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Inked-Sailor t1_jdvthbi wrote

Oh, did I not utilise sufficient verbosity to appease your pedantic need for pseudo-intellectual parlance?

Yeah, fuck a garbage disposal dude.


_No_Pain_No_Gain t1_jdvu4qn wrote

The hate of the haters only makes me tougher. Keep hating on me, hater.


Inked-Sailor t1_jdvungn wrote

Love how you call me small minded and lack vocabulary and this is you magnum opus of a comeback?

Put some effort in....


_No_Pain_No_Gain t1_jdvv7x1 wrote

I'd rather preserve my energy to rise above. While haters waste their energy on hating.


Inked-Sailor t1_jdvvpgg wrote

Do you actually speak like that in person? You must be insufferable. And look who came in swinging their dick on low effort ideas whe repeating the same shit.