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Chipbread t1_iqwotwy wrote

This motivates me how?


flunky_the_majestic t1_iqwu58k wrote

It motivates you to look out for your own interests above all else. You know, like a healthy society should.


ValyrianJedi t1_iqx2v2c wrote

If you don't look out for your own interests you'll have a hard time looking out for anybody else's. Like how you put your own oxygen mask on first before putting one on your kid.


flunky_the_majestic t1_iqxavpq wrote

But you do, in fact, put one on your kid when you're in a position to do so. And probably even a passed-out stranger next to you. But this advice is like telling you to put on your oxygen mask, then not help anyone else with theirs because they should have to figure it out for themselves.


Soup-Master t1_iqx8az1 wrote

No, it is motivational, but I am not telling you why.