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lankboiau t1_ir8u5w9 wrote

Andrew himself stated in a Q&A, that if you are unable to view or be in sunlight upon dawn then viewing the sun going down is viable as well, since it regulates your circadian rythym.

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iTzJdogxD t1_ir936a0 wrote

I was worried you were talking about the bad Andrew for a second


lankboiau t1_ir944xb wrote

Whom is this bad Andrew you speak of?


atomicalexx t1_irawy1i wrote

Based on the replies, there seem to be a lot of bad Andrews out there


Freebirdhat t1_iraid27 wrote

What if I'm at work when the sun rises and when it sets


Dull_Cartographer428 t1_ircivmr wrote

I wake up at 430am and go to bed at 8pm to be up at 430am. Both are impossible for me.


coolborder t1_ircjgnb wrote

And what do I do in an office job in the northern US mid-winter where it is dark when I enter the building and dark when I leave?


bcjh t1_ira4jgz wrote

What about watching it come up?