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_TheGreatDevourer_ t1_ivffsbv wrote

go on, laugh in a cemetery


RAGE_CAKES t1_ivg4gds wrote

Got kicked out of the holocaust museum. Now I've been labeled as antisemitic.

Thanks OP :/


Embo1 t1_ivhbx8v wrote

Well at least you changed the narrative


implicate t1_ivi0de5 wrote

I just went and laughed in my childhood home's backyard where my dog is buried.

The family that lives there now was not pleased.


Muscalp t1_ivg4mg6 wrote

On my Gramps‘ funeral they played some of the jazz from him and his band and it was so unfittingly cheery that I indeed burst out laughing


tots4scott t1_ivgngrn wrote

OP is just a karmafarmer. Clearly didn't think about this terrible post twice.


adviceKiwi t1_iviwh72 wrote

I'm laughing in a toilet, it's weirding lots of people out.


FreeMyMen t1_ivh9jo1 wrote

That's a good idea, why not feel joy for your past experiences with someone that has gone?


ocelot08 t1_ivhy5yb wrote

My God, there's narrative all over this place!


Netskimmer t1_ivfv28a wrote

Pro tip, DON'T do this at the holocaust museum...


apizartron t1_iviq2z2 wrote

Do many people actually cry in places like that? Get sad and deep in thought sure, but cry?


tty5 t1_ivj13fl wrote

The one in actual concentration camp has things that you cannot unsee. Once you are standing in front of a massive pile of glasses or artificial limbs taken from the victims you only realize this place was a factory of death, purpose built to exterminate at the highest efficiency and lowest cost. Members of the same species built this recently - some survivors and perpetrators are still alive. ....fuuuuuuck.

Imagine having a personal connection on top of that.


supermarkise t1_ivjjxna wrote

And they send you as a kid and teenager. This stuff is horrifying.


Extension_Buy5963 t1_ivm72gt wrote

My ex-wife just called the police on me because I'm standing on her front porch laughing like a maniac. Do I change the narrative in this way?


KDLGates t1_ivjmitz wrote

I've been to the Washington DC holocaust museum and the one where I live (Tampa, FL), both well organized but I didn't have that "this is where it happened" effect.

I guess it's not really a musem per se if it's at a camp itself (unless it's an attached/new facility), more of a memorial. That's different and it seems like a good idea to keep them preserved.


Netskimmer t1_ivj7dbh wrote

Some do, especially if someone they loved, like grandparent made it through alive.


itsjojothehobo t1_ivjlyoi wrote

Standing on a bridge looking down at a sea of children’s shoes at the holocaust museum. You bet your ass I cried.


Moug-10 t1_iviunkf wrote

Apparently, some people are very sensitive when it comes to such subjects.


tlst9999 t1_ivjdbtz wrote

Probably saw his ex cheating at the Holocaust museum.


ohbyerly t1_ivfuioe wrote

I’m sorry, but I’m not laughing at the beginning of Up


ViolentSarcasm t1_ivfpoyj wrote

Yeah I’ll just go laugh beside my friend’s coffin and change that narrative … good intentions but this is a dumb saying


dabomb2012 t1_ivh8tb1 wrote

You absolutely have a point here, but this doesn’t mean that the saying is wrong in all circumstances. It can, and has worked for me (though the reason I cried is nowhere near the pain you experienced - which is why it’s worked for me)


rafael-a t1_ivfshdy wrote

True, same thing would also be very weird to just go to a hospital, hang out there and laugh, very condescending with people there.


ViolentSarcasm t1_ivfty5z wrote

Very true, it’s obvious this quote was written by someone who’s never really had to grieve over the loss of someone close


Febrilinde t1_ivj9lb6 wrote

No, no you don't get. You are going to change the narrative. Go ahead and laugh manically in a hospital or in a funeral it will look like this is something you planned , you will probably go to jail and start laughing there and it will look like that was also something you wanted and planned. People will stay away from you you will be lonely and then you will start laugh at everything, laugh forever because the life is a joke muhahaha... (So yeah he basically wants to create an army of Joker's, by changing the narrative)


audiosf t1_ivijv27 wrote

This is the "You'd look prettier if you smiled" of fucking sign advice.


Vancoovur t1_ivg3rjd wrote

The other patients in the cancer ward didn’t appreciate my laughter.


Not_as_witty_as_u t1_ivg0tzr wrote

I suspect this was penned by the same enigmatic author who blessed us with laugh love live


zzonked7 t1_ivh4yq1 wrote

It's live laugh love you heathen. That's like saying Jerry and Ben's ice cream.


uni_t t1_ivghy9l wrote

Go shit in the places you have pissed.

Change the narrative.


AsloModjo t1_ivgnh57 wrote

I did this.

I went through some dark shit. A whole town laced with traumatic memories.

I went back to each place one by one, on my terms, and replaced the meaning of each place with a new,positive memory.

It was awesome and very empowering


chevymonza t1_ivh3ffy wrote

Nice!! It helps to know that the people from your past are mostly gone, buildings get renovated, stores change, etc.


tychus-findlay t1_ivhkp63 wrote

That's very cool man, rather than running from it you faced it and neutralized it


Kanojononeko t1_ivgpi51 wrote

I'm afraid I'd get arrested, why is this middle-aged lady laughing in the junior high school girls' bathroom??!


Not_MrNice t1_ivhk1x1 wrote

Narrative: "I cried in this location"

Changed narrative: "I cried in this location, then came back later and forced myself to laugh."

Lesson: "No fucking clue"


barrelofsandals t1_ivgg59c wrote

The amount of people intentionally being thick-skulled on this is baffling.

Nobody is saying go laugh at suffering or make fun of others' grief. They are saying you can take control of your suffering and you have the power to interact with these feelings and experiences as you see fit. It's about reframing your perspective.


Serfo t1_ivhunda wrote

I think most people get the overall message but chose to go the meme route just because.


reddrighthand t1_ivjl5ua wrote

No, my first thought was this is fuckin' horrible advice.

I'm just supposed to go laugh in the places I used to visit with a person who's no longer here? Without any context other than I miss them like hell, especially there?

No, this has fine intentions it just missed the mark.


riotousviscera t1_ivhbrch wrote

yes!!!! cannot stand how deliberately dense people are being here.

I had a really bad time in junior high. took a lot of abuse from classmates, and school faculty covered it up (at best - at worst they pretty much condoned it). fast forward about 17 years and the building is abandoned. as it happens I am into urbex, so yeah, I actually planned out a visit and managed to enjoy myself there. it was a significant healing experience and I felt much better afterward.

this is definitely something you want to be careful with, though. i had gone there a year prior on a whim, just to see the building, not to go inside. but I saw an open door, went in and just was NOT prepared to be in there... it was a really bad experience that stuck with me until I went back. YMMV.


dontsuckmydick t1_ivj8pta wrote

Did you just express how upset you were that people were taking this literally and then share your story on how you took this literally?


riotousviscera t1_ivvkqy4 wrote

... no? I expressed annoyance at people choosing to be dense regarding the meaning of the saying, and then shared a story about how i did something like that and it helped me.

you are not actually this dumb.


baddiest_reaper t1_ivfuxwv wrote

Instructions unclear, got kicked off my friend's funeral


Autumnlove92 t1_ivg1dlf wrote

For those taking this too literally, it interpretates to: go back to the places with bad memories and try to make good ones.

I get that. I've done it a few times. But some places are also too hard to revisit, and are best left in the past


Mrytle t1_ivgrrc4 wrote

Not sure how the funeral home would react to that really.


NoiseTank0 t1_ivhgnoa wrote

yeah this is just pure vacuous crap.


[deleted] t1_ivga0ba wrote

I hate the word narrative. Who gives a fuck about what other people think about oneself? Everyone's a wannabe clout chaser and so fragile these days


rafael-a t1_ivfsbh5 wrote

I guess people would just expel me from the cemetery


Plywood-Records t1_ivh3ouq wrote

So, I got arrested at the funeral home.... again.


Bearded_Guardian t1_ivh44u3 wrote

*horrified looks from the ICU staff at the local hospital


Ozzimoto0818 t1_ivhgirc wrote

I can’t go back to jail. I just can’t.


agentchuck t1_ivhnc9g wrote

Hi, Stacey? Remember me? I couldn't get it up on prom night, '08? Well, I just downloaded some Chappelle stand up and I need to get into your parents bedroom.


leo615 t1_ivhqf0w wrote

My dad's funeral?


NumberlessColors t1_ivhubgp wrote

"Hahahahahahaha!" "..... please get out of my bed kevin." "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


WeirdCreeper t1_ivfz422 wrote

I mean in all places it is normal to laugh where I have cried before I've probably done so sometimes even at the same time mania is one heck of a status effect.


otomino t1_ivgtszs wrote

I laugh at the cemetery and some cops took me out


AJPowers17123 t1_ivguj64 wrote


Cancer therapy wards

My university library


Sinicalkush t1_ivh1783 wrote

Uh I recently buried my grandmother in the cemetery and cried pretty hard about it. Are you telling me to go laugh as hard as I can AT A CEMETERY????


nokinship t1_ivh1g5g wrote

Alright for real this is a good strategy to cope with anxiety. I am in those times now.


MaiaTai27 t1_ivh5juu wrote

Go laugh in my uncles bedroom back in 1986, no problem


MafiaMommaBruno t1_ivh9x2m wrote

Gonna go back to that classroom I was raped in on a college campus and lookup this post again.


paracog t1_ivhdjam wrote

I spent the second through fourth grade in an abusive boys boarding school; it was later closed by the feds. As an adult, I went back up the valley where it had been located, on a BSA Hornet with a cute blonde on the back, and on the concrete pad where my school room used to be, was a beautiful mountain lion looking at me. That was a good day.


Crumb-eye t1_ivhidg5 wrote

Me at front door of the funeral home: “ah hey, sorry, weird request…”


Accomplished_Pop_279 t1_ivhpj2r wrote

I actually did something like this after my ex broke up with me. After a couple months, I made an effort to go to as many of the places we went to together alone so that I could take away the negative emotions associated with that place. I did it so I wouldn’t have to come back to a place or drive by it one day and get this whole flashback of emotions and forfeit my freedom to do certain things.


SuperNerdAce t1_ivhry0r wrote

Sorry, but it'll look pretty weird for a grown adult walking into a series of schools and laughing


A1pH4W01v t1_ividzxp wrote

Tried that in my old high school

Dont know why my old teachers called the police on me, i was just merely laughing inside the girl's restroom.


SEMlickspo t1_ivig2yr wrote

Laughing alone in the walk in fridge is actually probably worst than being caught crying alone in the walk in fridge.

Either is better than getting caught sleeping or vaping.

What happens in the walk in fridge, should stay in the walk in fridge.


RikimaruRamen t1_iviigud wrote

Yeah, I don't think I'm gonna do this at a war memorial.


ChuCHuPALX t1_ivilqwj wrote

Reposting in this format is innovative. Is it a repost if the OP's title us now embedded in an image? Thumps temple


righteousop t1_ivim3tt wrote

Guess I'm going back to Iraq


Metal_Thorn t1_ivixxan wrote

Somehow i feel like laughing at my gan's grave would be disrespectful.


thegreatmizzle7 t1_ivjeovh wrote

It'd be a little fucked for me to laugh at the haulocaust museum.


GazzTopps t1_ivgfavy wrote

Control your narrative.


Maleficent-Appeal-56 t1_ivgt4h6 wrote

this is actually kind of genius and I am doing it first thing tomorrow.


SmashedSugar t1_ivguc8i wrote

Hard to laugh in a cemetery at plot 666


AeonChaos t1_ivgv7go wrote

What is this "positive vibe" advice?

Laughing in a funeral/hospital/etc. during heavy times?


Mockingbird2388 t1_ivgwwvk wrote

I don't think your mom will let me in her bedroom again.


SwordShanker t1_ivgzbf2 wrote

Perfect for when you visit the funeral home


bluedevils9 t1_ivh3bt7 wrote

Boy my Ex is pisssseddddd!


Dexmonkey t1_ivh4vy2 wrote

Go into my old high school and laugh maniacally at the students.


sea-teabag t1_ivh9bo6 wrote

laughs at previous wank location


MooreCandy t1_ivhfvd5 wrote

BRB, going to go laugh in my Chem classroom


DrunkAsFuckButtSlut t1_ivhisoe wrote

thank u sign but im not getting kicked out of a holocaust museum again


jbe151 t1_ivhkhhh wrote

This is good !


pixelbased t1_ivhy07k wrote

Wow, thanks, I’m cured.


Dasguudmane t1_ivhzqkr wrote

Ah yes I can get arrested for trespassing like I've always wanted.


DJSugarSnatch t1_ivhzxmm wrote

They really didn't like it when we did that at the Anne Frank House - Bert "The Machine"


Buddhadevine t1_ivi0f8m wrote

I think I’d get kicked out of a cemetery for doing that


mbhudson1 t1_ivi0jsh wrote

And then post about it on Instagram so everyone knows you did it


SummonTarpan t1_ivi3v3n wrote

“Sir we are having a funeral, you can’t just come here and laugh for no reason”


Halo_Chief117 t1_ivi4glp wrote

I’m not going to be that guy at a cemetery laughing.


Seannj222 t1_ivi4kfe wrote

Crying can be a beautiful thing. I wouldn't want to rob myself of the things that bring me there.

Grief, after all, is the price we pay for love.


0rlan t1_ivi4vfn wrote

I tried that in the A&E waiting area of this hospital. I'm now writing this from the psych ward...


luscaloy t1_ivi7543 wrote

lmao michele get rekt, that motorcycle crash you died on? lmaoo

still miss you dearly tho, best cousin♡


goodintrovert t1_ivi8t8u wrote

Oh go and laugh at your Grandmas funeral


DetectiveNo4110 t1_ivic9f6 wrote

Let's confuse and irritate the haters by our laugh😉😃😂


OhMaiMai t1_ivim3jd wrote

Jail. Don’t go back to jail just to “change the narrative.” It’s not going to work.


Appu_46 t1_iviowcz wrote

Laughs in depression


PaddleMonkey t1_iviperx wrote

Like Nelson Muntz point and laugh?


[deleted] t1_iviqqfq wrote

Going back to prison, gonna be different this time.


SirDerpsalot123 t1_iviqy0g wrote

Instructions unclear, kicked out of funeral.


Kitkatis t1_ivirq6t wrote

A group of old folk just laughing hysterical under a German sign that reads 'work sets you free'


stiiknafuulia t1_ivisgi7 wrote

Peemaban for such thoughtless and callous bs 'advice' would not be out of order


MrGaia35 t1_ivivc6r wrote

Do it with someone.


sam172000 t1_iviwsox wrote

Everyone: O_O When i laugh at funerals


RabidAstronaut t1_ivixbmb wrote

Laughs manically in the nursing supply room


fantasticoder t1_ivixc58 wrote

Do you really need to go there physically. Maybe it's just in mind. Just metaphorically go there and ... change the narrative.


MagnusCaseus t1_ivj5168 wrote

Same things that make us laugh, make us cry -Big Smoke


ferah11 t1_ivj546q wrote

No thanks, I'll rather laugh where they have always made me happy.


kloexnamik t1_ivj8u9e wrote

When you have bad LSD trip, do LSD again tomorrow


fishandbanana t1_ivjbd4h wrote

I might just laugh at the next funeral i go to... let's see how motivating that would be.


ViralGeist_ t1_ivjga27 wrote

Gonna go sneak into my exes place in a different state and laugh


Individual_Village47 t1_ivji4n2 wrote

Cool! I’ll just go laugh in the viewing room of the funeral home where my dad was shown. That’ll make that next family feel good!


IndependentDot7481 t1_ivjjdx0 wrote

I went to the WWII monument in my local park and people were looking at me weirdly...


P12oooF t1_ivjjnll wrote

I shat where I once pissed. Message unclear ...


aearr t1_ivjl7h4 wrote

I don’t know what to do with my hands


yrtemmysitnA t1_ivjl8tk wrote

What if you're too dead inside to cry, asking for a friend


Calm_1_too t1_ivjls4k wrote

Reminds me of the lessons in the book, The Power of Neuroplasticity.


Stuart517 t1_ivjn5eo wrote

Not going back to the funeral home but this is good


Zeraldonith t1_ivjq98g wrote

Go cry in the places you've laughed.


acidicbreeze t1_ivjyun6 wrote

Well, that was a strange trip to the funeral home.


geronimoglass t1_ivk14ir wrote

The people at the funeral home won’t stop looking at me…


chevymonza t1_ivh3i09 wrote

This is another version of "living well is the best revenge."


momijimanko t1_ivhjlhn wrote

go cackle in the hospital room where your child died downvote all ya like, it’s toxic positivity and it’s dumb as hell. let people grieve their losses, whatever they may be. this isn’t motivational.