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Hungshlung t1_ir9krl4 wrote

I like your part about not needing carbs for muscle growth because I am currently doing keto, have lost weight and feeling great! I’m also working out to build muscle and eating ample amounts of protein daily. What I don’t like is your “calories in vs calories out” argument. I tried that in the past which also included consuming carbs at the time and I lost very little weight very slowly. Keto has taken my fat loss to a whole new level, which I’m usually eating less than 20 carbs a day.


aim_so_far t1_ir9u8p6 wrote

A high fat diet impacts satiety greatly, meaning u feel less hungry (i.e., fuller) more often. This means u ultimately eat less... so calories in vs calories out is still the deciding factor


Least-March7906 t1_ir9vs9p wrote

Yeah, not sure how he can try to argue against the calorie deficit theory. Unless he is stating that his body magically produces extra calories


iCan20 t1_ira2nz3 wrote

Conservation of mass/energy is somehow tough for some people. It's like they aren't rooted in reality. Granted, I was a high school wrestler so understanding weight / metabolism is second nature.


TheBertinator3000 t1_ira962c wrote

There's something else, often overlooked when talking about keto.

Being a highly restrictive diet, keto also forces you to cut out most of the highly processed junk food (if you're doing it at all correctly). A low junk food diet is great for improving satiety, regardless of your fat/carb balance.


Hungshlung t1_irebmdl wrote

Not really… I eat about 2500 calories daily on keto