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Faville611 t1_irmwb93 wrote

Maybe I’m too cynical but my mind immediately altered the quote to “no matter how good the situation is, it will change.” Works both ways. Don’t stress yourself (easier to say than do), and don’t get too comfy/happy—you have it good until the next element rolls through and makes decisions out of your control.


neos7m t1_irmwq1s wrote

I agree with you, and it's not being cynical, it's understanding the quote. The situation will change, whether it's good or bad, and it will not necessarily change in the way you want it to. Mine has changed a thousand times in the past few years, but hardly ever in the way I wanted it to, and the way I see it now, it's going to get a lot worse soon.


mmm_burrito t1_irnirxg wrote

I think the way this should read is something like, "Don't worry. Act. Everything changes but you can influence whether that change is positive or negative. Worry on its own changes nothing but your own momentum."


cyan_violet t1_irn4nzu wrote

Sometimes we have to actually make the change ourselves instead of waiting for life to present it to us.