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straight-lampin OP t1_itenioq wrote

I refuse to believe that all the hate vitriol coming from people's mouths is best effort to be kind. Or any effort at all really.


Dendad6972 t1_itepwfq wrote

Their thinking is it's better at least for them.


longleggedbirds t1_itfdaf9 wrote

Some people in good faith believe that the world is corrupt and resources can only be spread so far. Blah blah blah tragedy of the commons. And if not that then they know how to exploit systems and Nader stand other people all do it too, so why penalize yourself.
Getting into it with either attitude/philosophy hasn’t Changed anyone’s mind because they believe in getting theirs and personal good. And I want to at least humor collective good, but collectives are hard to draw together over time. At least it does inform you of who to protect yourself from.

P.s. being generous with kindness is an amazing gift to have. Feed that instinct!


subzero112001 t1_itfn9iz wrote

People ARE trying to make things better. Better for themselves mostly.