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gonzo8927 t1_jefq7n8 wrote

I would argue this isn't confidence.

Confidence is knowing they will like you.


justasmalltowndad t1_jeg56vs wrote

You can have confidence in a situation where no one likes you and you know they don't.


gonzo8927 t1_jeg9pj9 wrote

I interpreted this as thoughts before doing something. I mean, after the fact, if they don't like you, they don't like you, lol.

Edit: "I'll be fine if they don't", shows a level of doubt in your abilities, so to me, that's still a lack of confidence. I would say that's more of perseverance.


Dyn085 t1_jegvftd wrote

That’s actually arrogance-it’s impossible for everyone to like you.


Dark-GV OP t1_jegwofj wrote

Bingo! Arrogance is believing or thinking that everyone will like you.


Restless_Wonderer t1_jegd8id wrote

Confidence is not caring what others think


gonzo8927 t1_jegg3fj wrote

Kind of. In my eyes, as a salesman, I very much care what the client thinks.

So I have to approach a situation knowing that they will like me, not "if they don't oh well"

Just my perspective though


Colossus-the-Keen t1_jegklj5 wrote

Confidence : The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust.