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BalooDaBear t1_ittao9i wrote

I mean, overall I like school, I do well, and I definitely want the degree...but omggg is it not good for my mental health sometimes (especially since I struggle with ADHD and anxiety) 😅

In life, a lot of the best things for you will have periods where they really push on your mental health, that doesn't mean they aren't worth it or you should drop them.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_ittgpwp wrote

There’s a term for positive stress: eustress. Examples are doing puzzles in your free time, or earning a degree. It’s like exercise for your mind.


BalooDaBear t1_ittmmi1 wrote

Oh yeah, I've experienced that too. A lot of the stress from getting this degree is noooot positive though, it makes me extremely anxious and fucking hate myself sometimes.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_ittnlc9 wrote

Oh I absolutely agree that degrees can fuck you up mentally, and even physically. I’m a chemist. I’m also 3 years into an ulcerative colitis flareup that started because of the (di)stress from organic chem class back in sophomore year. The senior classes made things far worse. I was constantly swimming in homework, trying to meet deadlines, and giving up sleep and any semblance of a social life. I had a near-perfect GPA, and I was downright miserable. Luckily my first job out of college has been extremely low-stress, and it’s magnitudes easier than college.

Hang in there, chief, I know it’s not easy. Please, for the sake of your own well-being, make time to hang out with friends and/or family, even if you have to let your grades slip a little. Perfect grades aren’t worth it. Whatever field you’re shooting for, it’ll get you much farther to know someone on the inside who can recommend you to the boss. Good luck with your degree!


Woodbean t1_ittipdg wrote

I support higher ed - I have a master’s degree myself - but academia’s not for everyone and vocational education is an equally worthwhile pursuit.