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MattMasterChief t1_jcjm8kb wrote

“Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you!”


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcls0ch wrote

Owner: "I'm all about those serfs."


MattMasterChief t1_jcluhkf wrote

I'm here to chew bubble gum and purchase shares in a fantastic company with great fundamentals that these banks have been trying to destroy.

And I'm running all out of banks.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclvgba wrote

You lost me.


RanCestor t1_jcobowj wrote

8 hours of work. 8 hours of play. 8 hours of sleep. They live.


Idaho_Cowboy t1_jckfevi wrote

Can someone fill me on how the painting fits with the quote?


BobbyLeeBob t1_jcmcdno wrote

The picture made me think that the quote isn't right for me. Because like the old man I don't mind sitting and reading all day. That way I won't notice the chains and probably won't care.


rreeddrreedd t1_jcmqm0h wrote

Yeah, from the painting it feels like the quote is saying the opposite of its original intention.

“Take a moment to relax/do less moving, and you will feel your burdens lighten”


RutbaIsBored OP t1_jckgmep wrote

idk i just focused on the quote lol


msinsensitive t1_jclc90n wrote

Well, I guess you can at least stay blissfully unaware if you don't move. 🤷‍♂️


Hamperstand t1_jcmdlek wrote

The painting is Der Antiquar, by Carl Spitzweg

Spitzweg was famous for his portraits of the petty bourgeois. Not sure if the quote is related


redditurus_est t1_jcla6n3 wrote

Well it shows class differences and the ignorance of the lower class to this fact. So actually quite fitting.


Patrizsche t1_jclsnq2 wrote

You got that from this?


redditurus_est t1_jcmhbw1 wrote

This interpretation actually isn't too far off. The clothing heavily implies class and Carl Spitzweg, the painter of "Der Antiquar" said about the painting that, "everybody has his throne", meaning that the antiquarian is so absorbed in his old books that he doesn't even notice the upper class ladies with very risque back-decolletés for their time. So while the artist viewed it in a more romantic way (fitting for his time and art style) a more left leaning interpretation is also possible here. Source.


just_yall t1_jcm0e0s wrote

You may need to google Rosa Luxemburg

Edit, autocorrect


FriendlyLurker9001 t1_jcm29ig wrote

The fact that you said to Google Rosa Luxemburg supports the previous comment regarding how absurd it is to pull that meaning from a painting that had absolutely nothing to do with the topic

You can pull that meaning from the quote, but the painting still has nothing to do with it


Syrton t1_jckapsj wrote

That woman was unfathomably based. Gone too soon


picjz t1_jcl6itr wrote

She was genuinely brilliant.


dillrepair t1_jckoihs wrote

But also sometimes lying flat isn’t a bad option.


borgpot t1_jck36vw wrote

I like the German original better: "Wer sich nicht bewegt spürt seine Fesseln nicht."


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclskdp wrote

What are the specific connotations of '(sich) bewegen' and 'spüren'?


borgpot t1_jclu603 wrote

I guess she means that if you never try to move (escape your socioeconomic class), you won’t feel the (socioeconomic) shackles holding you down. At least that is how I interpret this quote.


Quoxium t1_jcn9311 wrote

I interpreted it as if you sit on your ass you won't notice your depression is holding you there.


YoutubeBuzzkil1 t1_jclhqv4 wrote

oof i like this quote. ANOTHER!


AlternativeAccessory t1_jcng1jd wrote

My mind goes to:
“We forge the chains we wear in life” - Charles Dickens
“To envision a world without chains but recognize that we as individuals, can only chip away at the links. One at a time, day by day. To have the ability to wage quiet wars in our everyday lives and recognize the subtle victories when they happen” - 1905


Sonyguyus t1_jcl35ah wrote

Those that don’t move don’t need chains


SlipsonSurfaces t1_jco255v wrote

How I interpret it is, probably because my life is pretty sedentary, is because on the seemingly rare occasion it gets better, I don't realize how limited or dull my life was. For example, I met one of my best friends in late 2019, then another I started talking to in late 2021. Before I met them, I thought 'eh I don't really need friends' and I was just so blah. When I formed those friendships, it's like a big void in my life was filled. And I didn't know it was even there.

So what I'm basically saying is, you don't know what you're missing till you have it. Until you start moving (being a better person, making healthier choices, being more active, physically and socially) you don't realize how chained down you were by either self-imposed restrictions or restrictions thrust upon you by life.

But that's my interpretation. 🤷


draculamilktoast t1_jclas5m wrote

That old man should definitely stop being enslaved by literature. /s


TheWrecklessFlamingo t1_jcnufqm wrote

the chains holding me down are American Capitalism so i cant really do much about it cant i...


drag0n_rage t1_jcog4w8 wrote

I imagine the original quote was also about capitalism since Rosa Luxembourg was a socialist.


TheWrecklessFlamingo t1_jcq2zfc wrote

Ha, i had no idea. His quote just perfectly describes what capitalism does. Must of been a cool guy.


luckylineup26 t1_jcqnsxn wrote

So deep, I guess it means that I would never find my unlimited potential if I don't try.


Glowshroom t1_jclwl6t wrote

Main takeaway is that lazy people are happier.


blackwaterwednesday t1_jcmcgal wrote

“The greatest form of control is when you think you're free when you're being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them. The other one is sitting in a prison cell but you can 't see the bars and you think you 're free.”


MLGcobble t1_jcobwr7 wrote

Which is why I won't move


garry4321 t1_jcpktqz wrote

Also known as: those who are comfortable need not worry about their limitations.

If you’re fine where you are, you don’t need to look for reasons to be stressed and want more. That’s such a capitalist culture where you can never be satisfied with your life.


ElKaWeh t1_jcr8xdv wrote

ok, better don't move then


zerik100 t1_jcleggq wrote

damn deep title really opened my eyes 😔🚬


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclrtk6 wrote

Learned Helplessness and the domestication of elephants.


Anubis2059 t1_jcm4oy9 wrote

Kratos: "It has grown accustomed to its chains"


Tararator18 t1_jcluo8t wrote

Lmaooo, sneaky communist propaganda, nice!


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jcl2nh5 wrote

Rosa has never been in chains I’ll tell you that for damn sure


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclv8h6 wrote

A woman in the early XXth century was never in chains?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jclvg0q wrote

This one apparently. Anybody who thinks sitting still makes them unnoticeable, of any gender or era, has never worn chains.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclvvwm wrote

Would you care to elaborate on this seemingly counterintuitive claim?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jclz9ho wrote

I suspect there is a misunderstanding taking place if you find my point (to review, my point is that people wearing chains notice that they are wearing chains) counterintuitive. I would be happy to elaborate further about my point if you can be a bit more specific about what our disagreement here is.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcmt2r3 wrote

> Anybody who thinks sitting still makes them unnoticeable

First, by 'them' do you mean the chains or the individual?

Second, are you familiar with the concept of Learned Helplessness?

Third, are you talking about literal chains?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jcn0h7b wrote

Of course I am talking about literal chains. That was explicit from the beginning.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcof82r wrote

You an S&M practitioner or something? Or have you been jailed or enslaved somewhere really backwards?

What about my other questions?


YeeeahYouGetIt t1_jcogvig wrote

Your other questions are irrelevant since they aren’t about literal chains. You’ve just missed the point, it’s a little obtuse but you’re fine unless you keep going now


ValyrianJedi t1_jcl0oa2 wrote

What does this have to do with getting motivated?


bloody_rambo t1_jclomdv wrote

If it's written by a dirtie commie, it doesn't deserve attention. Move along.


catlike_gag_reflex t1_jclt4wp wrote

Says guy from Imperialist country regurgitating his nation’s most prominent propaganda campaign.


rishisarva t1_jckkoel wrote

Their is no thing as chain. Are we limited?


TheDukeOfNukeEm t1_jckg2m2 wrote

Rosa Luxemburg was a communist


nertynertt t1_jckt9zc wrote

Good for her! Perhaps we shouldn't let dogmatic preconceived notions about an ideology blind us from what the person materially advocated for. Should read some more of her stuff, might be surprised at how much it resonates.


[deleted] t1_jcltnm3 wrote



Vollnoppe t1_jcm7nas wrote

And as everyone knows after the communists were murdered in 1920s germany nothing bad happened in the next 10-20 years


Silicon-Based t1_jcmn4m9 wrote

Thankfully, the main political opponents of Marxists in 1930's Germany, the Nazis, ushered in an era of peace and prosperity instead


RutbaIsBored OP t1_jckgvu0 wrote

idk anything about the writer , i found this randomly in my gallery.


nertynertt t1_jcktmou wrote

Should give her a read sometime, her writings, advocacy, and critiques are still incredibly impactful & insightful to this day :)


TheSavior666 t1_jcl5dfc wrote

Which does not prevent her from saying good or insightful things, no matter how much you hate her ideology.


[deleted] t1_jckbphf wrote



Jay727 t1_jckomwl wrote

She was shot by paramilitairs, not hanged.

She and the KPD played a major role in getting rid of the German monarchy, that killed millions in a senseless war. SPD or KPD, they should all be considered heroes and founders of the German Republic.


Vollnoppe t1_jcm84iy wrote


i dont entirely disagree but remember, "wer hat uns verraten, Sozialdemokraten"


Admaril t1_jckr03e wrote

The german monarchy didn't cause the first world war. Also it's abolition is why they ended up with a braindead constitution. Destabilising the country, getting Article 48 anywhere near the constitution and creating a massive power vaccum on the political right was completely disasterous. She deserves nothing but derision.


Jay727 t1_jcksnwf wrote

The German Monarchy literally declared war on France an Russia and attacked neutral Belgium and Luxemburg ans went on to invade France. Nobody forced Germany into war and since Austria was the attacker against Serbia, Germany (like Italy) wasn't even bound to fight on Austria's side by their defense contract.

Germany was literally the state that forced half of Europe into war.

Wilhelm II is mass murderer. Getting rid of him and his monarchy justifies almost any action of anyone in this period of time. They slaugthered the right pig.


Admaril t1_jckx9og wrote

So by your own admission, they didn't start the war. Great.

> Wilhelm II is mass murderer. Getting rid of him and his monarchy justifies almost any action of anyone in this period of time. They slaugthered the right pig.

Proceeds to glorify the system that directly resulted in Nazi Germany. Because apparently replacing the Kaiser and reducing the role to a purely ceremonial one is worse than giving a president completely unchecked power.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclurqp wrote

> So by your own admission, they didn't start the war.

Depends on how you define 'start' and 'the War'. They didn't 'start' the Austrian invasion of Serbia but they gave them the diplomatic blank check that allowed this to happen. They then went on to pre-emptively attack France via Belgium, starting the full on World War as we know it. Perhaps you might say their diplomatic agreements gave them no choice, except there's been no shortage of chickening out on such assurances of allyship in the previous decades, averting war many times, and the reason the current alliances were set up in the way they are is that Wilhelm II, genius that he was, deluded himself into thinking he was great at personal diplomacy and that he was smarter than Bismarck, ruining every alliance he had by pissing everyone off being a rude weirdo, and generally being an incompetent and a laughingstock at every damn thing he did that wasn't playing dressup. Which, admittedly, he was great at.

I pity the fool because of his horrible childhood and the terrible upbringing that directly made him who he is, but that doesn't excuse his choices.

Monarchies are a bad idea, and monarchists are the saddest and most pitiful kind of simp.


Admaril t1_jcm0gqr wrote

>Because apparently replacing the Kaiser and reducing the role to a purely ceremonial one is worse than giving a president completely unchecked power.

You are comparing a hypothetical figurehead to a president that had a "Become a dictator" button on their desk. What are you doing?


Slazon t1_jckyn9h wrote

Rosa said: "socialism or barbarism". The barbarians killed her and her people. Then, the barbarians went and stablished the Nazi Regime. The rest is history. Barbarian history.

So, she was right. The answer was (still is) socialism.


Admaril t1_jckza7p wrote

She was a barbarian.

Those who seek to seize power without the consent of the governed are nothing more than thugs. The Freikorps were entirely justified in putting her ambitions to rest.


Slazon t1_jcl26rh wrote

Are you a nazi dude? You are defending the Freikorps. They went to do their own coup in 1920 (, and failed. And most of those Freikorps went to help in the rise of Hitler and the Nazis to power.

If the Rosa Spartacist had won, the Nazis would't had come to power.

Are you truly defending far-right fascists?

Just lol. Lmao even.


[deleted] t1_jcl4wes wrote



Slazon t1_jcl5fwj wrote

Yep you are a Nazi.

Is easy, just follow your leader.



[deleted] t1_jclty6h wrote



Slazon t1_jclvbpg wrote

A 30 days old account, with negative karma and few comments. And most of said comments are just insults.

An alt. Maybe a fellow nazi of Admaril. Who knows.

Anyways, follow your leader.

Chau che.


[deleted] t1_jcl5uei wrote



setofskills t1_jcl9mt4 wrote

What else are Nazi’s known for?


Admaril t1_jcla4cg wrote

Oh look it's one of those people that can't understand sarcasm without /S

The whole point of that sentence is that it's the direct opposite of the truth.


bigedthebad t1_jckc2by wrote

What a load of horseshit.


usernamedunbeentaken t1_jckgv8u wrote

"Those who do not move out of their chair in their parents' basement, do not notice how much better they have it than all who live under communism"


bloody_rambo t1_jclp5r1 wrote

Truth. The lazy entitled poor's hate it when you use logic to defeat their sheltered view of communism. Communism is perfect for free loaders who contribute nothing.


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclv211 wrote

You mean like billionnaires, speculators, landlords, and grifters?


bloody_rambo t1_jclvrxk wrote



AlarmingAffect0 t1_jclwdyf wrote



bloody_rambo t1_jclwq39 wrote

🇺🇲 Commies don't get opinions 😘


AlarmingAffect0 t1_jcly3dz wrote

🇺🇸 Socialism is so rooted in US history that it's literally more American than🍎 🥧 😘