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cyankitten t1_je49zu4 wrote

I’m going through a very difficult time & honestly it’s easy to feel like I’m useless at the moment too. Thanks therefore for this reminder. I needed this today.


mantasmark OP t1_je4bjmo wrote

Difficult times are always welcome, as thats what allows us to feel and appreciate good times. Dont be harsh on yourself, and do your best, step by step until good times are at your doorstep. I believe in you 🫶🏻


cyankitten t1_je4bzv7 wrote

Thank you so much. Yes, I know what you mean. I feel quite a lot of bitterness and anger at times that I’m going through this however if when I recover I will appreciate NOT being in that situation anymore and also I try to find things each day to appreciate about my day.


mantasmark OP t1_je4dklh wrote

Exactly this. I dont know if you need an advice or not. But practicing mindfulness and gratitude goes a long way 🙏🏻


cyankitten t1_je4du0z wrote

Oh yeah I’ll take the advice! Thank you. Yeah I’m gonna update my gratitude journal a bit today I need to.