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StringTheory2113 t1_je4bnv3 wrote

Instead, we have a society where people have planted bombs that they won't live to see explode.


No-Plastic-7715 t1_je78j2b wrote

Thus is such a strong analogy. So many wars and global disasters rich old people are funding, because they get all of the benefits and won't be around for the grave consequences.

I'm still young and I'm trying to take actions that I won't see in my lifetime: caring for trees, clearing up trash, being super careful about my consumption from unethical brands and clothing, and wasting as little as I can. Even putting what money I can towards good causes.


I_might_be_weasel t1_je4nzd2 wrote

Instead, decisions are made with the assumption that the world will end at the end of this fiscal year.


BirdShatOnMe t1_je5zyu8 wrote

Britain has been the opposite of this for a long time


GeneralMittler t1_je6v2iy wrote

I like the one with him growing a weed bush instead lol


oakteaphone t1_je79r6g wrote

His dad must've gotten really tall!


1ndomitablespirit t1_je7grmc wrote

It's a shame that the young don't use Facebook, because this is a perfect rebuttal to most meme posts complaining about younger generations.


Jorgentorgen t1_je5hjv6 wrote

Does r/twocomichorror exist. The dad did die fast after and the kid does not look like an adult


TheValisSyndrome t1_je4b4rk wrote

Trees don’t grow that fast


W3remaid t1_je5ft5t wrote

Oh good, you caught the true hidden message, which is that planting trees is a waste of time because they don’t even grow that fast /s


ThatL1ttleGuy t1_je4e84z wrote

Trees don't grow over what I'm guessing is 20 years or more?


THETRILOBSTER t1_je4wz8u wrote

His daughter is swinging in a tree that's like 5-6ft tall. Too unrealistic to move past.


TheValisSyndrome t1_je4ecsr wrote

No where near to the extent depicted in the drawing


ac9116 t1_je4jqyb wrote

There’s a tree we planted at my school in 2005 and it’s like 8 feet tall with 3 pretty small branches.


TheValisSyndrome t1_je4pase wrote

Could it support the weight of a swing and a small child being suspended from the branches?


Steampunk__Llama t1_je4qiny wrote

Depends on the type of tree. Also its a motivational comic, they're not typically the most realistic pieces of media outside of their role in motivating the viewer