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willguine t1_iv266wp wrote

Oh no I've lost my mojo


Efficient-Advantage8 t1_iv3l6wp wrote

Needed this . For a year and half straight I worked out , ate right. Had abs and crazy muscle definition .Ive trashed it all in 3 months. Each day I dont restart its getting heavier. Cant snap out of it


ashgallows t1_iv3onzs wrote

if you havent read david goggins book or seen his videos on youtube, i recommend them.

I've never had some motivate me so consistently and so much in my life. it's like mainlining motivation.


WorstMidlanerNA t1_iv29bh9 wrote

There could be medical reasons. I haven't had my MOJO in 10-12 years. Turns out not only is my Testosterone stupid low, but so are several other key hormones. I'm going in for an MRI to see if it's a tumor or other blockage of the pituitary.


ralthiel t1_iv2gnc8 wrote

Also worth mentioning certain prescription drugs can lower Testosterone levels. Taking opioid pain relievers long term can have a major impact on it, for example.


br0sandi t1_iv3h8pl wrote

Thank you- I screen shot this and will copy it into my journal.


enduring_student t1_iv4cctb wrote

I've had to put something down that I really wanted to achieve so I could focus on something else I need for a while. After I get this second thing mostly done, I can focus more on the first one, so I'm really glad to have practical, succinct, honest help like this to help me make solid progress. Thank you.


LuneBlu t1_iv53d19 wrote

Be careful not to burn out.


fadoxi t1_iv59jp7 wrote

Thank you for sharing this op.



3keepmovingforward3 t1_iv53j77 wrote

And if you have no goals?


Krammn t1_ivh0gvr wrote

In systems theory, goals (also known as the system's purpose) is determined by behaviour over time.

To understand your current goals, assess what your behaviour has been over time and what that behaviour is ultimately trying to do.