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JoeBobilicious t1_irmi2m3 wrote

I don't stress about things.

Robert Downey Jr had a great quote about worrying.

"Worrying is like praying for something you don't want to happen"


momosauky t1_irmkc07 wrote

29 studying and broke. Please God change soon.


arox1 t1_irmnc43 wrote

Yeah, for the worse


ValyrianJedi t1_irmntu5 wrote

I've seen people turn that one around later in life than that for sure. I've got a coworker who was broke at 31 making less than minimum wage at at Applebees with no friends or family, and at 37 he's making probably literally 15-20x more money and lives in this massive 6,500 sq ft Tudor with his smoking wife and 2 kids with a third on the way. And he didn't even go back to school or anything.


Heisenberg_991 t1_irmosn6 wrote

I'm in a bad place for almost four years and I'm doing my best to change it, my mental health is at its worst, idk how much longer I can take it


Doxsis t1_irmp6o2 wrote

This too shall pass.


DonaldTrumpTinyHands t1_irmqfhl wrote

A less than ideal situation is occurring to me for the last 1 3/4 yrs now. I keep telling myself this to calm myself down. But it's getting worse. I've had so many cups of tea on tranquil balconies already


JerseyCouple t1_irmr429 wrote

"Listen Summer, Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV" - Morty Smith


dte9021989 t1_irmrcg6 wrote

My dad had a slightly different version that he told me when I was growing up and struggling with my mental health.

“No matter how long the road is, there will always be a turn in it”.


CDdead t1_irmtmqf wrote

Say that to my tinnitus and the other things I have that don't have a cure.


mrcrowl t1_irmtr8m wrote

Now I’m stressing about the full stop that should be a comma. Thanks.


caprigold t1_irmtt4x wrote

For the better right??


tino768 t1_irmtzyj wrote

Perfect advice for when your kid sharpies all over the walls.


binary_ghost t1_irmu15u wrote

Not on its own, sometimes it takes work.


neos7m t1_irmv10x wrote

It doesn't really work that way. Yes it will change, but not necessarily for the better, or the way you want it to. I would very much like to reread this comment in a few months and realize I changed my mind, but right now I feel like some situations never get better. All we can do sometimes is hope.


stelewi t1_irmvja4 wrote

unless you're stuck in that Egg thing in White Christmas (Black Mirror episode)


imakha t1_irmw3r6 wrote

Also remember the stoically aligned corollary: No matter how good a situation is, It will also change.


Faville611 t1_irmwb93 wrote

Maybe I’m too cynical but my mind immediately altered the quote to “no matter how good the situation is, it will change.” Works both ways. Don’t stress yourself (easier to say than do), and don’t get too comfy/happy—you have it good until the next element rolls through and makes decisions out of your control.


mars_was_blue_too t1_irmwm1g wrote

No it won’t. Things can easily stay exactly the same for 50 years, we do the same things over and over again that’s what life is.

And when your life does change it’s usually in a bad way.


neos7m t1_irmwq1s wrote

I agree with you, and it's not being cynical, it's understanding the quote. The situation will change, whether it's good or bad, and it will not necessarily change in the way you want it to. Mine has changed a thousand times in the past few years, but hardly ever in the way I wanted it to, and the way I see it now, it's going to get a lot worse soon.


Zapaclownskii t1_irmwuq4 wrote

You have to make the situation change. It won't change until you take the steps to do so. But remember, you have to walk up the small hills before you can climb mountains.


mtpender t1_irmyg7r wrote

I had a brain hemorrhage and almost died, now my memory is shit and i have coordination problems. Trust me, some problems don't go away and wont change.

Bonus points: the Australian government refuses to give me any disability support...

I'm dying out here! I can't keep living below the poverty line. I NEED HELP! PLEASE!


[deleted] t1_irmzwff wrote

Not always. Pain can become a permanent fixture.


mycues1982 t1_irn0ml0 wrote

yep things can always get worse and they usually do


cenamark t1_irn25ts wrote

Fuck this subreddit. This is inane bullshit.


jnjavierus t1_irn28qv wrote

Whoever is reading this hopefully things for you change for the better. Keep on going! 🙂


theenglishsisters t1_irn3yq9 wrote

Change is happening all the time what we find helps is changing the way you perceive and see your life we find the best way is to make lemonade 🍋🍸


SokratisJ t1_irn5nr0 wrote

Not death.. death is final.


cbftw t1_irn7eud wrote

"It will change" is bad advice. You need to make it change for you, otherwise it's going to either stay the same or change in a way that someone else desires.


rickygrimezz t1_irn7yt7 wrote

This is ultimately true. And, in many circumstances, very good advice to follow. But, with all of that, the saying is still in many cases misleading.

Example: your dad gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's dementia. He's 70 and his body is physically in good shape. Yeah, the situation changed. He died. But, I also went through 12 years of Goddamn absolute fucking hell on earth, so, you know...these sayings only go so far.


Galaksee t1_irn8a74 wrote

I'm going on 35 years. shit hasn't fucking changed yet? I still wish I was dead every single day. How long does it take?


RedLanternHarpe t1_irn8h6e wrote

This reminds me of something my grandfather once said “Bad times will pass, they may pass like a F***ing Kidney stone, but they will pass”


[deleted] t1_irn9htr wrote

Mmmm. These packaged quotes can be deceptive, coming across as expressing wisdom when really it’s a vague suggestion and leaves a lot up to the imagination.

This saying seems too broad to actually be helpful as it’s not necessarily applicable broadly. Yes, all things will eventually come to an end. But the phrasing of this brings up nihilistic thoughts for me, not motivated ones. When things get bad enough and for a prolonged period, sometimes the only peace in this thought is that at least it will all come to an end.

I think this saying here leaves too much up to interpretation to be motivational.

Good thought experiment though.


__0_o t1_irnayk9 wrote

Hang in there, practice discipline, & keep your goals at the forefront of your mind. Stay positive, even when it’s difficult. You got this.


BodyofGrist t1_irnb37s wrote

I mean, yeah: you’ll die eventually.


Galaksee t1_irnekuq wrote

Yes. I need a few mill so I can stop having to have a job period. I spend 90% of my life doing shit I hate to barely be able to survive while knowing there's so many thousands of people that have actually turned shit they enjoy doing into a career that makes them millions and it sickens me every day. That, "one moment" for me it's winning the lottery.


Mental-Version2890 t1_irnf45m wrote

Often terrible advice because if you sit back and do nothing, nothing usually happens.


wsdpii t1_irnh93k wrote

For me it always feels like that joke about Russian history:

"And then it got worse"

That's definitely how things go for me. No matter how much I try to improve my life, something out of my control always happens to screw me over and I end up worse than when I started.


Chumbo665 t1_irnhy7w wrote

Death is pretty permanent, unless you have information to the contrary


elpajaroquemamais t1_irni94d wrote

No it won’t. If you have a lifelong incurable disease that won’t change.


mmm_burrito t1_irnirxg wrote

I think the way this should read is something like, "Don't worry. Act. Everything changes but you can influence whether that change is positive or negative. Worry on its own changes nothing but your own momentum."


Mostly_Sane_ t1_irnjfmr wrote

I've got answers for that: puberty, peak life, mid-age, seniority. Not saying they're good answers, but... your body will change, and new ailments will supplant the old. Also, if you live long enough, you can look forward to being senile, and then you won't (know to) GAF! 🙃


Sigg3net t1_irnjoba wrote

I'm stressed out about the cup on the ledge.


Doktor_Vem t1_irnkbqr wrote

The only thing that's permanent in life is impermanence


FanHassock t1_irnl5cj wrote

And when it does, it will likely be for the worse. So enjoy today, you'll think back on it fondly in times to come.


GandalfSwagOff t1_irnl7h9 wrote

Dangerous quote. Things only change if you're lucky or you make it happen yourself. Things also don't always change for the better.

Quotes like this freak me out that someone who is having fixable problems will see this and not feel the need to fix their problems because "it will change."


misfitx t1_irnmer7 wrote

What nonsense. So many things will never change.


highwaycat t1_irnmfee wrote

This reminds me of a song called "White woman's Instagram" from Bo Burnham


foodiefuk t1_irnncv6 wrote

Don’t stress bro, the climate is always changing. /s


GregoleX2 t1_irnne0e wrote

I don’t want to be a downer but….. you know what, nevermind, I don’t want to be a downer.


Irrumato_interrupto t1_irnnjyi wrote

True. I might die tomorrow rendering everything even more pointless than it already is.


bemoreal t1_irnnp3g wrote

This too shall pass.


FrostedBooty t1_irnqt30 wrote

Maybe I'm too cynical, but I'm currently in a good period with my job/life, and I can't help but linger on it won't last forever :')


mcboogerballs1980 t1_irnraeb wrote

Exactly. Eventually you will drop dead and you won't have to worry about anything anymore.


tmoers123456 t1_irnriom wrote

Therapy Therapy and just when you think you have "IT" all figured out; BAM more therapy is needed.

I have my own theory about how to make a whole new healthier generation but it's one of those theories that would only work if I had magic wand 🪄

1st. Create a "class" in public schools around Jr High that would be basically 2 semesters of group CBT therapy. So that ppl do not enter into adulthood by saying things like "I didn't know that was not a 'normal' way of life" when talking about their childhood. Plus gives kids entering The Teenage Years w some productive tools to handle their feelings, ALL THOSE FEELINGS, instead of creating unhealthy coping mechanisms.

2nd. I think every US citizen when they are old enough to get a drivers permit, they must spend 3 months of a summer living in a 2nd or even 3rd world country. They could have the choice to enter via JROTC or via a communal peace mission like Green Peace or Habitat for Humanity. Which would change the entire landscape of America for generations to come bc it's not just the traveling but the living with while helping a totally different country/culture that opens your mind to a better understanding of "The World" but having spent my Elementry years living in Saudi & my parents taking my sister & me all over places that were not strictly touristy type places but places so different than our own cultures plus places we would probably have not gone to once we were adults. And all of that adds up to TRULY APPRECIATING HOW GOOD WE HAVE IT, where ever we live in the "Western" 1st world places.

Anyway that's my suggestion for helping you stop worrying & how I think ppl could change the generational worrying that plagues most of us in the Western societies.

Peace to you & your✌️


Breros t1_irnt1fv wrote

First take good care of your physical health. Your brain is part of your body. Eat healthy, drink enough water, sleep enough to recover from stress and tend to the fitness of your body and mind.

Take care of yourself!

Loving yourself and putting energy into yourself are part of recovery from mental health problems. Guard your boundaries (physical, mental and emotional) so you don't get stressed and tend to your needs (see Maslows Pyramid of Needs).


AltamiroMi t1_irnt6z3 wrote

Death, death is permanent.


mltain t1_irnu2fd wrote

But not always for the good.


Spiritual_Shopping_4 t1_irnvsmy wrote

Sometimes I think a lot of our stress is related to what is acceptable and what is the general expectation of society. God forbid we deviate from the norm, our mind automatically turns to comparisons and eventually what are “people“ going to think.


JesusStarbox t1_irnyb3n wrote

Sometimes the situation gets worse.


xenobiotixx t1_iro1ho8 wrote

Nor how “good” the situation is. It just IS.


vikedvik t1_iro1y4z wrote

I used to say to myself - “what’s the worst that could happen”

When the worst that could happen caused stress I say to myself - “nothing is permanent, no state is”

State of happiness has since become bittersweet. State of unhappiness has since become a bit easier to bear. Logic tells me that there might be certain states that are permanent, but also that the probability of such is small, and I find comfort in that.


nearest_exit_please t1_iro28q5 wrote

I hate my job and this career choice I made. I hate where I live and I don't know how I can get out of it. I hate being sober. Maybe it's all true, maybe I'm in a bad mood and being judgment and harsh towards myself and my already privileged life. I hope to step back and just appreciate that my attitude can absolutely change the quickest of all of these things.


PapaEmiritus t1_iro4k92 wrote

Tell thag to my wife who is my biggest stress induced for making me feel like I wanna die for doing all the smallest mistakes


starfyredragon t1_iro516f wrote

The existence of black holes has me concerned.


beenbannedbeforelol t1_iro62xz wrote

Instructions unclear now I’ve been stuck in a wheelchair for 3 years. When are my legs going to start working again?


grizzlychin t1_iro6po4 wrote

There’s a “five why’s” framework that Toyota originally developed to diagnose failures. Basically keep asking “why” over and over to get to the root cause.

This applies to a bunch of other situations. I’m worried about flunking out. Why? Because then I won’t get a good job. Why does that worry you? Because then I won’t be able to earn enough money. Etc. Eventually you’ll probably find that “you don’t want to end up like deadbeat Ernie” (in this example) which can be quite helpful in reassuring yourself that it’s not going to happen.

I use this all the time and it helps me. YMMV.


Bumhole_Astronaut t1_iro8cd7 wrote

Of course, you are not permanent, either.

The situation may well outlast you.


kontrarianin t1_iro8sw5 wrote

Just remember.. not always for the better.


daisy0723 t1_iro98lc wrote

Doesn't mean it will change for the better. It might just get a whole lot worse.


Narradisall t1_iro9csx wrote

Just remember, it can always get worse.


Zealousideal-Park-20 t1_irob5ev wrote

this gives me so much hope to live. Life has been pretty unfair lately but the hope that it will change sooner or later keeps me going. Nothing is permanent also means we should learn to be flexible with life but sometimes being complacent for too long makes you forget being uncomfortable isn't actually a bad thing.


BlandingBlakah t1_irobtdw wrote

The inverse is true, too. Go ahead and stress.


zylonenoger t1_iroc6ir wrote

don‘t stress yourself, it will get worse..


rougecrayon t1_irocc4j wrote

Incurable cancer begs to differ.


yogurtgrapes t1_iroi9na wrote

It will change. But not always for the better lol


TheOther1 t1_iroj7p7 wrote

And it can ALWAYS be worse!


IggyDrake64 t1_iroke8p wrote

Yeah, it'll change, but it tends to ether just be more of the same, or it gets worse.


nemoskullalt t1_irokpye wrote

i love how this implies that changes is for the better when change can always make things worse. and nothing is permanent, like youth, health and opportunities.


mcsmith1003 t1_irolzlr wrote

Tell that to the crazy cost of living that doesn't appear to have an end in sight


Lostcory t1_iromnmd wrote

Awful advice. There’s a lot of bad shit that’s permanent. Like most forms of bodily injury.


LReese-Koala t1_iron02n wrote

exactly what i needed to hear 🙏 thanks


HeyRiks t1_iropfge wrote

Or "how good", in fact. This could easily be a nihilistic message lol


pat_speed t1_irou3gq wrote

Problem with this is that it proclaims change itself is good but no, change is neutral, it can be good or bad.

Also saying nothing is permanent can be terryfing, that idea all your work means nothing can put real fear into yourself


The_Maker18 t1_irou7ym wrote

Sorry but I need to stand up and be an actor of change not a someone who hopes and waits passively for change


bakinpants t1_irow7db wrote

Your dead parents, terminal diagnosis, rape, PTSD, burn scars, herpes. Just a few of the things that are permanent. Get this garbage in check mods


Naked_Sloth t1_irowphi wrote

Then there's no point in ever doing anything.


BowlerAny761 t1_irowrxm wrote

Yesterday I read a story about a guy who had his legs amputated at the waist and lost an arm due to a negligent boss.

This made me think of that dude


Ultravoltron t1_irox9d3 wrote

This also applies to good things...


backand_forth t1_irozbgx wrote

Thank you, I really needed to read this


NoTackle7139 t1_irp3c9o wrote

Genuinely this is the least intelligent reddit comment I have ever read. You are of subhuman intelligence

Your goblin posture isn't comparable to a brain hemorrhage and you are so stupid

"Stop playing victim"

I really hope this is a copypasta and you're not actually this lacking mentally


goatjugsoup t1_irp5wss wrote

Pretty sure death is permanent


Daxmar29 t1_irp7ezm wrote

I always tell myself “it could be worse, I could be on fire”.


rafael-a t1_irpa53x wrote

The problem is if it changes after you died, or if it changes for the worse


GeeISuppose t1_irpc6ef wrote

"Nothing is permanent. Don't enjoy yourself too much because no matter how good the situation is, it will change."

Sounds kind of ridiculous huh?


slopcrusher t1_irpiou0 wrote

You really need to practice mindful meditation in my opinion to stop worrying. You need to be able to acknowledge that a thought you’re having is irrational or a worrying thought. It takes a lot of practice.


peglegpowderskier t1_irprjtc wrote

I’m not a fan of quotes like this because some things are permanent. I lost my leg 6 years ago, that is a permanent situation as it will never grow back. I get the sentiment of the quote but the reality is there are absolutes in life and part of dealing with absolutes is having the wisdom to understand when things are permanent and finding ways to deal with them. The second I lost my leg that was permanent, not coming to grips with situations like this will drive a person mad. Once you come to grips with the things that are permanent it will then allow you to figure out how to deal with that situation so you can move forward versus hoping it will go back to the way things were.


yadibear t1_irpu20g wrote

After years of heart ache and tough times, the last 18 months are a dream come true. I'm scared to death cause I know the good times don't last either.


tHeiR1sH t1_irpvnuv wrote

Unless your network is down and the users are waiting.


FIESTYgummyBEAR t1_irpxinn wrote

Wow even Australia? Why does everyone keep making it seem like these problems are unique to Americans only. Even though I feel like you’d get disability for that even in USA.


5t3v3nk3 t1_irq5fsj wrote

It will be worse.


FckSuccess t1_irq7pcl wrote

Absolutely. In the long-term we will be gone, and 'THIS' won't matter anymore!


karmasexecutor t1_irq98vg wrote

It might pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.. I promise!!

I had 5 years that were awful and after each one I said, "it's only up from here".. it never was 4 times over..

But then things got better when I least expected it to.. now I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. It will get better.. I promise

Love and prayers to you friend!


grafknives t1_irqa8ug wrote

And no mater how good the situation is. It will change.


Same-Second2316 t1_irqmol6 wrote

Sounds like a Spanish saying that more or less can be translated as "no bad thing can last for 100 years, and no body that can take it for that long" ("no hay mal que dure 100 años, ni cuerpo que lo resista")


MikeSawy3r t1_irqms00 wrote

But that also goes for the good things


redditfromnowhere t1_irqtfib wrote

But stress comes from the change possibly becoming worse


Drink15 t1_irqwj0j wrote

Yeah, this advice isn’t for everyone but it sounds good!


Phil0sophy101 t1_irr0lvv wrote

And no matter how good a situation it will revert to shit sooner or later


thenewsshowsdogs t1_irr16sj wrote

I am so tired of this. I just want to be normal again.


[deleted] t1_is8x35w wrote

Yeah I'm sure getting my legs cut off then reading this post will jumpstart my leg regrowth.