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ihitrockswithammers t1_itv08sr wrote

I started making sculptures in my early 20s. I'm now in my early 40s and pretty good at it.

The whole time, I was avoiding human contact cause I was really bad at making friends, let alone relationships. Now, at 41, I really understand the principle that you might as well start now even if you're bad and you know it's gonna take a long time. You're gonna be older anyway, and sooner than you think. Might as well use the time to build the foundations for a better future.

My stonecarving and clay modelling skills are the envy of some of my colleagues, but my social skills are so poor that I've been single for the whole of the last 20 years, and likely to stay that way. There's some kudos to being a gifted artist but if you're no fun to be around people will admire you from a distance and no more. Or seethe with envy, that also happens.

A bit of searching will tell you what you really should be focusing on.

Do that.


screenlicker t1_itvc1kh wrote

dear friend,

i began to establish a good social life at age 40. there is hope for you yet.

best of luck.

p.s. feel free to dm me


JediWebSurf t1_itwto7j wrote

Dear u/screenlicker,

I imagine you licking my screen from the other side while I'm typing this. I don't know if I want to imagine what else that tongue do. But I'm glad you have a good social life now.




Smarterthanlastweek t1_itv9vba wrote

> A bit of searching will tell you what you really should be focusing on. > > Do that.

People never do that.

For anyone interested:


ihitrockswithammers t1_itveqxk wrote

Interesting article, thanks.

Some do. It just takes many of us longer than we'd like. I careened down the path of making art because it was so productive, while the rest of my life collapsed around me. But eventually I started acknowledging the flashing warning lights and hit the brakes.


Smarterthanlastweek t1_itvzrgv wrote

> Some do. It just takes many of us longer than we'd like.

yeah, granted. Letting young people know earlier in life I hope helps them stay on a smart path.

So much stuff that would make your life better from the start is common knowledge if we'd just listen, but now we're getting scientific evidence of it.


ihitrockswithammers t1_itw1kyf wrote

I wish someone had been able to get through to me when I was young, but no-one did. But the more people you try to get through to, the more you put the right information out there the better the chance you will reach someone who needs it.


Smarterthanlastweek t1_itw23f0 wrote

Exactly. Everything else gets spread around by social media, why not helpful information? Though as I said, almost no one will listen because we're normalizing bad and self-destructive behavior these days so why change?


weaslewig t1_itw744j wrote

Really interesting. I'm at a point where I've been doing similar self reflecting and it's very scary to acknowledge the time that has passed without clear direction. But I also recognise I'm doing better than those who make it to retirement and then suddenly find themselves lost.

Going to take time to find the things I want to focus on, find the right balance, and better relationships and friendships is a huge part of that. I'm much more mindful of how I spend my time on earth.


Smarterthanlastweek t1_itwnfli wrote

> I'm at a point where I've been doing similar self reflecting and it's very scary to acknowledge the time that has passed without clear direction.

A big part of that now is because we have to make decisions. For most of the 2 million years of human existence we evolved to live in, there wasn't much in the way of choices so you couldn't really make a wrong one.

>But I also recognise I'm doing better than those who make it to retirement and then suddenly find themselves lost.

A lot of your satisfaction in life will come from who you compare your life to: Compare yourself with someone who's doing much better (easy to do because those people are splashed all over social media, plus everyone else grooms their social personia to be as positive as possible, regardless of reality) and you'll feel deficient and bad about yourself, compare yourself to someone who's done worse / had it harder and you'll be more grateful for what you have, and feeling grateful they say is important to life satisfaction. People find themselves lost in retirement because they let their jobs be their purpose. Have more than that. That said, by the time you reach retirement, your productive years are mostly over, so there's not a lot left you can do. If you want to do something meaningful it's better to do it earlier.

>and better relationships and friendships is a huge part of that. I'm much more mindful of how I spend my time on earth.

This is all evolutionary as I said before. We're very sensitive to having friends because it was crucial to be part of a group to survive on the prehistoric African sauvana. A long human was soon a dead human. And we bond with our children because we're such an altricial species, our young take so long to mature, we'd get fed up with all the work and abandon them if we we didn't, so we evolved to take satisfaction from it to keep doing it, and all forms of life's purpose is ultimately to pass on their genes. That's why so many people who don't have kids turn their pets into "furbabies" to have something to nurture.


a_mulher t1_ityedp9 wrote

It’s ok to start socializing now. I don’t want to discount peoples’ very real social anxieties but talking and connecting to people is a skill some are naturally good at and others have to work at it. If it’s important to you, it’s worth a try.


ihitrockswithammers t1_ityizli wrote

I was all ready to start, then covid arrived! So this year I've been trying to make up for lost time. I took my sculpture to the stage, ok a small one but it was fun. Met a lot of people. I'm still bad at it, but I'm trying for sure.


Foxsayy t1_ityhl83 wrote

>My stonecarving and clay modelling skills are the envy of some of my colleagues, but my social skills are so poor that I've been single for the whole of the last 20 years, and likely to stay that way.

Hey! Hey! You were doing so good! Get your ass out there and get social!!


ayaPapaya t1_ityp6m3 wrote

There’s a creation (art, painting, coding, etc) meetup where I’m at. There are also regular figure drawing meetups. Perhaps you can look for experiences at the intersection of what you’re good at and what you wanna get good at (eg art and human connection).


ihitrockswithammers t1_itypwlr wrote

Thanks for the suggestion! I've been going to various queer meetups cause I feel like that's an aspect of my identity I can connect with people on.

I went really deep into my creative work and find it hard to connect with others on that now, even people I've worked with for many years. It's kind of alienating. It turned into this whole journey of self discovery so if I start talking about it in any depth I get really intense and manage to kill conversations stone dead :/


ayaPapaya t1_iu0isj1 wrote

Haha i get that. There are others like you (those who go deeeep and are super passionate about their craft). But it’s also good to try new things. Best of luck and if you ever want to talk, feel free to DM me :)


erwaro t1_itunj1a wrote

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is right now.


cj2211 t1_ituyqmp wrote

Wouldn't the second best time be 30 years ago? /s


Snip3 t1_itv1fo4 wrote

That's actually the 0th best time


Mike t1_itvtcuw wrote

The second best time was really like 19 years and 364 days ago and so on… but without a Time Machine the best time right now is now.

I never really liked that idiom. I like this image though. Should’ve done it a long time ago, but fuck if I’m not focusing on that and I’m doing it now.


81octane t1_itv2gv5 wrote

You have two (2) choices:

  1. The pain of Discipline
  2. The pain of Regret

Choose wisely.


phayke2 t1_itva2ry wrote

Also antidepressants help you be able to choose in the first place. So try taking them if you think you may just be an undisciplined loser.


BThriillzz t1_itvzrq2 wrote

Wait, really?

Edit- that may come off snarky but I'm being honest. I didn't think that's something antidepressants affected quite honestly.

My healthcare kicks in after Halloween. I'm tired of being an undisciplined loser.


phayke2 t1_itw2z7x wrote

I mean a week after Wellbutrin kicking in and waking up with a start each morning I can understand how people manage to go to the gym or support themselves working two jobs or even have a routine or sustain hobbies. Like all the motivational quotes start to apply more when you have 2x the amount of baseline energy to start out with each day.

Edit: To add on to what I was saying in a more helpful way, in addition to added energy it helps with fixing your pre frontal cortex that is responsible for your motivation levels and how much everything feels like daunting bullshit. So all that 'motivation comes from within' stuff starts coming from within more.


invaderpixel t1_itz0xz5 wrote

Yeah Wellbutrin is even used off label for ADHD sometimes but getting out of that deep out of despair really helps you do other things… took me from a high school depression 2.0 gpa where I couldn’t get myself to try in classes I could handle to 3.7 gpa. Obviously still graduated with a shitty gpa but helped me build a foundation of study skills so I didn’t completely waste my student loan debt on college haha. Definitely recommend looking into it for anyone on the fence or struggling with insane stimulant regulations


BThriillzz t1_itx1jpi wrote

Yeah. I've been thinking about one of those sun lamps. I may see if that may help


kmm91 t1_ity7wx4 wrote

Not OP, but here to say; yes, 100%. If you think you even might suffer from mental illness, you should talk to a professional.

I felt lazy, stupid, and worthless my whole life. In my mid twenties, I finally talked to someone. Now, I’m 31 and a junior in art school. I almost didn’t graduate high school, but I’m here making my dreams a reality now.

I’m not saying it’s the easiest road, but I’d never choose anything else. I had to go through multiple medications, multiple doctors, and, even, multiple diagnoses (anxiety> depression> ADHD), but I feel more like a person than I ever did before.

And even if you just get therapy, you’d be amazed how much it can help. The combination of both is why I was able to get here. My only regret is not doing this sooner, but regret is so pointless, so, I’m just happy to be at this point of my life finally.

You can do it. Don’t give up. Remember, the years will pass regardless of what you do… might as well try to create the life you want.


Hankflax t1_itxqwsf wrote

I always hear how great anti-depressants work for people but that just ends up making me more depressed lol


phayke2 t1_itxtdh1 wrote

Make sure you have a therapist or case manager or somebody to help guide you cause having a lot of new energy all at once can be intense too. And it is easy to ruminate and think a lot going down weird trains of thought so I'd say it helps a lot finding someone who can help you add to your life and help you bring order to the mess one step at a time. Really anyone to just help you track your feelings and anchor you is a huge help.


Hankflax t1_itxtvbc wrote

Thanks I appreciate it! I’ve been trying to save money for a therapist but it’s a struggle to work enough to make enough. Plus it’s always so tempting to buy useless shit to feel better temporarily lol but soon I hope since I’m running out of time


f0oSh t1_ityjl2p wrote

It is possible to have both. :P


themothhead t1_itv3gp8 wrote

As somebody who lost almost a decade of productivity to depression, picked up a pen again during lockdown and has since started making money from my illustration, this hit hard. You can do it, it's not too late.


Kantro18 t1_itvzovv wrote

Had a passion for art as a kid. Went to college for digital media and animation because I wanted to make video games, switched majors halfway through to learn computer programming and IT fundamentals because I figured I’m smart enough to do that kind of work and that it’d provide (mostly) more stable employment for (not often enough) decent money.

10 years later I’ve only just started diving back into art. Should have never put it to the side for this long.


TeamTuck t1_itzait3 wrote

Thank you for this. I bought an iPad Pro years ago, hoping to learn how to draw and I did it for a while, but quit a few months later. My son asked me to draw with him a month ago and it’s helped me to draw again.

I’m also about to purchase a guitar to learn! I’ve been wanting to do this for over a decade and have thrown all kinds of excuses at it. Wish me luck!


themothhead t1_itzmkbs wrote

You don't need luck, you've got this! One thing that I've learned that I found invaluable, is that there's no such thing as motivation, only discipline. Be disciplined with yourself, force yourself into good habits, and after a while it will feel weird if you don't do them! Whatever you do, do not wait to feel motivated to do something!


bounty_hunter12 t1_itumpp3 wrote

Printed and stuck to my home office whiteboard.


thaddeus423 t1_itv8xop wrote

I have always loved this one. I could probably do with a daily reminder, myself.


Kalgaidin t1_itvbnpk wrote

This works for so many aspects of life

I’m 45. Just got braces two days ago.

My rather negligent parents never took me to the dentist unless I was in pain from a cavity. And when I got older I couldn’t be bothered / afford it. So now for the next 18 months I’m living like I’m a teen.

Last year I started watching my diet and going for a 2 mile walk everyday. This summer I built a home gym and started strength training 3 times a week. Even at my age the changes have been so quick. I feel like I look younger than I did in my late 30s

And yes It hurts. It sucks. But you’re going to hurt one way or another. Might as well be sore because you’re improving yourself, instead being in pain because you’re falling apart


MrsNyx t1_itwdv0v wrote

Thank you for this. It's so true, and also helps to motivate me to get started on regular exercise. I'm 38 and can feel my body starting to ache here and there due to sedative lifestyle.


Kalgaidin t1_itwq0v0 wrote

You’re more than welcome! I’m glad I could help. All the best on getting started.

My unsolicited advice is to start low and slow. For example maybe just a 10 minute walk 3 days a week. If you can maintain that for a month, you basically have a new habit that you can build upon. And if life gets in the way, that’s fine it happens. Just pick it back up when you can


carolyn_mae t1_ity4zv4 wrote

I was thinking the same thing! I tried snowboarding for the first time at 34 when I moved to Colorado for a job. Before that I didn’t have the time, money, resources, or access to do it. Was it painful? Yes. Was getting passed on the bunny slopes by 5 year olds pleasant? No. Three years later am I glad I stuck with it? Hell fucking yes.


Strong-Formal-7739 t1_itupvql wrote

As a creator I have done this, it's better now then never.


lashapel t1_itw9aiw wrote

Creator in what sense if you don't mind asking


Strong-Formal-7739 t1_itwa4pz wrote

Don't mind at all, I do independent animation films and pitch ideas once in a while. I'm not going to go through what I've accomplished, (lot more failures) , but if you fail you never tried.


lashapel t1_itzw06y wrote

Damn that does sound a very interesting profession , wish you the best


Strong-Formal-7739 t1_itzwk7v wrote

Thank you and it's my side hussel, got to eat so I also drive a truck or a living.


gototen t1_itv1bza wrote

This speaks to me. Old guy here...picking up my first motorcycle today after completing the safety course.


king_booker t1_itvsust wrote

Aye i learnt driving two years back at 35. Now i can drive lol. Then i picked up the guitar two years back too. It was a struggle but now i can play tunes. Picked up birding, now i can indentify a lot more species. I am so glad i put that time in. Just start.


Ash_Divine t1_ituvcau wrote

Me when people ask me why I didn't start losing weight 10 years ago. It's a mystery to me and I don't know why I didn't try to improve my health back then but I have done it now and I guess that will have to suffice. I can't turn back the clock.


California_4ever t1_itvqw2f wrote

At the age of 36 and 6 years after receiving my bachelors degree, I have applied to grad school!

It’s never too late.


RedEagle8096 t1_itv55ek wrote

I'm doing that with learning guitar, just started yesterday.


Naive_Resolution5340 t1_itxrjf3 wrote

Started the drums just last month. I hope you have as much fun with your guitar as I'm having with the drums 🤘


TeamTuck t1_itzaljf wrote

I’m buying my first guitar here soon! Good luck!


Fritzo2162 t1_itv6ojg wrote

I'm a guitarist and get into this trap a lot. I'll get so busy I won't pick up my guitar for 4 months and feel guilty as hell. Then I'll force myself to do something I actually enjoy, start learning something new, then beat myself up when I get into it by thinking "I wasted so much time I could have used this knowledge years ago." It makes me depressed and I think I'm associating that with my music playing. That negative reinforcement creates a loop.

I need to start getting this "I'm doing it now instead of never" mindset going.


RebelVirgo t1_itvbvdq wrote

At 47 starting my businesses. That’s what I said.


AvailableMeet6986 t1_itvqkd2 wrote

No regret, the best time for you to start the thing you did that makes you complete, is always the time you picked to start it. To ponder about any other time is foolish.


[deleted] t1_itvs2hu wrote



enduring_student t1_itwlvk8 wrote

I really like that idea, that it feels more impactful. All three are good ideas, basically the same idea, but I agree that the first phrase feels like it lands better. Maybe because it give a concrete example and context.


Svedish_Nerd t1_itvkrhi wrote

You are never to old to start something new. Both my mom and grandma studied in school when they were 50+ years.


Biggestnerdhere t1_itvlwng wrote

I feel this way about college. I’m 36 and I only take one class at a time, but I’m doing it.


wagnole1 t1_itx6jp8 wrote

This one speaks to me. Just started playing violin this past Saturday, something I’ve wanted to do since middle school. I’m 30 and having so much fun learning it.


diseased-penis t1_itvbghy wrote

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.


Sigma_F0x t1_itvk4tv wrote

I gave up drawing as a teenager just when I felt I was getting good. 15 years later and I feel that I want to start again. I just don't know where to start and how to find the time.


[deleted] t1_itw4wnm wrote

Buy a notepad and just do little doodles throughout the day. If you still have the passion, you'll find yourself looking to improve and you can use the likes of YouTube to learn specific drawing techniques.


Sigma_F0x t1_itwbcdx wrote

Thanks! Now that I think about it that's how I got started as a kid. Started drawing for fun and over time learned how to work on my flaws but before I was able to move to the next skill level I gave up due to typical teenage apathy lol. I can start over and now have Youtube as a resource to help me too. By Nov 1st I will have a notepad and have a minimum requirement to do at least 1 doodle a day.


Fuckoffassholes t1_itvq744 wrote

The greatest accomplishment is simply to do better than before.

No matter how long you've been screwing up, it's never too late to start getting it right.


sirscrote t1_itvug62 wrote

I'm 35 and I'm doing a lecture for the first time wanted to teach forever


willbeach8890 t1_itupwjo wrote

Cut out the "NOT". It's implied without it


TransformN2P t1_itv31nb wrote

I'm in my mid 20s and have begun doing something like this with extreme passion. I wish I had found this sooner and this meme is so relatable lol.


sidharthv1 t1_itv8ipi wrote

The best time to start a work was 10 years ago, the next best time to start a work is now


Dannnnv t1_itvlqj2 wrote

A lot of these tips are meant to be for people picking up something in the arts, or health.

The real benefit that often gets overshadowed by the end goal, IMO, is that the process is where the value comes from.

The real value is the habits formed by creating art or improving health. That's so much more valuable than a nice picture on your wall or playing a song that sounds like the real song.


LeWinders t1_itvsxif wrote

Thank you. I never reminders about this constantly.


roberz82 t1_itvu5dk wrote

This made me feel good. I'm 40, neglected things I enjoy and or wanted to do/learn for a long time. Got a decent job and got comfortable doing work and going home. I started getting anxiety real I started teaching myself to draw, do pixel art, play more games, read more, juggle, bought a tech deck on a whim and learned to Ollie, throw an axe, crack a whip, new cooking techniques, got in shape, started a small garden which led to composting...the list goes on. If I want to do something I have learned to just start, after that it becomes what's next, not oh man I should really do this. Somewhere, anywhere just start. Starting is the most daunting part.


heavy_deez t1_itvvacp wrote

Confucius, if I'm not mistaken? "When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. What is the second best? Today." (or something to that effect)


Random-Rambling t1_itw0tuy wrote

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago.

The second-best time is today.


Mattaias1 t1_itw76sw wrote

This. The best time to start is 10 years ago. The second best time to start is right now.


Jackal000 t1_itw89vd wrote

Thanks I needed this. As I spent the last decade in social isolation. This year at age 30 I started another study. Film production. I am the oldest student perhaps in the whole country(Netherlands) on this level. But hey I am learning.


MechAegis t1_itw9crj wrote

Hardest part is starting. Once you have learned something new, you'll want to try to find out more about it.

Professor of mine used to tell us, "The more you know, the more you don't know."


Maggoo- t1_itwcucu wrote

This was nice to see. I've started learning to draw recently, and often feel I'm too far behind to meaningfully improve. I guess continuous effort is the key.


JasperTheHuman t1_itx9ssh wrote

I started drawing at 16, but over the years slowly stopped. Decided to get back into it and it just happened to be inktober, so I've been going almost a month now. Bought a display tablet a few days ago as well and having a ball drawing again.


proscop t1_itxyo4e wrote

I started playing the piano at age 35 after wishing for a decade that I'd taken lessons as a kid. No regrets. Piano practice is the most meditative, therapeutic part of each day now.


_Donut_block_ t1_itv7dna wrote

This is the push I needed, I'm going all in on Bitcoin


ProteusSsaraii t1_itv9tb2 wrote

Look Tomar, it's you! You finally got to paint!


Vio94 t1_itvaegb wrote

I really want to learn to draw, but it's so daunting. When where I want to be seems like a 5 to 10 year journey, I feel like I won't even get to enjoy the skill once I'm really good at it.


LeoMiccgeeee t1_itvfno5 wrote

Thanks, I can procrastinate now


JooosephNthomas t1_itviyl8 wrote

It's also ok to fail right now, especially if you just started.


Bird_kick t1_itvu3i0 wrote

I'm doin' it man I'm doin' it, I'm doin' it man I'm doing it!!


throwaway002106 t1_itvwm6y wrote

Fuck it, I’m doing it tomorrow

Brought to you by r/procrastination


g_salazar t1_itvzeug wrote

That’s George R. R. Martin in the cartoon, isn’t it…?


LinnunRAATO t1_itw1xgh wrote

For some reason I read the last panel like "Fuck it, I'm done", as in screw finishing art you're not having fun with. Not everything needs to be finished and polished.


CaptainPetey1 t1_itw3ilk wrote

That’s how I feel about painting my Warhammer 40k models.


lashapel t1_itw5hmh wrote

I know this but i keep thinking to myself "i would have been in a much better position if I started this a few years ago" and it's endless cycle , i hate myself 🤦🏽‍♂️


wunderwife t1_itwciim wrote

The parasite vs the ally.


Saint_Disgustus t1_itwdocd wrote

The best time to plant a tree is yesterday, the 2nd best time is today.


YukaBazuka t1_itwermu wrote

Its this for me? Who the fk drew this? Wth? Am i Trueman in the trueman show? What is going oooooon?!!


samsuh t1_itwfq92 wrote

im getting laser vision correction in a few days. im doing it!


yesthisisdaniel t1_itwg9vj wrote

I’ve been putting off learning web dev for like, 5 years now. Always on and off and on and off. Finally got my ass in gear and just fucking began doing it. Kicked my ass a few times but it feels so good to actually be doing something that will change my life once I’m finished.


Psychedelic_Primate t1_itwhztz wrote

Bitcoin then vs now.

Some goals can not be obtained after a certain point in time.


Read_Weep t1_itwiwl1 wrote

Except for we with ADHD, the action is: “finally respond to that break-up email.”


The_alchemist667 t1_itwj1b4 wrote

Me with streaming. Been putting it off so long it feels daunting...


joaoraja t1_itwn9ny wrote

Yeah, I just started a Reddit community today.


tmnt88 t1_itwp6my wrote

I was telling my son the other day, that having hobbies and interests are a good thing, even if you don't stick with it forever. By the time your "old" you'll know how to do hundreds of different things, may not be able to do them like an expert would but you still will be decent at a lot of things. And then your kids will wonder how grandpa knows so much and knows how to do everything


TheMasonX t1_itwre1n wrote

Can't go back in time to start back then, might as well do it now


DaemonPrinceOfCorn t1_itwsgbj wrote

I’m 35. I went to one of those paint-while-you-drink parties at a neighbor’s a couple of months ago and enjoyed it so much that I went out and got some cheapo basics. I’ve been really, thoroughly enjoying creating in this way. Trying to teach myself some basics via youtube while making near little landscapes. Previously I’d joke that I could barely draw a tree and didn’t have an artistic bone in my body, and now I’m seeing that definitely isn’t true.


WallishXP t1_itwtooa wrote

25 y.o. here to remind you that we're dumb and even if you did that thing you'd wanted to do only when you were younger, you would be worse at it. With age comes wisdom; relish in your years to blossom.


curiouschad t1_itwxb28 wrote

Someone send this to George RR Martin


Eustaess t1_itwyrqw wrote

Is this George R. R. Martin writing Winds of Winter?


NumbOnTheDunny t1_itwzkrn wrote

I made a living off my art online all through my 20s. Fell into some funk and had a kid and most my 30s seemed productively wasted. Nearly 40 and getting into art for fun again and invested in equipment to make merchandise off it. I should have my online store open in a few weeks and my first reintroduction to pop-ups will be an event next month. The voice in my head says I’ll fail but I’m mostly ignoring it.


empleat t1_itx08sb wrote

I procrastinated on relatively simple things over 6 years... So tough having ADHD and executive dysfunctions and anxiety and stress...


Ysabell90 t1_itx1uhw wrote

Thank you I needed this today


enofk97 t1_itx8lab wrote

I wasted 2 years of my life because of bad decisions. But whatever happened had happened. I don't want to beat myself anymore. I should focus on what I'm doing.


jelly_bee t1_itxadmy wrote

I needed this so bad today. Thank you.

27 back in uni with peers in barely hitting 20 and regretting every life choice I've made. But I need to take a step back and see I'm making progress regardless of when it happens.


Naive_Resolution5340 t1_itxrbqi wrote

I started to play the drums on the 30th of September this year. I was never able to learn an instrument in my life, I picked up the guitar like 5 times, but had no money for classes and gave up fairly soon everytime.

Last month I stumbled upon the electric drumset in my university's music room. I bought my own sticks the very next day and I've been playing twice a week for 2 to 4 hours since then.

So yeah, starting to learn my first instrument at 27. And I'm super happy about it.


crazy_thiago t1_itxwbp6 wrote

dont let the suicidal people see this


Summerclaw t1_ity1sgd wrote

This is me right now. I'm going to my local Comicon next year. I just paid for admission and now I just have to create so much art and merchandise and logos and my site and make reels and all of that stuff.

Is crazy and overwhelming but I'm having fun


GK_47 t1_ity8unc wrote

Sounds like I got 10 years to do it


Qandyl t1_ityctnv wrote

There’s a whole bunch of these in the same format but with different (but similar) messages on the website in the corner of the image, I’ve had a few as my wallpapers for a while now and when they pop up it’s always a good boost.


ttystikk t1_ityd9tq wrote

This has special significance to me today.


Leiatte t1_itymuej wrote

This is absolutely right, I need to just do things more!


sylsau t1_ityr06c wrote

It's never too late to do it right.

And by doing well, I mean doing what you really want to do.

The hardest part is getting started. Once you've taken the initial step, everything will fall into place.


Throwaway194757292 t1_itysgg4 wrote

True to a limit. There are somethings that are absolutely too late to start, now matter how much you want to be able to do it.


irlegend86 t1_ityx3t3 wrote

I feel just like this. I started to learn to draw about 2 weeks ago


Froste29 t1_itz5e2v wrote

I have an irrational fear of losing my job and being useless with my previous education. I always wanted to do part-time studying for new skills while I am still young (28), but my wife doesn't think it is needed. I always had an interest in social working and helping others, maybe getting an education bachelor diploma.

I think I will get up and talk to my nearest university. Thanks for this.


gahlo t1_itz662z wrote

Me last year when I finally got myself to go back to college. It's been a rough semester, but I'm almost done. Hoping I can get back in the groove.


Lennartjh t1_itz8uz6 wrote

I thought to start longboarding at 26 was too late. I couldn't have been more wrong. Barely three months in and I'm already cruising through the city at 20kmh, jumping curbs, cornering etc. It was one of the best choices I made in my life. It's so much fun.


NeedsMoreShelves t1_itza993 wrote

About to turn 30, finally bought a clarinet B) always wanted to learn, but regretted not playing in highschool, finally I figured I mine as well start now!


Cascascap t1_itzdi2h wrote

I should have done this ten years ago. Now I'll use AI.


stiiknafuulia t1_ituufcm wrote

Must be frustrating af to start drawing now, with the advent of advanced image-gen AIs


holyluigi t1_itv2lak wrote

I started a week ago, or well started again cause I always kept quitting for years only drawing once in a blue moon. I couldn't care less about AI. I am trying to create things myself with my own hands. If AI is whats stopping anyone then they should think about why they want to create Art.


DLCSpider t1_itv97cc wrote

Beginner artists draw because they want to draw. People who do not possess this want usually don't become artists.

Artists can always compare themselves to someone or something better if they want a fresh dose of depression. But AI is a pretty small fish compared to, for example, Art Station, where you can find the entire world stacked against you ;)


historycat95 t1_itvbhof wrote

This sums up my attitude toward selling my Magic cards.


hazpat t1_itvfac9 wrote

The thought on the left is actually positive about the task. The thought on the left seems negative about the activity.

"I should have done this year's ago" demonstrates a new found interest

"Fuck it ill do it now" demonstrates a lack of interest and doing it despite the desire not to.

The first thought is motivational not the second.


bumford11 t1_itvvhrx wrote

This was me with wiping. It hurt to tear the crust off, but ultimately I'd say it was mostly worth it.


anonguy5422 t1_itw3rxx wrote

This is what I tell myself before doing hard drugs


ElPwnero t1_itwb2sg wrote

True, but you will probably never excel. Tbt you probably wouldn’t have anyway.


Shmandon t1_itwds0u wrote

If you have a pulse it's not too late to start