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G-H-O-S-T t1_jc9jeay wrote

So uh.. when did it become ok for police to spread such videos?


voluotuousaardvark t1_jc9s1o0 wrote

Police in the UK, relatively, recently got hauled over tha coals for sharing pictures in private WhatsApp groups of murder victims.

People are shitty.


PercussiveRussel t1_jc9wtoy wrote

and saying how they would've fucked them had they been alive


Bologna0128 t1_jc9zqsq wrote

Jesus Christ


thecursedaz t1_jca7dzb wrote

Right? Like that’s a bit extreme to go and get them in trouble over locker room talk. Ya know?


xXx420ReditUser69xXx t1_jca8cwl wrote

Just guys bein guys, a wee necrophilia here and there we've all been there.

^what ^the ^fuck ^are ^we ^talking ^about


thecursedaz t1_jcc1xuw wrote

“We’ve all been there” 💀 my sarcasm may know no bounds but we have most definitely NOT all been there.


baphosam t1_jcagei8 wrote

I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s the US or not. Police just seem to attract the worst to their ilk


RogueOneisbestone t1_jc9w40r wrote

Pretty sure Kobes family sued and won when crash site images got leaked.


stpetepatsfan t1_jc9xkmu wrote

They never really leaked. From what I read. Also $15m from taxpayers to them. Recently.


RogueOneisbestone t1_jc9xo00 wrote

They were being shared to the point where family members found out and saw them. Just because it didn't make it to the internet doesn't mean they weren't leaked.


stpetepatsfan t1_jc9xyq8 wrote

Yea, should have said widely or publicly leaked. No trashy mag would have touched it with 10 foot pole and survived.

Nat enquirer and those types need to diaf.


RogueOneisbestone t1_jc9yqzu wrote

People put stuff on the internet for free. If the family didn't catch it quickly it would have ended up there in my opinion.

Also, my point was that there is an expectation of privacy and there can be consequences for taking and sharing pictures.


Popheal t1_jca7lbh wrote

the Autopsy sketches were shown on here I think. obviously not at gruesome as real photos but damn.


maloneth t1_jca1am6 wrote

Ask any police officer if they’d be comfortable letting you see their work WhatsApp group talk about.

Seriously, any officer.

Any single one.


Irish618 t1_jc9sbw0 wrote

Most of it is public record anyways. If it's included in the report (and not certain things like SSN's or medical info), it's public record and anyone can get a copy of it if they'd like.


laceyourbootsup t1_jca89gt wrote

This is going to spiral into a Cops are a problem thing because it’s Reddit.

Overdose pictures are helpful. Drugs impact everyone and anyone. I found these types of things to be terrifying and a reason why when presented with opportunities to try certain drugs, I wouldn’t even consider it for a second.

You want to see what a normal kid from the burbs looks like if they get addicted?

It’s like the recreation of DUI accidents that schools used to put on.

The imagery sticks in your head to scare you


G-H-O-S-T t1_jcbf57s wrote

Sure i get it but still.
It shouldn't be police's decision and and it shouldn't identify people without their consent.


657653 t1_jca763o wrote

Body cams and dash cam are usually available upon request under FOIA laws. It’s why there are some legitimate arguments for cops having the ability to turn them off when discretion is needed


RiotingMoon t1_jc9tjpz wrote

it's not but they do it "accidentally" all the time - especially if they can shame someone while doing it


Fool_Manchu t1_jca2kss wrote

I don't know if you've heard, but cops do shitty things with alarming regularity.


G-H-O-S-T t1_jca3b50 wrote

i did and im sick of it and i wish it got old but no.

doesnt mean this is ok or should be ignored


peedi1603 t1_jca89je wrote

I think they should, public does it to them all the time, why not full transparency on both side 🤷🏻


G-H-O-S-T t1_jcbdzr1 wrote

That's a messed up outlook on it and idk if you know that.

They're recorded because they have proven once and again that they can't be trusted.
It's their job and they're doing it very wrong.

When they record they catch people in very vulnerable situations that can ruin their lives. They already serve punishment. No need to make it worse by airing it to public if it's no public matter.