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tramapoliner t1_iujujrl wrote

Hello I just wanted to say i found this both insightful and hilarious


enduring_student t1_iuk46hy wrote

I think this one's pretty good.

It is important to consider many, many angles. If lots of people hate you, something has likely gone very wrong even if you intend no harm: you're opinion, the information you based it on, how you're acting on it, when you're saying it, what else is going on at the time, etc, etc.

The answer could be as difficult as you have some bias that hurts a lot of people and you need to root it out, or it could just be you have an angry tone to your voice all the time even when you're not angry and you just need some speaking practice.

It may be as simple as 'haters gonna hate' but you won't know unless you look carefully. So look. It is badass to look at yourself because it's scary and difficult.

Edited for clarity.


phuzzy1deep t1_iujm8n7 wrote

How tf will you know if “everyone hates you”?


Thunor_SixHammers OP t1_iujmoo2 wrote

If the majority of people act in a way indicative of hatred? If you often find yourself saying something like "they are just being haters" or "people only try the take me down because I'm better than them '


mjkjg2 t1_iuk0e7s wrote

people who are involuntarily alone, but think the problem is everyone else


geraintwd t1_iuk179z wrote

Let me SHOOOW you the power of Talos Stormcrown, born of the North, where myyyyy breath is long WINTER!


Elevated_Chillz t1_iujribe wrote

I guess I am not a badass, cause I don’t give a fuck what anybody thinks about me apart from myself. Cool art tho