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AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcmt2r3 wrote

> Anybody who thinks sitting still makes them unnoticeable

First, by 'them' do you mean the chains or the individual?

Second, are you familiar with the concept of Learned Helplessness?

Third, are you talking about literal chains?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jcn0h7b wrote

Of course I am talking about literal chains. That was explicit from the beginning.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcof82r wrote

You an S&M practitioner or something? Or have you been jailed or enslaved somewhere really backwards?

What about my other questions?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jcogvig wrote

Your other questions are irrelevant since they aren’t about literal chains. You’ve just missed the point, it’s a little obtuse but you’re fine unless you keep going now