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stopmutations t1_jdx6dt4 wrote

Thank God all the darkest moments are only an hour long. Haha


rkhbusa t1_jdwqxe1 wrote

The perception of time is relative


slick514 t1_jdxnlr5 wrote

True; however, not every minute lasts a minute.

Playing a video game, a minute lasts approximately 15 seconds.

Dealing with something like food poisoning or a hangover? I've had minutes that have lasted anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes.


theelephant7 t1_jdx7f6w wrote

That is not what that means


dance_kick OP t1_jdx9lfo wrote

Words and phrases can have more than one meaning.


theelephant7 t1_jdxa3gd wrote

No shit.

The response covers a meaning not intended by the meaning of the original phrase.


dance_kick OP t1_jdxabs1 wrote

... What?

Are you trying to respond to someone else's comment?


DontUseYouStatements t1_jdye9vh wrote

The psychological suffering that results from that hour can last a lifetime if it is bad enough.


Original-Ad-4642 t1_jdwzi7f wrote

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, the Darkest Hour only has 7 minutes.


anodos999 t1_jdx9fwg wrote

Took me a minute 😂


Ochib t1_jdxcjlg wrote

The Darkest Hour was from 1940 - 1941 (or one year)


Double-O-Savant t1_jdyodcb wrote

Plank on gravel with your taint lit on fire. You will not want to be alive after the first minute.


Nate3319 t1_jdzgv4j wrote

Okay that's like, worse. 60 minutes really puts into perspective how long an hour is


Regicollis t1_jdzjy9s wrote

"This hour sucks but at least there's only 37 minutes left of it" I think with a smile on my face as the executioner lays the noose around my neck.


BrockChocolate t1_jdzqhu1 wrote

Your darkest minute only lasts 60 seconds

What does a unit of time have to do with anything?


Slow-Arm4096 t1_je0fv9t wrote

Every sixty seconds are measured in hours, the 125 analogy is very interesting. Yes we do understand the intended point, but the real/ hot topic is the enslavement of 125 months when the gavel hits the plank. Whether your lit or not, the moment, forget the minute you understand that your life is no longer your own, because that hits a little different. Compare this analogy to the human race one day actually living out a perpetual sarah O'Connor moment and there will lie our darkest hour. Childish as it might seem to undermine the lividity of our own existence, it will only take a few decades of inactive actions that will inevitably lead us all to this finite result. We can all joke and laugh about time's in our past from Gangus Kahn, Napoleon, confusious, even Joan of Arc dealing with the finest hour, but the truth is our DARKEST is still to come if we do not take the lessons of old and begin to finally learn. It's all fun and games until the RABBIT has the gun. There is no violence intended here, just an example of how situation can get out of hand extremely fast. The analysis is nature eradicating our civilization while we stand around and get real clever poking fun. It's is in good sport, but inaction is just as good as mid evil times in the 21st century. Now how dark is that, or are we still not even considering the really terrifying issues at hand with regards to evaluating the root cause of our inaction in the first place. Encouraged to obtain a laugh, it is good for the soul, but personal performance to contribute to advancement is in dire shape from participants. With that, after your darkest hour, do you get up with Forward movement or do you lay down in the dark while continuing to laugh at momentary elation of gaining a smirk. This is all to common in many if not most instances where humans strive for an opportunity to make themselves seen. We WILL have to rely on one another to hold each other accountable for not only bringing joy, but also being Stuarts at ensuring we can keep it. Any day we will enjoy being butts of a joke, as long as on reciprocation of the efforts, there are clear examples of how humans demonstrate the ability to do better and require it from each individual. Even trade off for fun dialogue amongst each other. Fact still remains that it is imperative that we do not replicate the examples quoted in the comments above. It is only requested that you "YOU" do your part no matter how small, or too much it is going to take away from you. May you be blessed, go in peace, and make every hour a happy one. Easier said than done, but it's a whole lot better then a dark one. 125 MONTHS, IMAGINE THAT.


DJ-Mercy t1_je0qpus wrote

Wtf am I looking at? Did a shitty AI generate the pic and the text?