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invokereform t1_ject0jw wrote

  • Harvey Weinstein

CthuluSpecialK t1_jed03zc wrote

Came here to say, this sounds like what perverts say to actresses and models right before they sexually assault them.


invokereform t1_jed0ft4 wrote

I mean, the saying is completely valid, I've just got a dark sense of humor.


BednaR1 t1_jedux8u wrote

*pretty much every influencer girl getting a paid trip to Dubai


batrathat t1_jed4kbf wrote

Yeah I don't really like the phrasing of this one... maybe instead 'sometimes you need to challenge your comfort levels to get to where you want to be' or something.. Not sure. But 'things you don't want to do' feels a little ick.


dannict t1_jedubkq wrote

I find this take interesting because I am currently dealing with a lot of change in my life and kind of slaying the dragons, so to speak. I don’t like job hunting - the constant rejection is painful, and being ghosted and feeling like I am getting nowhere. Trying to reorganize my cluttered messy home is tough for me as a person with depression and ADHD. These things don’t challenge my comfort levels so much as they are things I don’t want to do or go through. But I fully believe that if I work hard, the results of all of this doing the stuff I don’t want to do will be the life I want.


k10001k OP t1_jed4s8z wrote

I get what you mean. It’s meant to be another way of saying life won’t always be easy or go through the hard to get to the good. Light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing


4chanbetter t1_jed624q wrote

Such as the McDonalds to the right


k10001k OP t1_jed660n wrote

Gotta get there before breakfast ends


ccafferata473 t1_jed3r45 wrote

Yeah that's some toxic bullshit right there.


[deleted] t1_jed3uag wrote



ccafferata473 t1_jed53t7 wrote

Motivational things like this lead to 60 hour weeks, burnout and depression.


dannict t1_jedujli wrote

They also lead to this depressed slug getting off the couch and exercising, to the house getting clean and wearing clean clothes, and having groceries. I don’t like most housework and I openly detest most physical activity. But…. I am healthier and mentally calmer when I force myself to do those things.


ccafferata473 t1_jee1dgr wrote

And that's good. But you know where I've heard that from too? Management when they've denied me days off, made me work every weekend for a year, calling at 2 a.m. to cover a shift. That's where that becomes toxic.


k10001k OP t1_jed5lal wrote

This motivation doesn’t work for you and that’s okay, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work for someone else. This quote is saying you have to get through the hard to get to the good sometimes, it’s not about jobs


ItsYaBoySkinnyPen15 t1_jed9mnu wrote

I’m going to interpret this as pro capitalist propaganda and I refuse to work shit Jobs for my entire life to have a few years of peace when I’m old. Fuck this system I’m motivated to tear it down


k10001k OP t1_jeda4dd wrote

I agree with you on that! But not what the quote means :)

It means sometimes in life you have to go through the bad before you get to the good


ItsYaBoySkinnyPen15 t1_jeda6jy wrote

I understand it completely. It also sounds like exactly something a billionaire would fucking say to it’s workers


dannict t1_jedul80 wrote

Just because it is something they would say does not mean that it is completely untrue or invalid.


ItsYaBoySkinnyPen15 t1_jefy3ee wrote

Correct. Never said it wasn’t true bro life is a constant struggle, some highs, then you die.


SpiritStriver90 t1_jegwyp2 wrote

Yep, you got the intended core meaning while also rightfully pointing out it was wrapped in problematic wrapping. Good for you :)


k10001k OP t1_jedaenj wrote

The quote isn’t about jobs


ItsYaBoySkinnyPen15 t1_jedcobw wrote

A quote, funny enough, can be spoken by whoever the fuck wants to use it. My point stands dawg. Others also seem to agree. Wording isn’t great


k10001k OP t1_jedcvu7 wrote

I don’t get what the point is of you coming to a positive motivational sub just to be aggressive and rude?


Trips-Over-Tail t1_jeddvm9 wrote

I'm sure the costs will be born by the bodies I step over.

Billions of them.


uniqueusername74 t1_jed5np3 wrote

What’s the significance of the picture?


k10001k OP t1_jed5q12 wrote

None intentionally, so interpret it whatever way you would like. It’s just pretty :)


SpiritStriver90 t1_jegwqeq wrote

Maybe "sometimes you have to do things you feel too tired or bored to do right now, to get where you want to go". That way it makes clear it is just about not to be lazy/unmotivated than a blanket statement against all inhibition even though, as people pointed out in the comments, inhibition also includes moral inhibition, which is a whole different ball of wax.


WavyEryday t1_jedvta1 wrote

My god...people see the bad in everything nowadays. It's a harmless quote.


pattyG80 t1_jeei1ev wrote

What this taken from inside a sewer?


compaqdeskpro t1_jefflb6 wrote

I'm reading this in Cillian Murphy's voice.

"Buyer beware. I told you my compound would take you places. I never said they'd be places you wanted to go."


TooOldForThis34 t1_jee0mwl wrote

My cousin’s brother’s twice removed roommate saw this written on a wall in an abandoned insane asylum one time. Right before he ate a whole thing of pop rocks and downed an entire soda.