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HarlanCulpepper t1_jd9tgkr wrote

Didn't he outright steal from other inventors?


City_Stomper t1_jda6sle wrote

Yes he did, he was a business man more so than a scientist and inventor. Nikola Tesla worked for him, sent unpaid. Edison claimed that Tesla "didn't understand American humor".


dandrevee t1_jda1n9x wrote

Its inspirational for sure...

But I'm not sure if it's motivating me to keep going with the inventing and attempting.. or if it wants me to take the Edison route and just start stealing shit


beardedbrawler t1_jda84a8 wrote

He also really liked a type of wine, Vin Mariani, which was a Bordeaux wine treated with coca leaves.

Dude loved him some cocaine.


Gamebird8 t1_jdb0ujr wrote

I mean, this quote isn't real. He never said it... And the proof that he said something somewhat close to it is anecdotal.


secretid89 t1_jdb7kv6 wrote

Yes, and he probably stole the quote from someone else, too. :)

At least that’s what I tell myself, so that I can reconcile being inspired by the quote with the fact that Edison turned out to be a dick.


Angryfunnydog t1_jdcdfej wrote

Well he tried to do something 10k times and failed 10k times, then decided to steal this shit

Don’t know man, the quote sounds sincere lol


mpfmb t1_jdb35wt wrote

That's the one that worked!


r31ya t1_jdbas94 wrote

Is MenloPark is basically the prototype of the current research corp where every worker sign-off any of their creation to be branded "Edison-creation"


We_Make_Soap t1_jdbma8l wrote

He also electrocuted and killed an elephant and other animals and also shocked people in public so they would be afraid of alternating current. He knew it wasn’t dangerous. He also invented the electric chair so it’s ironic he actually was intentionally killing people with direct current.


Angryfunnydog t1_jdcd8uv wrote

Obviously because he couldn’t do anything himself even with 10000 tries, that’s motivating


ChatGPT4 t1_jda5zw6 wrote

You can call it "stealing" if it was patented. And then it wouldn't be counted as his invention. Invent anything, I'm almost sure there's someone who thought of it first. You might seen it somewhere, or in your dream, or in a movie... So - to make it simple - we have patents. If you're serious about inventing things - you just file a patent. If it's granted - it's yours. If it's not yours - it's not granted ;)

I for example - invented Windows before Windows. But Microsoft made it ;) No hard feelings, I couldn't make it anyway. Seriously, I've just made a GUI on top of DOS, it displayed a movable windows with frames and some controls. 320x200, 256 colors, VGA resolution.

Now let's translate it into a lightbulb. You make a bulb with a filament that glows for a while then the filament burns. You get the idea. It took a lot of work to actually make a bulb with a filament that doesn't burn that quickly, produces enough light to be useful, at the same time being relatively cheap to manufacture. Don't forget about manufacturing process.


wildadragon t1_jdaltbc wrote

He worked in the patent office so he saw the inventions literally before they were patented, he could have easily copied, destroyed the original patent application, and refiled as his own. It would be his word against theirs and he has a patent as proof when they dont.


dabiggman t1_jdagqqm wrote

Thomas Edison stole from hundreds of other people smarter than him and branded it as his own.

20th Century Capitalism MVP


zerohm t1_jdcjphk wrote

I don't care if Edison actually said this. They should accredit the image to Nikola Tesla.


Kahless01 t1_jda4odl wrote

he stole from immigrants and claimed inventions as his own.


uninvitedfriend t1_jdaii6v wrote

Tbh fuck this elephant murdering plagiarist


sixpackpeter t1_jd9z5gh wrote

Failing 10000 times must have been super frustrating. If it was me I would have started looking around and I would have stolen the idea from someone else.


beattywill80 t1_jda63g9 wrote

This coming from a guy who killed an elephant to discredit a competitor.


Otisandmarlena t1_jdahlfq wrote

He electrocuted Topsy the elephant. They'll say "awww, Topsy" at my autopsy...


spaceatlas t1_jdajqe5 wrote

Looks like handcuffs. Very fitting for the man.


jawshoeaw t1_jdassy3 wrote

I haven’t failed, those guys I stole the ideas from failed !


kenjose t1_jdb0rn3 wrote

I’m motivated now. Motivated to steal some poor guy’s lifes work and claim it as my own.


CassiusMethyl999 t1_jdauhth wrote

He's a work thief. N he has the exact same expression as other thieving old men who profit off the young I know


Phixionion t1_jdax3k7 wrote

He funded 10,000 ways to not work....


securisteve t1_jdb31sv wrote

And one way to electrocute an elephant to death


Personal_Problems_99 t1_jdapi1u wrote

In some sense he's the singularity you see. Where electrons flow where there's least resistance.


Personal_Problems_99 t1_jdaq9v8 wrote

Imagine if he could have failed billions of times faster how much more progress would have been made.

Welcome to ai.


Supernova805 t1_jdaqyrg wrote

10000 ways it wouldn’t work which is the reason he stole a version that worked


MrGreyJetZ t1_jdb35aj wrote

According to Tesla, he never did.research, just tried stuff until something worked.


SpinCity07 t1_jdb5bwh wrote

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug” -Thomas Edison


susanta8346 t1_jdb8a28 wrote

Imagine Dr. Strange was there to tell him the possibilities of his 1 win against 10000 attempts.


Nytonial t1_jdb9y6m wrote

  • that I stole off other people.

And despite them not working I will still find a way to pedal them to the unsuspecting public.


happyabeja t1_jdbm77u wrote

he found 10,000 ways to steal from people and kill elephants


ChondroArt t1_jdbmywu wrote

He found 10,000 ideas off other peoples work.


whoareyoutoquestion t1_jdcqbgr wrote

You mean 10,000 scams failed. Stupid greedy capitalist nightmare of a man. This isn't motivational its whitewashing of greed.


soiramio3000 t1_jdd6arz wrote

well, good for you.

I by the other hand have failed and given up and I think that I got a phobia(I am not sure what is the scientifically correct term).


Amortai t1_jddf1cf wrote

Edison can suck on the d in my c. C is for chorts


garry4321 t1_jde16ca wrote

Fuck Edison. Didnt invent shit, just sold other peoples inventions under his name.


Exciting-Agency9732 t1_jde4jmx wrote

Finding the one that does work I think is an important process in succeeding though....


poppopfizz t1_jdea5j8 wrote

10,000 ways not working to steal, lol


abeikuforson9 t1_jdeeymq wrote

This knowledge alone has made me a better risk taker. For everything that I have done and didn't succeed I add to my resume because I have the experience of it


Japspec t1_jdel7f6 wrote

Bro have you seen bobs burgers?


razulian- t1_jdemr9u wrote

He's been so whitewashed because of the edison bulb fitting, all I can say is he was a greedy capitalist. If everyone knew more about him he would be only inspirational to multinational enterprise C-suite managers.


deserveeuthanasia t1_jdjthl6 wrote

Me attempting suicide and begging therapists for assisted suicide


[deleted] t1_jd9ttmf wrote



realmagnuscarson t1_jdase3g wrote

You can tell non of them actually study physics and just heard the myth that tesla invented the bulb lol. The first electrical bulb was infact invented by thomas edison. Tesla introduced the first AC bulb, tesla continued his work and made the AC bulb. Which is attributed to him. However edison being the business man he is he marketed it and sold it. The other myth is that noone recognizes tesla's work.. this one is by far the dumbest considering the unit for magnetic flux denisty is literally called tesla. He literally has a major unit named after him. But yeah you called it basement dwellers do like to get angry about stuff


hakkai999 t1_jdbb0n1 wrote

> You can tell none of them actually study physics

I mean nobody is refuting the bulb's invention. If you think that's what's people's problem with Edison was then the least you can do is to go back to school and study spelling and grammar.

> The other myth is that noone recognizes tesla's work.. this one is by far the dumbest considering the unit for magnetic flux denisty is literally called tesla. He literally has a major unit named after him. But yeah you called it basement dwellers do like to get angry about stuff

It isn't about getting credit. It was about him scumming on paying him for the work he did and then going as far as saying he didn't do any of it.

Just because people in modern times has finally given Tesla his due doesn't mean Edison hasn't done scum shit.


realmagnuscarson t1_jdbhmk1 wrote

I study biochemistry, i dont give a shit about English. Go to your community college and study English all you like i prefer studying something that has meaning. Stick to learning grammar in your first language tho I'm sure it makes you feel proud and is probably the only thing your brain can manage learn.


Elelith t1_jdbvwnb wrote

So.. you don't study physics either then?


realmagnuscarson t1_jdcvqbe wrote

>hmmm the major is called biochemistry so they only study biology and chemistry

Genuius conclusion but no to study any scientific degree you need to have a decent physics and math knowledge because the fields often cross eachother


Thanksss123456789 t1_jdatvun wrote

Yeah I don’t think any historian would discredit Edison, he is one of the most influential human beings in history. The 29 year old’s living with mom who have 2 semesters of community college need to blame somebody though…