wrote

The key is choosing a good dream. Don't dream of killing tons of people. But ignore the naysayers and your own doubts for your dreams that don't include mass murder.


Sanity_LARP t1_jbxqsvf wrote

Once it's fully ripe it will fall off


Mobely t1_jc0dxxl wrote

Asian Star Trek guy with wierd anal plugs fucking a tree.

This is the motivation I need.


AmargithHuld t1_jc1cxu6 wrote

Prefer to first remove the damned rocks, tbh.