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Vapsinthe t1_je92s9e wrote

Gods I miss him.


dyschromatopsie OP t1_je938v6 wrote

Yep me too. It's so sad reading all the books for the third time knowing there won't ever be another one.

Probs for the gods plural <3


ssmeech t1_jea8yl8 wrote

For someone who has never read his work, what would you recommend starting with?


dyschromatopsie OP t1_jeana8g wrote

Mort / Guards! Guards! / Small Gods / Going Postal are in my opinion all good starting points. I wish I could start reading the books without knowing anything <3


Blackson_Pollock t1_jebhqzy wrote

I'd say guards is the best jumping off point, anything later and you tend to spoil things from other books.


FluffyStuffInDaHouz t1_jeayigq wrote

This looks really interesting but I don't get the reference here in all the comments. Anyone care to enlighten me?


dyschromatopsie OP t1_jeb26y8 wrote

GNU explained:

The gods comment was funny because on the fantasy world TP created millions of gods existed

I really love his books and started to draw his quotes in my way to reflect on the ones that touched me the most over the last two decades :)


champmeleon t1_je96nxf wrote

Brohams wielding a dragonsayer, by the looks of it.


x925 t1_je9i3kj wrote

Too bad this isn't a dragon


[deleted] t1_jec003f wrote



attanai t1_jed8085 wrote

The quote is missing some context. In the book, the character was squaring up to face - well, not exactly a rival, but more like her own failures and mistakes that had gotten out of hand and caused people suffering. She's not choosing death, here, but rather choosing to face the consequences of her actions, and if that causes her death, then so be it. Personally, I see this as, if not motivating in and of itself, a good example of someone becoming motivated. If what we wanted was easy and safe, we wouldn't need the motivation.


Alcoraiden t1_jech7us wrote

He had debilitating dementia. He got to choose a peaceful, dignified death