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Rhinoscrub t1_je4f9i5 wrote

Your title and the meaning of the picture are opposed. You can't keep your eye on the prize if you need to take the pebble out of your shoe. And keeping your eye on the prize would allow the pebble to wear you down.


C0ldbeach t1_je6hi11 wrote

You’re thinking too literally. One can have a bigger goal they’re working to accomplish while still handling the “pebbles” in their life. Obviously not simultaneously in a literal sense but one can take the time for both in a close enough proximity that when they look back in their life, it’s as if both were being handled at the same time. For example, tackle at the pebble today, and the mountain tomorrow and so on.


rainmace t1_je4uva5 wrote

I mean, not really. It’s the same general theme of having your eye on the larger goal ahead, the mountain, but being able to make sure while you’re heading there you don’t have pebbles in your shoe


Adventurous_Bread708 t1_je5s8cy wrote

You must be able to do both. You must understand that in pursuit of the big prize, you must be able to handle the small obstacles/distractions while maintaining course. You are thinking in binary.