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_Weyland_ t1_jdenzws wrote

I tend to look at it from a different angle.

If you have all that you want, life begins to feel empty. Yes, it feels amazing to finally reach my goal, but once it's done... then what? It's just there and you're just there.

Working towards your goal on the other hand often means improving yourself bit by bit. Doing something you couldn't have done yesterday. It's not only about suffering now for the sake of tomorrow, but also celebrating what you can do by, well, doing it.

I walk up and down the stairs of my apartment building as a form of excercise. 17 floors up and down. When I started I could barely make it up and down once before having to catch my breath. Now I can go 4 times up and down. That's an improvement alright. I was making a 3D model of a sword as a hobby. At some point I decided to remake it from scratch and it took me about a week to recreate a month of previous work. I advanced in that skill even though the model is not yet ready.

Sometimes all you need is to look back and admire the path you've already covered. If you cannot see the finish line it doesn't mean you're still at the start.


TreatThompson OP t1_jdep59q wrote

This is a great perspective and might be the most practical and one I align with the most

Pursuing growth definitely gives meaning and purpose

Thanks for sharing this, it was really well said 😄

Also happy that you’re seeing progress in 3D modelling—it seems like such a painstaking hobby. But I’m sure looking back at what you’ve created is so rewarding


Sanguinius666264 t1_jdeylj6 wrote

ah - meaning and purpose. There, that's putting your finger on it. Being dissatisfied with where you're at is one thing and I agree, it's 100% motivating to be dissatisfied and it certainly helps to then align yourself to improve. Once you've also figured out what your purpose is, that when you're working towards achieving that outcome, that's 100% chef's kiss great.

I struggled with it for a really long time, until I had something of an epiphany pretty recently, actually - one of the key things I found was the need to get rid of my bad habits. I was drinking too much, I had bad habits with food, I was still being pretty comparative between other people and what they had.

I stopped drinking. I eat right. I exercise a lot. I know that I'm here to deliver kick ass projects and to help other people in achieving the same thing. I live for my family and what they need. There's nothing else - there doesn't need to be anything else, because all of those are infinite and can continnue for as long as I'm here on the planet.


TreatThompson OP t1_jdf2hoc wrote

Damnnn I absolutely love that last paragraph

So happy to hear that for you! And selfishly it’s comforting to see possible satisfaction without over complicating it

Personal projects and people you love definitely make life feel full

Thanks for sharing this 😄