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tmoers123456 t1_irnriom wrote

Therapy Therapy and just when you think you have "IT" all figured out; BAM more therapy is needed.

I have my own theory about how to make a whole new healthier generation but it's one of those theories that would only work if I had magic wand 🪄

1st. Create a "class" in public schools around Jr High that would be basically 2 semesters of group CBT therapy. So that ppl do not enter into adulthood by saying things like "I didn't know that was not a 'normal' way of life" when talking about their childhood. Plus gives kids entering The Teenage Years w some productive tools to handle their feelings, ALL THOSE FEELINGS, instead of creating unhealthy coping mechanisms.

2nd. I think every US citizen when they are old enough to get a drivers permit, they must spend 3 months of a summer living in a 2nd or even 3rd world country. They could have the choice to enter via JROTC or via a communal peace mission like Green Peace or Habitat for Humanity. Which would change the entire landscape of America for generations to come bc it's not just the traveling but the living with while helping a totally different country/culture that opens your mind to a better understanding of "The World" but having spent my Elementry years living in Saudi & my parents taking my sister & me all over places that were not strictly touristy type places but places so different than our own cultures plus places we would probably have not gone to once we were adults. And all of that adds up to TRULY APPRECIATING HOW GOOD WE HAVE IT, where ever we live in the "Western" 1st world places.

Anyway that's my suggestion for helping you stop worrying & how I think ppl could change the generational worrying that plagues most of us in the Western societies.

Peace to you & your✌️