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PM_ME_YOUR_MESMER t1_jbxmv4e wrote

What's up with the useless makeup!?

It really Grinds my gears that 'inspirational' quotes need to have some kind of pointless markup to make their point.

There's 5 lines here, each line with no more than 5 words, written in a large and legible font. By design standards it scores incredibly highly in accessibility.

It doesn't need any markup! Those red lines don't add anything, and just add more confusion to the sentence! The r/uselessredcircle doesn't add anything either.

It's less r/getmotivated and more r/mildlyinfuriating


inzyte t1_jby5kxy wrote

Got it. Growth is blaming, impressing people, gaining validation and excuses.


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jc100kg wrote

i think because while we're growing up we choose peace over drama we choose our self over other people that don't even know what we faced or we battled in every single day


Insomnambulant t1_jbzg07t wrote

With ya, except there can be value in validation.


AmargithHuld t1_jc1cphe wrote

Also in putting the blame where it belongs, for that matter.

I feel itd be more accurate if they said, your focus shifts to addressing things yourself and getting on with it - and the rest is basically just there.

It does not disappear. Impressing ppl can be nice, as is receiving validation, and not assuming more blame than is yours, by knowing what exactly transpired is pretty useful as well. And excuses can be the explanation you need to see another person’s pov, and get why they did things the way they did em.

It’s just not the crux the way fixing things/focusing is.


Insomnambulant t1_jc3ofkd wrote

With you here too — I think the message here is “own it.’ Not terribly original but I get it. :)


Alcoraiden t1_jby9nu4 wrote

Do remember that a reason and an excuse after different.


Sorry_Explanation701 t1_jc0ewij wrote

I would like to add something to this. -Ownership. Own your mistakes and embrace the consequences.


Blockboxx t1_jc17lms wrote

Signs of personal growth is when you stop giving a damn about what people think


ValyrianJedi t1_jbypk4i wrote

I'm not sure on the first 3 of those things at all. All are perfectly reasonable and sometimes even necessary things to do


VexualThrall t1_jc0eg0c wrote

You'll understand eventually. None of those truly matter, and mental growth is realising that.


ValyrianJedi t1_jc0gnd8 wrote

I'm sorry, but pretending like it never matters whether you impress anyone is just silly


VexualThrall t1_jdw78v9 wrote

Who would you need to impress? Work? Not necessary whatsoever. Lover? Technically, it's not necessary. You can be loved without being impressive. I'm struggling to understand where at all impressing somebody would be important.


ValyrianJedi t1_je54je2 wrote

> Work? Not necessary whatsoever.

It is absolutely necessary


VexualThrall t1_jeawkdg wrote

How? Truly, I'd like to know why it's necessary. I've never been in a situation where it is, and I've still achieved promotions at past jobs.


healpm369 t1_jc15ugt wrote

Fuck, I still need to work on the last part.


fanta_bhelpuri t1_jbxiv4k wrote

I have the money I need to survive and I dont blame others for my problems. Nobody says Im successful though since Im not as well off personally or professionally as them. Success for me, and many others I suspect, is literally impressing people and getting their validation.


IRMacGuyver t1_jc0m1fz wrote

Sounds like instructions for how to live in fantasy land.


lionbarz t1_jc0nul7 wrote

You stop underlining things


BringBackBoshi t1_jc0oxwl wrote

You realize you don't need stupid motivational BS like this to go achieve things.


Sgt-Automaton t1_jc1j6vk wrote

Signs of personal growth: editing with red pen


Never_Dying t1_jc1wcnu wrote

Got it. Personal growth is being jobless.


Amr528 t1_jbz43pg wrote

But... but most of my energy comes grudge fueled rage...