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Jarko314 t1_jdu6hoh wrote

Or a 30 year old in his Superman T-Shirt (yeah that was me)

Once in the tube (London underground) a woman was about to get left out by the train doors so I hold the doors and open them (it looked like I pulled them open with my strength, but actually they open automatically when they hit something) so the woman was able to go inside and she said, “thanks Superman 😊” it took me a few seconds to realize I had the big S in my chest.

I spend the rest of the day with my fist in my hips and doing simple things as if I were super strong 😅😅. It was fun and spirit lifting.


easycure t1_jdv68au wrote

That's so adorably wholesome!

Thanks for sharing, Superman!


PoetryUpInThisBitch t1_jdvm2k6 wrote

Related story on how little things can make you feel like Superman:

I have an anxiety disorder and got panic attacks. I had a VERY bad one at work one day and had to leave early. I was walking home, shaking, trying to convince myself that I wasn't about to die, when an older man approached me. I assumed he was homeless, because big city and his appearance, so I reached in my pocket to give him some money.

Instead he stopped me and said, "Ey man. Anyone ever tell ya you look like Clark Kent?"

I had been told this before (my MIL is obsessed with Christopher Reeve and that was one of the first comments she'd made to me), but anxiety had kicked my ass and all I managed was, "... What?"

"Clark Kent? Superman, y'know; man of steel? Take off them glasses and lemme see that Superman, man!"

So I took off my glasses and the man's face just split into the most genuine, joyful smile I'd seen in a while. He clapped me on the shoulder, walked past, and bellowed, "Oh Lord, looks just like him!!!" while laughing to himself.

My panic attacks started after my dad, my hero, developed frontotemporal dementia and (among other things) forgot who I was. I will be forever grateful to that man for making me feel like Superman on a day I felt like I was made of glass.


AvgReader t1_jdvopi3 wrote

That was very heartwarming to read. Shows how little compliments can totally make someone's day.

Thanks for sharing your story. Anxiety sucks and I'm sorry you have yo go through it. I hope things get better.


Johnnymi25 t1_jdwt8g2 wrote

By far the most wholesome thing to ever transpire on the tube.


allangee t1_jdtl2iy wrote

...and no pants!


Mypopsecrets t1_jdtqvuf wrote

Not my picture but I used to have these same Silverhawk pajamas as a kid. The sewn in wings made me feel invincible, haha.


Dbarber1222 t1_jdwqqt4 wrote

Woah, I had the same PJs and had totally forgotten until you mentioned this! That took me back.


fatesfairness t1_jdtytat wrote

This is top tier motivational content. I am the batman


kkdj1042 t1_jdudyci wrote

Lol. That would be my son, now 30. At the age of 4 he had a Batman shirt for each day of the week.


[deleted] t1_jdvhr8i wrote



kkdj1042 t1_je1y53t wrote

Son? Didn’t I tell you to get off your phone and clean your room?


TheShakenBaby t1_je2l3ju wrote

A whole day for a reply, and that's all you have. Your a TrashDaddyBatBitch


_Fuck_This_Guy_ t1_jdv2vy4 wrote

My age contains a 4 and I'm currently wearing a Batman shirt.

Close enough.


TripedalCyclops t1_jdxg53d wrote

Well said, same here!

I cycle thru the classic oval, bat-signal circular and a few misc related.


Obi_Vayne_Kenobi t1_jdurbi0 wrote

I finished my master's degree last week. Now I have free time until May, when I start my PhD.

After having worked non-stop for two years, it is honestly very hard to do nothing. Today, I shall do nothing with the confidence of a four year old in a batman T-shirt. It will be an experience.


stephs14 t1_jdtze2b wrote

This is my new motto


Oneamongthefence24 t1_jdub83l wrote

I always remember that video of the kid in that flash costume. That's how it seems to go for me.


onlooker61 t1_jdtzkoi wrote

1st time skydiving. Parachutes are for wimps...


TechIsATool t1_jdu33ql wrote

I was always low self confidence , low self worth and efficacy kinda guy since kindergarten .


poqwrslr t1_jdvi09m wrote

on my way to surgery....alrighty!!!


SeriouslyComplicated t1_jdujemb wrote

Confidence is one of the many ingredients to succeed in life. So, let us all confident!


Nattekat t1_jdv0f4g wrote

I'm confidently recovering from an illness now.


MommaFoxFire t1_jdv23hq wrote

My 16yo said "you mean batman" 🤣


ValyrianJedi t1_jdv5e1f wrote

This one took a while for me to get down. And is really tough to balance... Like 90% of my job is conveying confidence to clients, a decent bit of which is just confidence in me. So on the one hand you do legitimately have to be like "I'm the best at this and your company needs me", but on the other hand if you overdo it you end up basically playing Ellis from die hard or Jared Vennet or somebody, which turns a whole lot of people off too.


Footyjr552 t1_jdvfpro wrote

When I was 5-6. I had batman pajamas that had a removable cape. You best believe I thought I was the fastest person in the world with that on.


aplcrz t1_jdvlnja wrote

I remember when I was five or six years old, and would go to my neighbor friend's house wearing my Superman costume... with white kiddie briefs in place of the red outerwear he has on. The adults hanging around the street found it hilarious, and it made me feel proud!


BeerSmurf t1_jdw0k15 wrote

not a t-shirt, but Underoos!


DrParanormall t1_jdwizwk wrote

I’m wearing a Batman t shirt rn….


MagicOrpheus310 t1_jdu6ecy wrote

Pretty sure mini spider man visits the ER 3:1 over little batman, or is that superman?


Dannysmartful t1_jdvcohq wrote

Only relatable if you have kids and think this is confidence


RanCestor t1_jdvqoyi wrote

This is how the next Finnish government will be chosen according to the voting.


milfhunterX t1_jdvvkq0 wrote

With no pants, and your parents frantically searching where you left your diaper.


voxxNihili t1_jdvx010 wrote

Thats what House does in House M.D


alpler46 t1_jdxa562 wrote

Anyone in a batman t-shirt really. 🙂


M3M3_K1NG t1_jdxag7f wrote

Hide behind my dads leg and tell him to take me home?


Hannibal_Barca_ t1_jdxevgb wrote

I peed my pants and ran into a glass door, but I successfully landed the cheerio airplane this many times.

My employer was less than impressed.


GeneSpecialist3284 t1_jdxkkt2 wrote

Or the confidence of a 4 year old wearing the Superwoman shirt' 🥰