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mercurialdude t1_jczs8as wrote

Babies sleep terribly tho.


sully_88 t1_jczz7hc wrote

Wake up every few hours and eat ✅

Am I skinny yet?


mezz7778 t1_jd0jgpg wrote

But that's the advice...

Tonight I'm gonna shit myself and wake up crying....*CHAMPION!!!....


chiefofthethrowaways t1_jd3ckuv wrote

You mean wake up every few hours crying and wanting to suck on a boob? Way ahead of you buddy


ale_nanana t1_jd3mskg wrote

Clearly this person doesn't know what a baby is 😂


Blake198624601 t1_jczty8p wrote

Maybe like… just… try your best. Start small. Try to be just a little bit better every day.


Th30Cheese t1_jd0kas5 wrote

This is really cringe tbh


SeaDonkey56 t1_jd0l4f6 wrote

I always sleep like a baby. I wake up every 2 hours, hungry and with shit in my pants.


Diiamat t1_jd02ugp wrote

most Nutritionists gives terrible advice IMO, always go for a sport nutritionist


Xxeno23 t1_jd0110t wrote

A nutritionist isn't a profession, just like a toothist isn't a profession.


ghostdeinithegreat t1_jd1dyu2 wrote

Uh? Yes, nutritionist is a profession.


Xxeno23 t1_jd1h0ts wrote

Those are dietitians. Just as we say dentist instead of “toothists.”


ghostdeinithegreat t1_jd3ntya wrote

You can call yourself toothist, while calling yourself Nutriotinist is illegal, in Canada, at least, as it requires you to be a member of the college of dietician. The title nutritionist is a regulated one.

Sure, in the USA you can call yourself whatever without any degrees.


Scethrow t1_jd0dxer wrote

A lot of things I’m not capable at.


SpiritStriver90 t1_jd17m5a wrote

In what way? Given that Paralympics is a thing, there's almost surely some form of "athletic"-grade training that can work for pretty much anyone - the trouble is whether it is feasible to follow given other constraints in your life, not least of which is the possible presence of a full-time job.


Bodyneedslove t1_jd0f1pe wrote

And know who you are...and what you want


Dynamo24 t1_jd0it99 wrote

Guys who throw darts think they are athletes.


SpiritStriver90 t1_jd172qd wrote

If these tips were directed specifically to aspiring athletes, they would be fairly decent ... but also kind of pointless, since any such would almost certainly already know this stuff.

For anyone else, it is very likely you can't "train like an athlete" if you have a full-time job. Moreover, you don't need to if you simply want to be healthy.


ChondroArt t1_jd1n68q wrote

Sleep like a baby is the best I can do.


Foreverett t1_jd1vgvi wrote

See I read that as Shit like a baby. Was wondering how these diapers were supposed to be helping me.


RanCestor t1_jd1wp38 wrote

I sleep like a Champion, eat like an athlete, win like a baby and train like a nutritionist instead and it seems to work.


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jd2f2s7 wrote

a simple life hack to get better everyday and outworked every one else in different types of field


boot19 t1_jdwv5w2 wrote

Eat like a king