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ashgallows t1_itelcye wrote

Step one. Get people who live radically different lives to agree on what "better" is.

Step two. get them to agree on how to make it better.


fvccboi_avgvstvs t1_ithyttc wrote

There is an objective and empirical truth as to what better is, based off science and the universe's design


ashgallows t1_iti0lg1 wrote

what's better for one is not necessarily better for another.

if you need further proof, give a bunch of strangers the stereo aux cord in your car. obvious the correct answer is Pantera, but others disagree.


fvccboi_avgvstvs t1_itiya1b wrote

Music is disagreeable because it is a human creation. It's a subjective thing, and cultural. A bunch of punk rockers may not like the newest pop hit, and obviously that's fine, and honestly dank in my opinion.

The fundamental laws of reality are objective. Think waste: is there any situation where waste is a good thing? Or water: is there any living thing that doesn't need water? We have objective goals as an animal we need to pursue + maximize, and that is beyond culture or country.