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JeffreyDawmer t1_jc9ddix wrote

So you realize if this ever actually makes it to anyone's front page, that they will never know what the actual fucking story is? Why am I even


Jetztinberlin t1_jc9kmr1 wrote

It would probably have taken you less time to click OP's username and read their previous post via their profile than it did to type this comment.


JeffreyDawmer t1_jca7c76 wrote

Nah, to be honest I didn't even bother. Every single time I've tried to do that, I gave up because it was ridiculously buried in their intolerable post history. Idk how you expect me to actually take that time out of my day for a random fucker.


itslexibicth OP t1_jca60y8 wrote

Crossposting isn’t allowed so I can’t link the original post, or did that not cross your mind?