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hobohipsterman t1_itz2l6a wrote

Well, I chose to settle so check mate


WithinTheShadowSelf t1_itzkrp3 wrote

I think as long as you choose, it’s good.


a-wild-yasuo t1_iu0d6c2 wrote

Only a life lived to be successful, grandeur, and ambitious is a life worth living. The life that you can brag about to your friends and family later when it's all over, and they will be genuinely impressed.

That's what we should strive for. Greatness and excellence.


FrigidLollipop t1_iu0hwsj wrote

Some people are most fulfilled with a quiet life. Striving to impress others shouldn't be your goal; impressing yourself is.


Aveta95 t1_iu0knx6 wrote

Meh. I used to be like that, where that lead me? Into depression and worse self-image issues. Sometimes it’s fine to scale back and reassess what do you want, outside all the worldly pressure. Not everyone can be in the spotlight and not everyone wants to.

Strive to be good to yourself and to others first and foremost and don’t set yourself to a pace you cannot keep up with. There’s plenty of cool stories to be made. They don’t have to be mind blowing to you but they can be to someone else.


cre8ivjay t1_iu0pv0o wrote

I think words like successful, ambitious, and grandeur can be misconstrued.

Just strive to be happy as often as you can, whatever that looks like. Doesn't have to be big things, either.

Make a dinner. Join a club. Smell a flower. Go for a walk.

Just keep plugging away. You got this. :)


bootyweight t1_iu0wzu4 wrote

The people who talk like that wouldn't know excellence and greatness if it slapped them with a shovel


Superspick t1_iu0yx7c wrote

A wanderer isn’t always lost…. But you might be



Sunstang t1_iu38l6l wrote

Like excellence in being a whiny entitled creeper whose Twitch DMs to female streamers go unfairly unanswered!


Fikkia t1_iu07oht wrote

I didn't, but this post gave me 10 years before the regret sets in