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Splyce123 t1_jcs9ntc wrote

I love a motivational slogan that's just absolute bollocks.


Netroth t1_jct1zq1 wrote

This is neither motivational nor plausible.


ENTJragemode t1_jcsk80l wrote

There's no evidence that we are so special to be born with purpose. Everything points towards having just this one life.

Live it to its fullest rather than day dream about some higher purpose you think you might end up being appointed with. That's real motivation.


beefrodd t1_jcswwms wrote

Yeah explain this shit to some 7 year old mining cobalt


GsTSaien t1_jct677g wrote

We are not though. No one out us here, we are just chemistry replicating itself in more and more complex ways as time goes on. The universe does not care about you, in fact it doesn't care about anything. If everything dissapears tomorrow, nothing would remain and no one would care. But you do, we do. Go make your own purpose, and for the sake or practicality, pursue your own purposes in ways that don't stop others from pursuing theirs. Cooperation is a good tool even if your only goal were to be your own happiness.

So find something that feels good. Something fulfulling, maybe something to sustain yourself while you pursue other sources of fulfillment, do whatever.

When you die, you won't care. You only care while you live, so make of life what you want from it.


AndiCrow t1_jcthzs2 wrote

I'm glad to see that everyone else thought this post was absolute nonsense. 🤣


Limp_Distribution t1_jcuzf90 wrote

We are the universe’s attempt at understanding itself.


joemondo t1_jcv11j2 wrote

Externalizing your purpose and agency seems like a super shitty poor excuse for motivation to me.


FlyerFocus t1_jcvhvfb wrote

Or … we’re all products of evolution. No higher power put us here. Biology did.


Main-Travel4424 t1_jcwhbzm wrote

Where did the first organism come from?


FlyerFocus t1_jcwl0pk wrote

What happened before the Big Bang? I wasn’t there for either event so you’re on your own there. GL.


Main-Travel4424 t1_jcwr8ev wrote

You don’t know just like the rest of us and that’s ok. The Big Bang is just a theory and is as much of a religion as any of the others.


OvercastCupcakes t1_jcu8h3f wrote

Love me some spiritual motivation, but I don’t believe these slogans are befitting. Even if you believe in a higher power, that higher power doesn’t decide when your life “takes off”, you do. You have to put in the effort and pick the time yourself. As for a purpose, I believe we all have one as well, but once again no higher power is picking that for you either. If the higher power decided how your life was supposed to go, there would be no point in living it as an individual, since, in that sense, you wouldn’t control your actions. The universe will be here for you by being its serene self, appreciate the time you have here and the things you have, but keep in mind what makes you excited and pursue them. You have your own excitements for a reason.