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McDuchess t1_jea92wd wrote

This is not motivating if you are naked and freezing to death.


FuckitThrowaway02 t1_jebop2d wrote

This is really bad advice if you are naked and freezing to death.


[deleted] t1_jechk0p wrote



yoooooosolo t1_jecybux wrote

Also surely he tried getting over the wall using the ladder first and if it didn't work, then it's not very useful as a ladder


Ryzel0o0o t1_jed0elu wrote

I mean, its Darwinism at play if he's found himself in that situation without any clothes on.

Also he could have used every other rung so he could at least make it possible to climb up.


yoooooosolo t1_jed1g2n wrote

Yes he should have brought his bugout bag. This is really all a question of shortsighted and lack of preparation.


the-cafinated-tiger t1_jeek2rl wrote

This can be sheet bad luck, Darwin is not involved.


Ryzel0o0o t1_jefk3ia wrote

Based on likelihood, its most likely a series of dumb decisions. Luck doesn't really exist lol, circumstance, sure.


the-cafinated-tiger t1_jefqylk wrote

🫣 Luck is a major factor of life, starting with where you get born, later the people you meet ( rather random ) and eventually the macro economic and geopolitical influences. Or are you going to tell people who get struck by a bombardment that they made a bad decision by buying a house where a bomb would explode 20 years later ? And then there's also health, which is affected by global pollution, nuclear disasters, viri...for a major part totally out of our control. Yes you can workout, eat healthy but that doesn't make you immune for the microplastics in your tuna who amongst many not yet fully understood effects mess with your immune system. You might get cancer from those and from jogging in polluted air.


Ryzel0o0o t1_jeh0g7i wrote

Right, and no I wouldn't tell them that, because its not their fault. But they were a victim of circumstance, not bad luck. Someone made the conscious decision to put them in that situation.


Madmorda t1_jec6qbi wrote

My favorite part is that the photo sort of implies that it's really cold, and he's in some sort of pit. If a deep pit with a person's body heat inside is freezing, it's probably even colder topside.

Plus, there is more than one kind of ladder, he still has plenty of wood to make a new one later.


Vocall96 t1_jectmiu wrote

So the real advice is manage your resources properly


nsa_reddit_monitor t1_jecvg61 wrote

Lighting a fire at the bottom of a pit seems like a good way to suffocate as the fire burns all the oxygen and the rising heat blocks fresh air from sinking.

Also if it's more than just a few feet deep it'll always be the same not-freezing temperature from geothermal heat.

I bet the drawing is actually depicting a cliff, not a pit.


FS_Slacker t1_jed6tyy wrote

That's only because you burned your clothes first.


moishepesach t1_jecqna6 wrote

Standing up for oneself and doing the right thing may cost you opportunities but you will have something in return far more priceless; your self-respect.


NorthCatan t1_jecz5gy wrote

Dude just ask your parents for a small $1,000,000 loan so you can buy a proper ladder.


MrShredder5002 t1_jeecbd1 wrote

I mean the guy couldve climbed up and pull the ladder up and make a fire there.


ttystikk t1_je9f35g wrote

What does this even mean?


Xoduszero t1_je9n5tq wrote

Burn every other rung


Ailerath t1_jecepoh wrote

go up the ladder and pull it up and burn the entire ladder, youre out and have more to burn


nappycatt t1_je9ici6 wrote

I think it means don't do drugs, but I could be wrong.


patman_007 t1_jec6mxp wrote

I'm pretty sure the old saying goes, "If you're going to start a fire with a wooden ladder, be sure to climb out of the hole first."


The_Jealous_one t1_je9mnpw wrote

Rather than studying for an important exam you play games cause it’s more fun. That’s my interpretation.


Not_floridaman t1_jebclw1 wrote

When I was super broke after a huge illness, I was thinking of selling some jewelry that I loved (but not super valuable monetarily) for some cash and a relative told me not to because the money wouldn't last very long and then I also wouldn't have something that made happy so I'd be exactly where I was but worse. That's kinda what I thought this was getting at. Don't burn the rungs of the ladder to stay warm.


Mental_Tea_4084 t1_jebw0sw wrote

I don't think this is the artists intent but I see it as working that deadend job to feed and home yourself instead of studying for a better career.

Yeah cool I got this ladder, but I'm freezing and starving now.. So I can't climb the ladder till I get that part sorted out

Edit: to the guy that replied "eat out less" then deleted his comment. I wish I thought of that


J3ST3Rx t1_jeadhb3 wrote

Isn't it obvious? If you see a ladder, don't burn your opportunity to make a warm fire by going up it and leaving


ttystikk t1_jeaeify wrote

I'm going to admit to being blind and not seeing the ladder lol


Blackpapalink t1_jebnk0w wrote

Look towards the top of the 2 sticks and then follow them down. The fire is made from the steps of the ladder.


defk3000 t1_jeaz0z2 wrote

What if there are lions, tigers and bears at the top of that damn ladder and this is the only safe place. If they fall in the hole they are easier to kill and eat. Or climb your happy ass out the whole and get munched on. 😆


PatFluke t1_jec30m9 wrote

Pull it up and burn it at the top. Cake and eat it too!


RavenDMidnight t1_jeat8gz wrote

There are people that struggle with moving forward during hard times, because it's easier to do what they've been doing. People get comfortable where they are, because it's working for them.

I got comfortable at my job for 3 years, cause i had rent money, play money, and a good schedule. That job was taking too much out of me mentally, though. I didn't want to move away from it, cause the pay was comfy and i didn't know if I'd find something as good for as easy. I finally had enough and moved on and found something that i enjoy with same pay.

As someone else mentioned, playing games instead of studying is another thing, as someone may not feel the need to do outstanding in order to get something better in life.

Another example is playing games or watching shows, instead of going out more or exercising.

Basically it's the things that you are capable of doing and you tell yourself to do or desire to do, but you don't do them, because you don't know what happens next or how to go about it. You get complacent or as this is saying, comfortable.


ttystikk t1_jeay2qo wrote

This is solid commentary, worthy of deeper thought.

After a long period of wandering in the woods of depression, I've recently started climbing again. It isn't comfortable and it isn't easy but it IS a lot more fulfilling.


jedidoesit t1_jeaw4kb wrote

It means different things to different people. Whatever your vice is or your big temptation or wherever you lack impulse control, don't let those things get in the way of your goals or needs.

Someone said that discipline is when what you want most is more important than what you want now.

Something like that anyhow. 😎


ttystikk t1_jeaydgh wrote

>Someone said that discipline is when what you want most is more important than what you want now.

This is much better advice than the OP.


SandBoxKing t1_jebohym wrote

Except that's not discipline and will make people feel like shit when they fall short of their goals. Discipline is a muscle and takes work. Use whatever you need to motivate you but you aren't going to lift a car because that's "what you want most" lol.


Mobely t1_jea6yxv wrote

it's meant to be vague to mean different things to different people. like a horoscope.

But I'm upvoting for at least having original art and not just being a picture of the rock.


austuhnn t1_jecypy5 wrote

Do the things you don’t want to do instead of doing what’s easy. Opportunities are called risks in the present moment. In this scenario, climbing out of that hole might be risky bc it could be colder, but you might find a better shelter where it’s warmer. Instead, you wasted your opportunity by choosing to be comfortable where you’re at now with a small fire.

That’s my interpretation. Could be wrong tho


MagnaCamLaude t1_jeaz9sr wrote

Bring your phone with you so you don't have to use a fire to see a random, conveniently-placed ladder


lavahot t1_jeb1rz4 wrote

Freeze to death on the corporate ladder. You scum.


whilst t1_jec90r1 wrote

Don't ever stop working for an employer, citizen.


ttystikk t1_jeegvp0 wrote

Lol that's kind of the official narrative, isn't it?


subzero112001 t1_jed94zp wrote

It means that many actions have long term consequences that are more valuable than the short term consequences.


Smoking brings relaxation to some people in the short term but fucks them up in the long run.


Harkannin t1_jeehbn5 wrote

Don't worry about basic needs because they're waiting for you elsewhere; in the meantime freeze to death looking for better opportunities. Or you can use your only source of fuel for survival. Either way, people will be judgemental.


Kicooi t1_jeaz4uf wrote

I’m willing to bet the original author intended it to be something like “in order to get rich, sometimes you have to skip meals and sleep in the office”


ttystikk t1_jebpfp8 wrote

LOL and that's, you know, not exactly actionable advice...


greenrangerguy t1_jeat7gm wrote

It's some generic bullshit "motivational" post on the Internet that sounds super deep and profound but has no real world meaning.


ttystikk t1_jeaxptv wrote

Best response yet. I need actionable intelligence, not platitudes.


sisk91 t1_je9fjuh wrote

Whole I get the message, a fire isn't the best way to convey it. Having a fire isn't just a comfort, it can very much be the difference between life and death.


coleas123456789 t1_jean0w7 wrote

He could've climbed the ladder first then raised it back up to make a fire


pablo603 t1_jeb11z7 wrote

If there's no protection from the wind at the top then he's better off in this ditch. Won't burn through fuel as fast and won't freeze to death from the cold wind.


He can still climb the ladder, as he did leave some part of the ladder rungs still intact instead of cutting it off as a whole.


astronxxt t1_jed7fch wrote

why do people like you literally conjure up situations that disprove posts on here?

it’s obviously not a perfect comparison but the message is painfully clear. what’s the point in complaining?


johnsolomon t1_jef69e3 wrote

I agree with this. I understand the urge to play devil's advocate but I do think the principle of this picture is a good one. It's implied that there's something better -- an opportunity -- at the top of that latter, so it's pointless to take the photo out of context.

At the end of the day, it's just warning people not to wreck their future to be comfortable now. It's something a lot of us need and I took something away from this reminder. I have a lot of dreams and I've honestly been sitting on my hands lately, so it was a useful kick in the butt.


pasher5620 t1_jeauvod wrote

He also can still very easily climb the ladder.


coleas123456789 t1_jebvnkx wrote

Yes , but because he choose comfort first it's gonna be significantly harder to climb the ladder and his sawing of the ladder made it it way more easier to snap in half meaning he could loose the opportunity all together .


pasher5620 t1_jebzhw0 wrote

The boy is actually pretty smart. He not only created a way to stay warm and survive, but he also made sure the ladder is still easily climbable for when he is able to leave. If the kid chose warmth over escape, clearly it wasn’t a situation where escaping was the end of the issue.


mf864 t1_jeczmv6 wrote

Eh I think it fits reality perfectly. Same energy as the standard pull yourself up by the bootstraps when you don't even own boots.


D347H82 t1_jebl7h0 wrote


MinnieShoof t1_jeda352 wrote

Climb to the top of the ladder, stand on the top of a thin wall ... and then plummet to the ground below on the other side. That sounds like a pretty good euphemism for America.


Frosty_Smile5700 t1_jedc500 wrote

Or pick up the ladder, let it slide down the wall, then climb down?


MinnieShoof t1_jedcx0e wrote

Not wrong, but I'm just saying - showing the pretty blue sky above doesn't really quell any of the mixed feelings about why it was so important to save a ladder to nowhere. You can zoom out and show a relatively flat plane just below the other side of the wall and I would question how that's any different then where he started. You would really have to be heavy handled with symbolism of like streets paved with gold on the other side of that wall to make it make sense.

I get it. We all get the heart of the message. That's why OP posted it. ... but there's still an awful lot to unpack.


snowaxe_83 t1_jedfcdi wrote

You need to clean all the garbage you have been hoarding in your Brain,

As an artist I can draw an ideal world on the other side, similarly, you can do it too, but in your mind, there is none, hence your thoughts are full of shit.


MinnieShoof t1_jedhf00 wrote

And you need to get out of your feelings. Learn what a comma is for, too, while you're there.


snowaxe_83 t1_jedieoc wrote

Huh, I guess that's enough for me to understand how full of garbage you are,

Although I agree my English isn't good enough, not my first language and I don't really care, I know it enough to go by day-to-day life, but still, thanks for the correction.


Jerrow t1_jeehexd wrote

It's a good depiction of hustle culture that I hear so much about


Tiancris t1_jeaazbk wrote

I would have burned only the even steps or only the odd ones 🤔


Putrumpador t1_jeabmxt wrote

I'm having a hard time making the connection between the message of this image, and how it would apply in real life. Is it telling us to spend less on Netflix and avocado toast so we can afford a house?


iCan20 t1_jeaktgq wrote

No, it's saying don't leave a good job now just because it's a tough time. It's saying don't give up a better future to have temporary happiness. It's telling you to keep perspective on what you are doing today and how it might affect your future wants and desires.

So for you if that means less Netflix and avocado toast splurges to be able to afford a house because you've identified those things a being related, then sure. But I doubt a picture is telling you to have less avocado toast.


ValyrianJedi t1_jebh74f wrote

> No, it's saying don't leave a good job now just because it's a tough time.

I can't second this enough... Obviously don't stick around for the hell of it if you don't have a plan, but sticking out a few years at a brutally miserable job pretty much made it where I'm set for virtually the rest of my career afterwards... Temporary misery can 100% be worth it


Chennsta t1_jebvb4e wrote

More like spend less time on netflix and more on studying / excersizing


bloohens t1_jebgw1n wrote

If an opportunity comes along that might be more difficult, don’t decline it just because your job is easy now.


macadrums t1_je9ks5r wrote

View the things you have within reach as tools or a path to a better place. Don't be stuck in place just because it's warm where you are. Don't burn your way out as a means to keep the current situation more pleasant.


MrBoo843 t1_jea62we wrote

Die in the cold with a ladder instead?


rdeternalkid t1_jeamagx wrote

But picture does not show what is in the upstairs


sfxpaladin t1_jebcgaz wrote

As with most people at the bottom of the ladder of society.... an even bigger ledge


louisme97 t1_je9nkku wrote

Yeah man, you could have been on the dirt wall that protects you from wind, and now look at you, enjoying the heat of the fire.


OperationClippy t1_jeb2cqt wrote

Even if you burn all the rungs you can learn to pole vault


dewman45 t1_jeb5w2c wrote

At this point it's just repost bots. This picture has lost so much quality.


Asneekyfatcat t1_jeblym6 wrote

Bitch we're all dying in under a century, just chill the fuck out and enjoy life. That fire looks comfortable enough.


katergator717 t1_jebouwz wrote

I thought it was short-sightedness over long term goals vs immediate gratification.


Xykz t1_jedam64 wrote

Fuck this, take life's joys, do the fun not the smart choice. Chill and live. Use those ladder steps to make a fire and sit around it with your friends, roast marshmallows, drink and laugh.

If you want to climb the ladder by all means go for it, but more people today climb it cause they think it's the only thing they can do


Evenlymade t1_jeapbpd wrote

Obviously not a poor person's creation. A poor person could still climb that ladder and build the fire lol


arandomtestaccount t1_jeb42ub wrote

Just break off some of the steps and use them as ice climbing picks


Oldpuzzlehead t1_jeb8k9g wrote

The ladder goes 20 feet over the edge. Survive the fight you are in now.


Chaxle t1_jec7695 wrote

This what poverty is like because wages haven't kept up with inflation in 100 years


[deleted] t1_jecchb6 wrote

Translation: them dirty poors wasted all their money on booze and uber eats instead of spending it on a drop-shipping course or investing in crypto


datazulu t1_jecfegb wrote

♬ Down in a hole... ♬


ThaddeusBlimp t1_jeax5rn wrote

I feel like I could still use that ladder to get out


Smrtihara t1_jeb5rji wrote

Worst slav squat ever. The heels shouldn’t be lifted like that.


trapkoda t1_jeb7q2b wrote

What if he just came over from the other side?


Draithz t1_jebazrn wrote

This is why i save consumables in every game i play.


Zomgirlxoxo t1_jebb5j8 wrote

Beautiful! I need to print this and put it on my dream board


Zomgirlxoxo t1_jebb644 wrote

Beautiful! I need to print this and put it on my dreamboard


deboshasta t1_jebb98u wrote

Ladder is gone, but getting pretty close to two perfectly usable pole vaults.


Berniethedog t1_jebc08t wrote

Is seems he was able to remove the rungs without any tools or pulling the ladder apart so it wouldn’t have been much use anyway.


Randall_Hickey t1_jebcvn6 wrote

I know what I like and I like what I know


llamaswithhatss91 t1_jebeksj wrote

Ok. So as long as I'm tall and lanky I can burn every other opportunity


nanozeus2014 t1_jebfa24 wrote

technically he can make stilts out of those. he's ok.


scyrp t1_jebodgk wrote

From my perspective I see each rung of the ladder as youth and the ladder itself being opportunity. Don't waste your time when you're young and healthy. Work out, make friendships, gain skills and try new things. When you're old and tired you'll thank yourself.


Kipchippy t1_jebqz9z wrote

Now they have a fire and some stilts. Win / win!


bambush331 t1_jebvzqb wrote

I agree Fuck my temporary job I could be wanking all day without it


makisp t1_jec0v7w wrote

If anybody is searching for the artist, it's Pawel Kuczynski


LoneWolfThrowAway t1_jec3juc wrote

This picture always gets me thinking: what if that man over there climbed over, saw that the other side was even worse, and decided to do everyone a favour by rendering the ladder useless?

Could be seen in many ways. Especially when the picture is overused.


teachmehow2dance t1_jec4r68 wrote

Is the ladder a way out? If so, why is dipshit burning it?


the_other_irrevenant t1_jecutp7 wrote

That's the point the meme is making.

In reality the flipside to the meme is that people in this sort of situation generally don't have the necessary resources to climb the ladder before they freeze to death, and this is the only option.


EconomyIndependence2 t1_jeca26g wrote

Would you set yourself on fire, sacrifice your mental health and physical health, for 1.5x the pay but 10 years down the road?


matthew0001 t1_jecahb9 wrote

I mean I could still probably use that ladder if I really had to.


Mrrandom314159 t1_jecbmvp wrote

Don't keep holding on to future opportunites if you have an existential problem in front of you.


olimorveu t1_jecei44 wrote

He can still put his feet on the little stumps that remain from the ladder. Win win


Cosmonate t1_jecg722 wrote

Maslow rolling in his grave right now


Beer_bongload t1_jecgj2u wrote

This kind of resonates with me. Stayed too long in a comfortable decent paying dead-end job when I could have been moving up and making a lot more. Didn't burn the opportunity but I did waste time. The comfort was nice but in retrospect not worth it. Thankfully I got my ass in gear.


DarkRajiin t1_jeciug4 wrote

Climb out and pull the ladder up, disguise the pit and await unsuspecting victims to fall in. Ladder down, collect, repeat.


missed_sla t1_jecmcpj wrote

I use the Boomer method. I'll climb the ladder before pulling it up and burning it for my own warmth. What, there are other people behind me? They should build their own ladder like I did.


ThomasGaiden t1_jecnsxb wrote

This is wrong. Go on and die if you can't stay warm.


lostwng t1_jeco2st wrote

Wtf this is not motivation this is just ew


inquisitivelat t1_jeco3yx wrote

Life is hard when you are in survival mode.


eezmo t1_jecq0j8 wrote

Alright…but that dude looks fit and could still climb that left side.


NearbyFlamingo1222 t1_jecr8im wrote

Reminds me of that story of Pablo Escobar on the run with his son. They were freezing one night and only had piles of money with them, so they burned like $2 million to stay warm.


Microfractal t1_jecz6od wrote

I like the fact that you can't see the top of the ladder. What if the ladder won't reach the top and he's just stuck there anyway? Assuming someone can get themselves into a better situation based on an opportunity that seems apparent from your perspective may not be the most helpful thing to the person just trying to better themselves.


Herald_of_Heaven t1_jed39ds wrote

I feel like some of the posts here belong to r/terriblefacebookmemes


Ok-Application-5379 t1_jed7qo4 wrote

Me who used a part of their 401k to buy a house with a shit ton of land and now is saving a fuck ton of money on food by homesteading and not paying increasing rent costs but also living in comfort. And has easily made back what they spent in 2 years 👀


seunqq t1_jedht1s wrote

Unpopular opinion: those who are criticizing this simple message are most likely living in their comfort zone not taking the opportunity to struggle a little for some unknown gain. Little do they know the knowledge of that experience is priceless


mentorofminos t1_jedid7c wrote

This sounds like some Paul Ryan-esque "well if poor people would just not buy a latte then they would be rich" crap. No thanks.


DJSugarSnatch t1_jedjzy4 wrote

At least he's not smoking the ladder...


EyelBeeback t1_jedkb46 wrote

but isn't life itself temporary?


tarbearjean t1_jedl9sl wrote

Yes and no. You need to be alive in order to move forward which means you need to make sure certain needs are met first and foremost.


KyraSandy t1_jedqi6p wrote

Don't think about the cold and you will not freeze to death, pleb.


Coeniq t1_jedv1gr wrote

This just illustrates how some people aren‘t able to take opportunities. What if that guy wouldn‘t live through the night without a fire?


Heapsa t1_jedw2tf wrote

But it burns so bright


Carefree65 t1_jedy83d wrote

Alright, I think he could burn the top wood steps instead others lol.


liversite t1_jee0gja wrote

But it can help to burn only one or two to provide strengh to continue and still have the opportunity to growth :)


ranfomfufe t1_jee7mt2 wrote

Personal experience: you can throw opportunities to the trash bin sometimes, otherwise you'll never find comfort.


peritonlogon t1_jee89hl wrote

You also don't want to use all of your opportunities for a temporary comfort... just some.


Dizsmo t1_jeebiui wrote

The ladder is useless if you cannot climb it


watr t1_jegzyc9 wrote

This is missing a comma... the message is quite the opposite otherwise... it's currently motivating you to take the temporary comfort opportunity, while it lasts hahaha !

Should be:
Don't burn your opportunities, for a temporary comfort


the5thstring25 t1_jebq8q9 wrote

Lets apply this to sustainability vs endless growth, then you’ll have my upvote.


Sweatybballz t1_jebt0s3 wrote

What's on the other side? Maybe it's better to stay in place and build a fire, stay warm.


JMM85JMM t1_jec23p0 wrote

Is the moral of this to stubbornly die in the now in hope of a better future?


CloudCuddler t1_jec5tkf wrote

Fires literally built civilisations.