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avidvaulter t1_ir9uzn1 wrote

>Regular exercise routine consisting of 6-10 sets with 2 minutes rest in between and adjusting the weight so you always hit the 10 reps in each set

Fixed that for you.


afig24 t1_ira7ft7 wrote

Thank you for this. The greatest exercise you could ever do is the one you enjoy the most because that will be the one you will be the most consistent with.


agent_wolfe t1_irc1yb6 wrote

Is walking a brisk pace okay?

I really enjoy walking outside, I don’t enjoy the treadmill because it makes me feel like I should be jogging & injure my knees. I would use a Nordic Track (supportive jogging) but ppl are always using that machine when I get there.


Darkwing_duck42 t1_ircgwag wrote

I'd like to think so, try and walk pretty fast, I don't eat lunch so I go for hour walks at lunch and mannnnn can I hoof it


Least-March7906 t1_ir9vysl wrote

Exactly. As long as you’ve got a routine that works your body, you are good.


PTIowa t1_ir9x61y wrote

Yeah that is the strangest exercise advice I’ve ever heard. In fact it seems more likely to make you undertrain.


BastionNZ t1_irbfwv1 wrote

He has a podcast with a sports trainer (IIRC he works with UFC fighters) who explains 6 sets of 10 reps is the optimum for testosterone production.

I can't remember the exact details or science etc etc, but the 6 set/10 rep thing was discussed specifically and solely around testosterone production - nothing else.


wholesome_cream t1_irazrje wrote

That's undertraining? This shit would exhaust me


PTIowa t1_irb1ogv wrote

Well to me it sounds like you adjust the weight down to MAKE SURE you hit ten reps, not just going to fatigue which is what muscles learn from. It makes it sounds like the number of reps is the critical part


BlackSecurity t1_irbijbf wrote

Yea there's no specific one size fits all exercise routine. Just exercise at whatever fitness level you are at. Challenge yourself but also ensure you get proper rest.