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Paulchamp56 OP t1_jd5hoiy wrote

I've been through depression, I know what it's like, i belive I can go through it again if that's the case, the thing is, after my ex left me, I became obsessed with psychology, how our brain works, how we can become better as lover, friend, son. I think I have a very clear idea of how people "function", that's why most of the time, I'm like the" psychiatrist " for my friends, I can give great advice, but I won't apply them for myself (ironic). My biggest problem right now is the path that I want to follow and stick to it, I don't want to procrastinate as much as I do now. It's a constant battle with my brain, and I have to take control over it. I wanna thank you for your advice, and at the same time, I hope you have an amazing life


GeneSpecialist3284 t1_jd5o2ul wrote

Personally, I function better when I have deadlines. Even if I make them myself, put them in my calendar. Being accountable to someone who is going to ask you what you've gotten done is helpful If they aren't obnoxious about it.


Sufficient_Tower_366 t1_jd724t8 wrote

I definitely would consider seeing a psychologist (if u haven’t already). You sound like u think very deeply about things which is really powerful but sometimes overthinking can jamb u up and just need to unscramble. Potentially ADHD (distractive) might be a factor for u if you flip between being insanely productive on things that you connect with but struggle with motivation / procrastination if it’s not that interesting to you.

Overall, take it easy dude, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves in our late-teens and twenties. You have decades left of your life to work it out.