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Newmach t1_je4mykt wrote

I think the message here is that great goals can only be achieved it you accept problems as part of the process and remove them instead of ignoring them. Keeping the eyes on the price only would contradict that.

Also to deal immediately with the issue as they otherwise might become bigger over time, maybe even to a point preventing you from your goal.


INtoCT2015 t1_je4sy0z wrote

Exactly. For example, Ali never partied or drank alcohol, and talked about how much better it made him than his opponents bc it allowed his body and focus to stay laser sharp. To Ali, partying and alcohol were a pebble in his (and his rivals’) shoes. He removed them so he could remain unworn in the pursuit of his goal.


P12oooF t1_je5yrvj wrote

Hrm. Interesting. I was thinking a bit differant. More of a if your goal seems to large, dont worry. Just tackle the small problems that you can handle amd deal with on the way to your goal. You cant move the mountains but you can remove the rock from your shoe.


jayseph95 t1_je8za71 wrote

You’re thinking along the same lines as them


P12oooF t1_je9k4v5 wrote

Yea. Its kind of the same idea spoken differently if you zoom in on it. Remove the pebbles from lofe is what you can control on your way through or up the mountain.


rainmace t1_je4v055 wrote

This is stupid. Of course you can do both at the same time. Why is everyone taking this post like it’s a mathematical logic problem. One doesn’t exclude the other


BetterReThanProlapse t1_je5snvm wrote

There's a logical operator for that


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Rhinoscrub t1_je4f9i5 wrote

Your title and the meaning of the picture are opposed. You can't keep your eye on the prize if you need to take the pebble out of your shoe. And keeping your eye on the prize would allow the pebble to wear you down.


C0ldbeach t1_je6hi11 wrote

You’re thinking too literally. One can have a bigger goal they’re working to accomplish while still handling the “pebbles” in their life. Obviously not simultaneously in a literal sense but one can take the time for both in a close enough proximity that when they look back in their life, it’s as if both were being handled at the same time. For example, tackle at the pebble today, and the mountain tomorrow and so on.


rainmace t1_je4uva5 wrote

I mean, not really. It’s the same general theme of having your eye on the larger goal ahead, the mountain, but being able to make sure while you’re heading there you don’t have pebbles in your shoe


Adventurous_Bread708 t1_je5s8cy wrote

You must be able to do both. You must understand that in pursuit of the big prize, you must be able to handle the small obstacles/distractions while maintaining course. You are thinking in binary.


Butt_Putnam t1_je52ted wrote

My takeaway from this is that it's worth considering whether there are small, fixable problems that you've just been living with preventing you from accomplishing the things that you want.


escudonbk t1_je53uhh wrote

Ali: Don't you know you're in here with GOD tonight?

Joe Frazier: God picked the wrong night.


These are actual quotes from the Fight of the Century in 1971.

A fight Joe Frazier won.


IrrationalID_12 t1_je5fh6w wrote

I believe Ali would still go on to beat him later


escudonbk t1_je5g8om wrote

Ali won the 2nd fight by excessive clinching

The 3rd was called off by Joe's corner at the end of the 14th. Ali fainted seconds later calling the Thrilla in Manilla "The closest thing to dying that I know of."


IrrationalID_12 t1_je5hcqz wrote

He did end up wining though , it was close


escudonbk t1_je5jz0o wrote

Ali was the official winner. Boxing fans love to argue about it though. Ali was begging Angelo Dundee to cut the gloves up and call off the fight. Joe Frazier was begging his trainer Eddie Futch to let it continue. Dundee pushed Ali off his stool and Eddie called it off. Joe was furious and Ali fainted.

A fair few would argue that it was Angelo that won Ali that fight.


akchemy t1_je3u26v wrote

So beware the pebble, or be the pebble?


RegularBurrito t1_je3u7q9 wrote

Remove the pebble. Pebble=doubt


lil_intern t1_je87ovp wrote

Pebble also refers to habits and things slowly wearing you down that could be fixed by a quick change


Eblowskers t1_je48ak3 wrote

Pebble has no effect if you float like a butterfly


CapriSonnet t1_je5ac80 wrote

Takeaway from this is to replace laces with velcro. Much easier to get the pebble out than having to untie and tie shoes on an uneven terrain


Samsun20 t1_je64xsa wrote

It's the little things you do that Hold you back a lot or help you a lot


EyelBeeback t1_je4r2pj wrote

Sand in your breeches will wear you down quicker.


Dominant-Species-Mid t1_je6kphc wrote

It’s less about “keeping your eye on the prize” and more about removing the damn pebble from your shoe. Don’t try to ignore distractions and let the little things build up over time.

Instead take care of them first and then focus on what’s important. Trying to ignore something that is nagging at you takes way more energy than simply taking care of the problem.


ThreadedJam t1_je6mkcq wrote

It's absolutely not 'eye on the prize', it's 'eye on the process'. Not the prize, not the progress, the process. This is also the key to happiness 😊


BuseBsr t1_je7ko5m wrote

I commented that the problems that are considered small and insignificant and ignored are actually the ones that tire you the most.


leFouxDuFafa t1_je4lts3 wrote

Ah yeah right the mountain ain't no thing... fuck it go barefoot you got this!


ulvain t1_je4ti8b wrote

- Michael Scott


Accurize2 t1_je5dfr7 wrote

Nope, climbing mountains definitely wears you down.


deathbyBayshore t1_je5l6tr wrote

it isn't the peble that wears you, it's shoe in your mountai


ValyrianJedi t1_je5mrev wrote

I'm pretty sure my personal pebble is paperwork, but have no idea how to remove it from my shoe.


SparkleCatsMeow t1_je650x9 wrote

I turn that pebble into a pearl, then add it to my necklace


S4PG t1_je6rx5s wrote

Metaphorically AND literally


anon3451 t1_je6rxbo wrote

I thought it was don't let little things distract you from the big picture (cut out the pebble in your shoe instead of bearing it)


Curious_Evidence00 t1_je6u8m9 wrote

I think the pebble in your shoe is your attitude, your resentments, your negative self-talk. All that will wear you down before you even get started.


hahanawmsayin t1_je71u1e wrote

I’m just gonna say it - this is not a great quote. We’re all wondering what the hell it means, right?


EveryonesPal t1_je8cmoo wrote

Pebble in your shoes are the doubts in your mind that keep you from achieving something.


Legitimate-Quail-395 t1_jedfbbs wrote

That one piece of tan bark in my shoe that’s been there overstimulating me for the entire day