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Archaris t1_jedga68 wrote

the other day i was driving out of the grocery store parking lot. when i turned out of my spot: there was a cart that rolled down to the middle of the aisle near the sewer grate i had to avoid.

I saw this older fella was walking out of his way to go collect and bring it back to a corral or storefront: so I rolled my window down and as I maneuvered around him I hollared "you're awesome! thanks for collecting that!" and his mouth turned into this cheesy proud grin

remember: you shouldn't do things BECAUSE you expect a reward. that defeats the purpose of doing it for "good" in the first place. But this guy was already going out of his way to help and so he totally deserved to be recognized!


Eddi_imma_ready t1_jedilqb wrote

It took me way too long to realize who "Meone" is lol


centstwo t1_jeen2op wrote

Right? Be the reason so meone believes in God people.

Edit: a word.


Doomedromance7 t1_jedlp44 wrote

Does anyone gets tired of being good person


DatTF2 t1_jedrutg wrote

Yes, certainly.

If you are inherently kind hearted there will come a point when someone will abuse it. Or if you are like me you essentially just feel like a door mat because people just walk right over you, or at the very least try to.


Doomedromance7 t1_jedsgnc wrote

And when we assert ourselves ppl will leave us as they expect us to be like that , finally i have to be the door mat to survive in this world if not nobody will love me


EdwardOfGreene t1_jefl4s2 wrote

Being a good person doesn't have to equate to being a doormat.

If you're tired of being a doormat you don't need to give up trying to be good.


kingtitusmedethe4th t1_jefx2el wrote

It took me a long time to learn how to be assertive without sounding aggressive. Because I like to keep my resentments to myself, when I finally speak up, it typically comes out a little more intensely than planned. Learn to set boundaries early and hold people to those boundaries. I promise it is possible.


dee_castafiore OP t1_jego7ka wrote

>It took me a long time to learn how to be assertive without sounding aggressive.

Same. Also, as you said set boundaries is an important thing because (some) people will not hesitate to set them for you.


MadJesterXII t1_jee9n0p wrote

My good deeds are earned not handouts

I only do shit for people that do shit with me at the very least

Give games to good friends all the time


fantasticoder t1_jegrekm wrote

I was very depressed one night and went to a fruits store. I bought some oranges. After I paid for them the seller said to me that that orange has a bad mark on it, change it with another one. I changed one with another and he said but that's a smaller one, don't I owe you? He also gave me the one that had marked and said, at least use this one as well. A subtle smile came on my face and I realized my mood changed dramatically. We all need these people.


ValyrianJedi t1_jeeobbe wrote

I had a single guy change literally my entire life for me when I was like 12 out of a massive act of generosity that came from a total chance encounter... Like I would genuinely be in an entirely different and much worse place 20 years later had that chance encounter not happened... I will never stop looking for it to be my time to pay that one forward


rco8786 t1_jee1vyl wrote

So Me One

Anybody else?


Kyram289 t1_jee5i64 wrote

I personally believe most people are good people. But most have their own reasons for what they do even a thief may not want to steal but is driven to steal or die


ValyrianJedi t1_jeenu6o wrote

Tell that one to my granddad. I remember being like 5 and watching Aladdin, and after Aladin stole an apple or some shit at the beginning of the movie my granddad acted like he was the villain the rest of the movie, like yelling at Jasmine not to "get on the rug with that dirty theif"


AaronDotCom t1_jee68mz wrote

Why the red ink though


never_on_time t1_jee9f5i wrote

It'd be much nicer in like white or light blue, nicer writing. This is like inspiration by Danny Torrence


TheJasonaut t1_jefkryw wrote

...oR I'LL mUrdEr YOur fAmIly


Ok_Audience_3413 t1_jeg2e1y wrote

I have been that person for 20+ years and I’m tired. Someone else’s turn


fantasticoder t1_jegrmia wrote

Sometimes I also felt like this. Maybe this happens more in places that people are struggling economically and everyone has to take care of themselves and even compete with others to with the race.


greenrangerguy t1_jee30ze wrote

I was good until someone vandalised my mirror by writing all over it.


dzhastin t1_jeefu0o wrote

I’m already the reason why we have certain rules. I don’t think I can be both


Transposer t1_jeejql7 wrote

“Hey! Who the fuck wrote this on my mirror?!?”


GuidedArk t1_jeen6vs wrote

Never forget. At least one person has masturbated while thinking of you:)


Flacidpickle t1_jeeohef wrote

The basis of this is pretty bleak when you think about it. This quote, or whatever it is, assumes that a plurality of people have a very tenuous grip on their faith in humanity if they have one at all.


Redacted59 t1_jefhoa2 wrote

Unfortunately I’ve found this to be the case recently which actually surprised me. I then realized I’m more of an optimist than I give myself credit.


Anthropomorphic_Void t1_jef7g1e wrote

There is no such thing as a good or bad person. Everyone is capable of carrying out actions they believe are good. And everyone knowingly and willingly perform what is precieved to be bad actions. Sometimes in both cases the actions don't do align with the intentions.


RhysBWolf t1_jefr58l wrote

Hey, if you become a villain people will pray for a hero. So...


novel_writer_AG t1_jegqula wrote

You can do it, Meone! You can believe in good people!


quiettryit t1_jee3y1j wrote

There are no good people, only good moments...


panzercampingwagen t1_jeduhsi wrote

No thanks, I don't trust people who think there are good people and bad people, because they always group themselves with the good people. Worst crimes in history are committed by people who were convinced they were one of the good ones.