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jntyjnty t1_jdtx9lp wrote

It reminds me of the movie 300


anuriya07 t1_jdu43n3 wrote

Think this makes me also go back to the gym. Thanks 👍


sageaust t1_jdu5qp3 wrote

This hit a nerve with me. Very true words. Hope it's a real quote. Never can trust the internet.


SpiritStriver90 t1_jdu7k18 wrote

It is indeed, actually, though perhaps a little liberty has been taken with the translation - also keep in mind that Socrates is kind of a funny case historically(*), because he didn't write stuff; others quoted him and then did the writing, so what we have is more a quote of a quote in every case regarding him:

>It is a disgrace to grow old through sheer carelessness before seeing what manner of man you may become by developing your bodily strength and beauty to their highest limit. But you cannot see that, if you are careless; for it will not come of its own accord.

Attributed to Socrates in Memorabilia by Xenophon.

(*) though not uniquely - Laozi, in China, is much the same way.


CatAfter9thLife t1_jduccwr wrote

I have not started yet, but I have a physical transformation plan. I started with this idea years ago, and I cannot stop thinking about how different life would be to experience when you have a different physical condition. I mean, how much more capable you feel to go through life challenges. I don't want to become a jog, or make working out my theme, but to incorporate it to my life so that it helps me change. I currently swim 3 times a week, which is ok, but I'm 35, so in order to achieve actual tranformation results I'm going to have to make a serious effort. Wish me luck hahaha


extrastone t1_jdufyhj wrote

A citizen has no right to be an amateur in the matter of military training because as one who chooses the leader of the military you must play your role in such military. If not, you are just choosing someone to boss around other people.


_No_Pain_No_Gain t1_jduiwrk wrote

God has given us bodies to develop and constantly improve. Staying mediocre is Disobedience against the Law No Pain No Gain.


Dramatic_Sort_3707 t1_jdv73st wrote

Just start a home gym... but keep it small, barbell/weights, rings, and ruck will costs about 300-500$ me having spent 10k on my home gym, realizes this mistake. Also I miss the community a bit, to late now though...


Dovahnuz t1_jdv9jkr wrote

The original quote gives a hell of a different message, opposed to "not having the right to" socrates describes it as a "shame to see".

Because it doesnt effect the people around you, only your own life and experience living it. except maybe them seeing you not fulfill your potential and finding it wastefull

Nonetheless i agree with the overall message, seeing people of which you know can do more to become their best self but simply dont because of ignorance or lazyness (ofcourse mental illness plays a role for alot of people but thats a WHOLE other discussion)


Go_Buds_Go t1_jdvm9oa wrote

Why not show an image of Socrates though?


violetbaudelairegt t1_jdvnkeg wrote

This should probably be what keeps you going back to the therapist, my man


misdreavus79 t1_jdvoy8r wrote

It’s a whole other discussion, but it often bleeds into this one.

Because people have a view of what mental health is, everything that doesn’t fit in that box is therefore laziness or lack of drive.


Dovahnuz t1_jdvrdhy wrote

It can be numerous other things that cause a person to kinda get stuck which can be seen as laziness etc, which is a shame because theres plenty of other perfectly valid reasons to not be being your best self.

If that makes any sense and was also what you were getting at.

However i do feel like theres nearly always very small steps you can undertake to get past that blockage. Even if it just means asking for help, and mental illness sometimes just will be there to fuck you over and often there really is nothing you can do about it.


Littleman88 t1_jdvsc4r wrote

When I think "beauty and strength of which his body is capable" a spartan definitely fits the bill. I'm not thinking of an old guy in a toga, even if artistic depictions do portray him as something of a beast.


TBTabby t1_jdw5zwd wrote

"Amateur" just means I don't do it for a living.


TecN9ne t1_jdwet5b wrote

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculpter."


SamohtGnir t1_jdwin56 wrote

I kind of feel that way, but instead of my physical body about my mind. I push myself to understand as much as possible.


eternalankh t1_jdwincz wrote

I don't have the right? Yeah fuck that. This makes me not want to do it.


howard416 t1_jdwovw3 wrote

This is fine for people who are born with the capacity and potential of a normal body. What about guy or gal or has bones that won't stop breaking, or a deformed heart, or Ehlers-Danlos, etc. etc.?


SpiritStriver90 t1_jdwv61t wrote

I think the real answer to "mental health" vs. "laziness" (esp. given I've dealt and still deal with mental health issues personally) is that only you can honestly assess which is or isn't holding you back - and so the best thing to do is not make "I know better" pronouncements about other people. Introspect yourself (Socrates said, after all, that "the unexamined #LIFE is not worth living" and all), but withhold judgment from other people about things that you most likely cannot know in anywhere close to enough depth to be truly fair. You don't have direct access to their internal mental state, so you can only theorize things at best.


alchmst1259 t1_jdwxnsu wrote

Wow, that reads as kind of toxic to me. A beginner is by definition an amateur. "No citizen has a right to be a beginner in the matter of physical training." So in other words, if you aren't already good at it, you shouldn't be in the gym being an amateur. Feel like this mentality keeps a lot of people away from the gym.


Appropriate-Bridge74 t1_jdx2t69 wrote

And, dude, basically EVERY GOD DAMN Greek male was fuckin jacked; especially Citizens (the upper class) as this was the period where a paragon of a man was fashionably considered to display temperance, that is to excel in numerous areas of focus. To concentrate on a single liar purpose was considered a faux pas, and it was viewed as admirable to be able to defend the polis with word and deed among all levels of Greek society (once again, especially as a Citizen. If you were rich enough tk have free time you were expected to make the state better by martial training, scientific study, and philosophizing with your bros while drinking watered down wine). Plus, every level of Greek society could expect to be drafted for military duty at some point in their life; if not for direct combat than def. For training1.

Spartans had one thing and one thing only going for them: they had more metric fuck tons of iron than basically every other goddamn empire and state put together. They had so much fucking iron they minted coins with that shit. Some historians hypothesize that the whole martial tradition/training regime was developed out of necessity combined with smithing techniques just so Sparta wouldn’t get their shit pushed in. Sparta was relatively small compared to a lot of other Augean societies, and terribly under developed. They had to rey pretty consistently on capturing slaves for skilled labor (meaning constant war, which is certain to go over like a lead ballon with your neighbors who took the time to research how to do said craft), breeding helots (which were constantly diminished, as every Spartan boy had to kill one to complete training; also see above), or trade or encourage skilled workmen and settlers to emigrate (not common as they on ky had fucking iron while Athens, Troy, etc. we’re throwing around gold and their dicks; and not likely due to the extreme xenophobic culture of Sparta).

Sparta kind of sucked. No one gave a shit about Sparta until the 20th century. Athens we’re the fucking big dicks on the block for hundreds of years, at least in their neighborhood.


UncleFupa t1_jdxv8nb wrote

This quote by Socrates is memorable for me. Many years ago, I was on a self improvement kick and this quote ended up standing out. I dreamed of hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. All 2200 miles. I was 30 years old and spent all my days working in the office. I was skinny fat and hadn't been in shape since I was 17. I could just picture myself being 40, getting way far outside of my prime window and not knowing what it felt like to push myself to my limits, physically.

That was 10 years ago, I conquered the AT and have not stopped running and lifting weights since.


68Chris t1_jdyc0as wrote

No that's not what it means at all. An amateur is not a beginner. The word is being used here to convey a level of commitment and discipline, not a level of ability.

The intent here is that you approach your health and physical fitness with dedication, discipline, commitment, and sacrifice. Amateurs don't take that approach. They aren't serious about developing themselves. They make excuses or find reasons not to train.

Regardless, you don't have to be Hercules to go to a gym. You just have to want to be healthier and fitter. Strive to be best YOU can be. Any improvement at all is worth it.


alchmst1259 t1_jdyh502 wrote

am·a·teur /ˈamədər,ˈaməˌtər,ˈaməˌCHər/ noun

  1. a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid rather than a professional basis. "it takes five years for a top amateur to become a real Tour de France rider"
  2. a person who is incompetent or inept at a particular activity. "that bunch of stumbling amateurs"

It is safe to say that ANY beginner, pursuing literally any activity, save some with natural talent, is going to be unpaid / not a professional / inept at said activity. That's how you learn to get better. As Jake the dog says, "sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something."

So while I agree with just about everything you just said, it is quite literally "what it means," even if that is not what it intends to mean.


Proper_Mortgage_1538 t1_jdzg9bm wrote

that quote is my motivation to go hit the gym everyday it really inspires me to destroy my body