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NeonGenisis5176 t1_jcux6va wrote

This is the old fashioned "if you never try, you'll never succeed" but put in the least efficient way, lol.


bradforrester t1_jcwhkrc wrote

I like “You miss all of the shots you don’t take.” I think Wayne Gretzky said it, but people sometimes also credit Michael Jordan.

Another fun version is “You can’t win if you don’t play.” My friend said this in the course of slowly losing like $4,000 at a blackjack table. The context and outcome serve as sort of a counter argument to the statement.

Edit: He did manage to sleep with the blackjack dealer (who was fairly attractive), so perhaps he still won.


Littleman88 t1_jcxvs4m wrote

He lost $4000 and I'm assuming wasn't devastated. Attractiveness +2 right there.


Royal_Tumbleweed_910 OP t1_jcvairb wrote

I agree I just noticed it after reading the comments. I guess you can say I was really looking for some motivation this morning and when I found this I immediately liked it without reading it a second time. 😂


Akai1up t1_jctyas4 wrote

Doing nothing can be considered a mistake. In a way, someone who does nothing is just doing one contnious mistake.

That, of course, depends on how you define "does nothing."


Royal_Tumbleweed_910 OP t1_jcva87w wrote

LOL when I read this I was like that’s inspirational but I read it a second time now and I get what you mean 😅


crazywings269 t1_jcx3im9 wrote

I see it as a reminder to not let the nay sayers get to you when you are working hard and they have nothing but criticism.


Paisleylk t1_jcxnu5l wrote

And it's so easy for those who have done nothing to criticize those who have,


YawnTractor_1756 t1_jcv5ulc wrote

You showed that OP with his stupid motivator nice.

He made a mistake posting it.



mr_roborto t1_jcumf6g wrote

The lesson here, kids, is “don’t try”


spideyspider78 t1_jcwyblc wrote

Whatever you’ll do, they’re gonna judge it anyway. so fuck it and do what you love to do anyway!


newpinkbunnyslippers t1_jcuzvdi wrote

Okay, but successful people have earned their mistakes. Someone who hasn't made it yet have no such excuse.


FlaccidRazor t1_jcua54n wrote

Isn't it a mistake to do nothing?


wutangjan t1_jcxfp0e wrote


Source: guy dealing with the consequences of doing fuck-all for the last five years.


Hexenhut t1_jcw7rq2 wrote

In stoicism you would examine the criticism if you can be improved by it. If not, ignore the comments.


kumadelmar t1_jcwd3bd wrote

To do nothing would surely be a great mistake.


crismack58 t1_jcx1cdv wrote

Literally doing nothing is the biggest mistake in society. Apathy and indifference is much more painful than any criticism that a person would receive.


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MacX1423 t1_jcufwnd wrote

Well, i deleted it myself, so thanks for nothing.


Thud2 t1_jcvv7xh wrote

Paraphrasing Gandhi


Kaolok t1_jcwqzn3 wrote

Making a small mistake in some industries or even admitting ignorance can cost months if not years in political capital, whereas political capital can glean moments to learn given an advantageous person.


thankyoufatmember t1_jcx7k99 wrote

Mobile flashbang! how I wish these could be put on a dark background instead of a white one. Perhaps it's just grumpy me.


PadreToshi t1_jd00x3q wrote

Yes! I reintroducing alkohol to my life again.


Candid-Cat665 t1_jd2yyav wrote

The trick is to make a bunch of mistakes and use that to become successful