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FartyPants69 t1_ir9crjq wrote

Yes, why wouldn't it be?


SilentNinjaMick t1_ir9iiwu wrote

"...optimize testosterone..."


JayRich4321 t1_ir9l2v4 wrote

Women need testosterone just like men. And the things AH mentions aren't to give you a surplus of testosterone, it's to optimize it within your body naturally. So it's great for women too


TheBertinator3000 t1_ira9mgl wrote

Women need about 1/20th the testosterone that men do, so it's a valid question.

That said, "improve your sleep, diet, and exercise", is great advice for anyone, for a variety of reasons. No need to even narrow in on testosterone specifically.


FartyPants69 t1_irao1ob wrote

Again, the keyword is "optimize." You can't over-optimize.


TheBertinator3000 t1_irax5zz wrote

You sure can overdo attempts at optimization! That's why a lot of people fail drastic life changes. If you go too hard, trying to optimize every little detail to the n-th degree, you tend to crash and burn eventually. It's not sustainable.

Start with the basics, then build on them once they become second nature. Optimization means nothing, if it's not sustained.

Many things also have drastically diminishing returns on investment, the more you optimize them. At some point, the meager results are just not worth all the time and effort you have to put in.


FartyPants69 t1_irb792f wrote

Again... your body is doing the optimization here. It's not a conscious process. It won't produce more testosterone than it needs. You give it adequate building blocks, it takes it from there.


TheBertinator3000 t1_irbgc1s wrote

I'm not saying more optimization is bad for the body. I'm saying it's a bad idea, from a psychological standpoint, to overthink optimization too much. A lot of those small details don't matter until you get pretty deep into your chosen sport.

The KISS method is a good approach for beginners in weightlifting, and a lot of other sports. Don't worry about stuff that's not worth your energy to worry about, when you're first starting out. You will not notice minute differences in testosterone levels using his method, versus any other halfway decent workout routine.