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enduring_student t1_ispbyom wrote

I think this is great basic advice for people who struggle completing complicated tasks (like large lists). I'm going to try and take this advice, I've got a lot of stuff to do in the next week or so and I need to get. Things. Done.

Thank you for the gentle shove in a good direction.


MaiGaia OP t1_ispjpwd wrote

It's the most basic advice that I often overlook! I'm an overcomplicator lmao so it's this kind of stuff that I pick up on and feel like I stumbled onto gold!

I'm glad it's proving helpful!


NeroFMX t1_isrdqnx wrote

I just can never get started, that's my problem currently.


MuletTheGreat t1_isrib0a wrote

How did you go getting started?

Could you post the first line of text from your task in response to me?


SafeHayven t1_isq3a4n wrote

This is so true. I haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD but kind of suspect I have it. The only way I can get work done is by making a list and just slowly pushing through it.


StrionicRandom t1_isqqqly wrote

Can you elaborate on your methods? I have ADHD and would like to try this, but it's rather vague.


MaiGaia OP t1_isrvna0 wrote

Yeah totally

  1. Break down every day into a task list
  2. Break down each task into the smallest pieces possible and put it into a checklist
  3. After setting a timer, usually 30-60 mins, I try to get as much done as possible
  4. After the timer goes off, break time! Stretch, snack, work out, play games - whatever.

Being able to just stop and do something else really helps. It's a super slow process and only so much gets done each day, but I get all my projects done on time because of it. I'm more productive in that focused 30 minutes than I am in a distracted 4 hours.


acfox13 t1_isqrcn0 wrote

"Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast." I try to break things down into really tiny bits. That way I can make small progress towards my goals without getting overwhelmed by how much there's left to do. I take them on one bit at a time. And I often have to pause to re-regulate my nervous system bc I notice it start to activate. Practicing yoga has helped a lot. Somatic body-based activities help me discharge body tension that builds up and reduces my window of tolerance. Yoga helps me expand it a bit. I have to do those things as preventative maintenance.


nil0bject t1_isr09ua wrote

I got to the first word of the second line and my mind fuzzed over. You sure you have adhd? How did you read it all?


MaiGaia OP t1_isrvbuh wrote

By writing it over the course of a very distracted 30 mins 😭😭😭


OutrageousRhubarb853 t1_isr2081 wrote


MaiGaia OP t1_istw6c6 wrote

Whoa I didn't realize there was a name for this! This is LITERALLY how I break things up in my day and it's completely changed my life. My Pomodoro chunks are a little longer usually, 30-60 minutes, but if it's something I REALLY don't want to do, I'll break it down into 10 minute intervals and it's been an absolute miracle for sure.

Thank you for this! I can finally put a name to it.


erichw23 t1_isr2qze wrote

I set timers and smash shit out for like 20 minutes then refocus or im fooked. It should be known that making a list and going through isn't typical ADHD behavior. You don't follow through list because your brain won't let you, even if you want to, brain is far to impulsive and distracted. If you can manage a list easily more than likely you do not actually have it. List are good for remembering when you have ADHD but not great for actual productivity . If you are on decent meds it can be a diff story, and I have been on alot of diff ones since the mid 90s. Easiest ways to ween out someone who thinks they have ADHD in the modern world where everyone thinks they have it is find out there job. If they do the same motion 8 hours a day IE production line or typical office jobs and even the post office to a degree(worked there) they absolutely do not have adhd. Jobs where you bounce around diff things and areas are amazing for ADHD it's free a dose of dopamine everytime you do a new and different task.


LivingtoSurvive t1_isqb5w6 wrote

You mean to say I've been doing it wrong with my wrecking ball energy this whole time!?!?


moxeto t1_iss2wla wrote

Also try the Pomodoro technique. I break all my tasks down to 20min. I do what I can during that time and don’t beat myself up if I don’t complete it. I allocate another 20 min slot to finishing it or progressing it.


GregorSamsaa t1_issi4jr wrote

So now i have to add organizing myself and prioritizing the tasks before I can even start? AND I have to add breaks and ways to treat myself?!

Overwhelmed, going back to bed instead.


MaiGaia OP t1_istvthl wrote

Yeah it was a struggle. Took me months to finally get it going in a way that was routine. Having other people around to help you, remind you and support you is what makes a huge difference.

I finished three whole writing projects last month though, something I didn't think I was capable of doing at all, by organizing and breaking everything down. It was definitely worth it.


CoughingCorona t1_isrhhh9 wrote

As my mum says " inch by inch makes it a cinch, yard by yard makes it hard "