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johntwoods t1_jc3p3pi wrote

[looks around]


confuzzledpug t1_jc3r004 wrote

my ass


Prize_Huckleberry_79 t1_jc4bepa wrote

Meaningless feel good platitude


Mindfullmatter t1_jc6wfh3 wrote

It’s not meaningless, it’s about being grateful for what you have.

It’s easy to become dissatisfied with your current situation, that’s why it’s essential to practice being grateful if you want to be happy and feel fulfilled. That’s why they say money doesn’t buy happiness. Humans easily fall into a mindset where they always want more. We also compare ourselves to others who have more.

If you have a roof over your head and access to food and water. That is a lot to be grateful for.


UngiftigesReddit t1_jc73f8j wrote

Noone who has ever been poor says "money won't buy happiness". You are right it won't. But poverty sure buys grief.


Mindfullmatter t1_jc802jj wrote

Poverty implies you don’t have the minimum to survive, I suppose my point stands. Roof, food, water, heat, lots to be grateful for.


ManliestCheese t1_jc78wh3 wrote

I understand what you're saying, but there are much better ways to word that than this post did.

You're saying "be happy with what you've got" but that only applies to people that have the basic conditions for happiness that then lost sight of it in pursuit for more.

This generalisation doesn't work as well as the post, which says anyone can find happiness if they just look hard enough. Someone living in absolute misery can not simply turn a switch.


Mindfullmatter t1_jc8091q wrote

I literally said, roof over head, food and water. Those ARE basic conditions.


ManliestCheese t1_jc9kusw wrote

I'm not sure depressed people, people that have recently lost their loved one, people with chronic disease, terminally ill people, people whose families are in active war zones, etc. think that that's enough for them.


Mindfullmatter t1_jcadcdt wrote

Your missing the point. You just listed the opposite of what you can be grateful for.


Prize_Huckleberry_79 t1_jc7b64c wrote

“I’m so grateful for this mouthful of cavities, bare cupboard, broke ass car, getting fired yesterday, sciatic nerve pain, and my broken clothes washer”…..

Yea ok…So grateful….

What makes you think everyone has access to food or water and has a roof over their head? What makes you think a roof over your head is reason to be grateful when your L3 pain is so bad you want to die? This quote is meaningless…


Mindfullmatter t1_jc80grr wrote

I spoke about being grateful for what you have, you have just done the opposite. I never said being grateful will make your chronic pain disappear. It’s a mindset that improves your wellbeing. Humans figured it out thousands of years ago. We tend to not be automatically conditioned toward being grateful, therefore it takes practice to change.


FrenchMilkdud t1_jc43dfg wrote

Be born into multigenerational wealth? Why didn’t I think of that! s/


Femme_Shemp t1_jc3uhod wrote

I already have everything? And I was wondering how I was going to afford food this week when I obviously already have... um...

This "motivational" message is kinda lazy imho. I am food insecure, housing insecure, have poor health and no support system. Believing that I already have everything isn't motivational, it's delusional.


Clean-Inflation t1_jc5jvgg wrote

I’m here for you if you need some support. Message anytime! I’ll make sure to reply. You’re not alone.


Spacecommander5 t1_jc4q1eb wrote

That’s not motivating. That’s just toxic positivity


kegwielder t1_jc4igr4 wrote

The way I translate this message is that if you look at life from the perspective of everything that you lack, you are also coding yourself to be constantly wanting and it's really difficult to solve problems or achieve your goals when you're under duress. It's really easy to forget yourself when we have so many voices (inside and outside) telling us what we want and that what we have is never good enough.


LittleBigHorn22 t1_jc55pc7 wrote

I think it just means don't get so caught up in the future that you don't enjoy your present.


UngiftigesReddit t1_jc73uxk wrote

But I am under duress. That is literally why poverty clinically causes stress. Telling myself I am fine won't pay the rent.


thisismeingradenine t1_jc4s607 wrote

Good luck convincing your landlord of this when you can’t pay rent.


[deleted] t1_jc53kgn wrote

You should say this to homeless people, it will inspire them and make them happy


[deleted] t1_jc4fzc2 wrote

No thats called delusion actually but it was a decent attempt.


KaraTheAndroidd t1_jc5abp3 wrote

That is a very toxic quote for someone struggling with anything, it invalidates their feelings hard-core


Jgflight86 t1_jc4tvvi wrote

So I secretly had a billion dollars this whole time?


ThomasGaiden t1_jc4yjyx wrote

Ah yes! All the debt, all the insecurities, all the concern with nazis in my country. I do have it all!

Sry. 😕


hillsiderr t1_jc3mtg7 wrote

Count my blessings daily. 🙏🏽


cmgbliss t1_jc55ap3 wrote

I'm calling bullshit


sovietmcdavid t1_jc5ev34 wrote

It's a zen koan.

It's difficult in our commercialized society to understand the Buddhist idea of "letting go" and our contrast grasping confined in a commercial worldview.

Essentially be grateful for what you have in life. There's beauty all around you and in places you may not see if you're fixating on wanting more and more in your life. Your life is your own, not your possessions etc.


gldoorii t1_jc4qygm wrote

I know what you did last summer


BodaciousRaven OP t1_jc5iq4t wrote

This explanation of the quote helped me understand it better. Hope it helps here.

“Everything you can do, and be, and create, and provide, already exists within you. You are born with it and while it may take time to access it, knowing you already have it is the secret to having it all.”


LilYazzie92 t1_jc6cn2b wrote

Love all the sarcasm in the comments even though this is what they subscribed for.


Readityesterday2 t1_jc4t3ia wrote

The secret of knowing … is knowing. (Blessed your heart ye blessed one’s !)


TechIsATool t1_jc5eyh3 wrote

This quote has no redeemable quality , it's total bullshit .


rickitytick t1_jc5fl1x wrote

Yeah, homeless guy on the corner. Perspective.


louisdeer t1_jc5ixkm wrote

But people are drivencough motivated by vanity.


Maitrify t1_jc5pvzd wrote

This feels like some Boomer level fucking bullshit


258joe007 t1_jc5r0mu wrote

Huh I had all the money for all of my bills this entire fucking time!!!! And an offer letter to a high paying work from home gig! Holy crap! Wow I had no idea

Get fucked you moldy bint


redshrians t1_jc6ht9s wrote

After reading I was in trans state, the comments brought me back to real world!


sagmeme t1_jc4jv7r wrote

Now all you need to do is send me 19.95 to order your signed copy today! But wait, there's more. But wait, you already knew that, Mr Know It All!


irubberyouglue1000 t1_jc4tnp0 wrote

I both agree and disagree with this statement but cannot explain how or why 😂


LittleBigHorn22 t1_jc55vnv wrote

I think it's just poorly worded. If you get too caught up in your future you never enjoy the present. But if you have everything then that means you can stop doing things and that's not true for the vast majority of people.


howard416 t1_jc541sy wrote

Yes, all the Russian torture!


Hamer3 t1_jc54obh wrote

Can someone point me to my yacht?


nursemaggie1 t1_jc58dtr wrote

Thank you for the reminder ✌️


badRLplayer t1_jc5cgw0 wrote

I think it's knowing when you already do. A lot of people have some growing to do, but if you have a family that loves you, friends you enjoying being around, a steady job and you don't worry where your next meal is coming from, then things are going pretty well.


julius711 t1_jc5ghgl wrote

My bank account would like a word with you


Shkeboo12 t1_jc5i8u5 wrote

All the imaginary millions


Gaitle t1_jc5kgmb wrote

I want money


dhabzs9 t1_jc5uxb2 wrote

Stupid quote


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jc5wa2h wrote

the secret is you know to yourself that you give your best and always do the work no matter how hard the situation.


Geobact3r t1_jc61eop wrote

Why does this garbage have 4000 upvotes.


CubLeo t1_jc66aee wrote

I currently have a job I have to psyche myself up in the carpark to go in to pay off my almost loaded credit card which will up to the limit because of emergency car repairs and having to put my petrol and groceries on it as everything is so expensive.

Living the dream.


HR_Smutnstuff t1_jc68663 wrote

Wow, my bank account suddenly has 9 digits! Thanks, Reddit!


SweetLuf t1_jc6buj4 wrote

Technically true if you believe that we are the universe experiencing itself.


AnyHowMeow t1_jc6k7fo wrote

Likewise, the secret to knowing it all is having you already do.


SurvivingHumanity_WJ t1_jc6p76x wrote

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” - Lao Tzu ☯️


NosferatuCalled t1_jc6pxum wrote

Just imagine how profound and smart whoever came up with this horseshit thought it was. I can smell the pumpkin spice latte all over this image.


UngiftigesReddit t1_jc738tp wrote

Oh fuck this shit

I like self improvement and I value meditation but can we please not with this "the system is just and can't be changed all I should work on is accepting it" crap?


UngiftigesReddit t1_jc74dxe wrote

A better future and social change require us to dream of a better, more just future and work for it together, not sit contentedly in the status quo.


09232022 t1_jc77eu1 wrote

There's a lot of hate here, and probably justifiably so, but this is actually (worded slightly differently) a core of Buddhism. The belief that our attachment to things is what actually causes misery is relatively fundamental, even if that attachment is to things like food or health. There's a lot more nuance to it than that, but it's the gist of it.

I can totally see how from an outsiders perspective this is 100% a "thanks I'm cured" moment.


NearbyDark3737 t1_jc7yi8k wrote

Sure except enough money to buy groceries or a house


anonguy5422 t1_jc8gj44 wrote

Bro if I have “it all” you can have it. Enjoy the crippling depression, drug addictions, 90 hr work weeks and 3 days off a month where I just sleep due to physical exhaustion.


Tnvenge t1_jc95puj wrote

I don't know why but I needed to see this. Thank you


granilhiom t1_jc9a071 wrote

don’t have your health


danteharker t1_jcan1d5 wrote

It's funny how this kinda logic runs through so many books of control - people forget they were written by rich people who didn't want the general population getting above their station and wanting their own castles.

I mean, be happy with your lot, and be good, and you'll get your rewards in the next life - certainly don't make plans, decide what you want out of life and go for it, see the world, go on adventures, have a big life - no no, don't you dare try that :)


whalesalad t1_jc53jag wrote

Fake it till you make it, taken to the Nth degree.


Daryl-Martis t1_jc3i86k wrote

Love this! When you appreciate what you have, you have everything you need!