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The_Cysko_Kid t1_ivhwxgp wrote

Its just hard to take someone seriously with a user name like "please fart on my face"


Kryptonian-Hero810 t1_ivifq9c wrote

Still better than the cisko kid tho


Colonelfudgenustard t1_ivijmzv wrote

He can pretend to be all self-sufficient and all, but still seems to want someone to fart on his face. He still has some ways to go.


AfricanisedBeans t1_ivk0f1b wrote

Well he ain't got no farting wife, so he's gotta take what he can get


JDBCool t1_ivifhfc wrote

Anyone remember the COVID lockdowns?

And the number of people that went cranky-insane?

That's a lite simulation of being alone


DoctorEnn t1_ivjdcdw wrote

That was largely a consequence of being alone while also being trapped within what is, as it turns out, basically a glorified large box. Going cranky-insane in the great outdoors is a whole other kettle of fish.


sedativumxnx t1_ivjouyk wrote

Our own mental traps we set for ourselves or for each other. Very few things are of grave consequence, we just forgot to look for the signs or pay attention to what is going on around us. So, to keep the scam going, we elaborate on the broken systems we've been dealt at birth. But in our deepest of depths, we actually know what matters and what doesn't. It just becomes harder and harder to break from that vicious cycle and look for our own path. A path which more often than not leads back to nature. However, we kinda fucked things up a bit there, going as far as to screw up the magnetic poles of this beautiful planet we all share, thus becoming harder and harder to see through the illusion of what truly means to be human.


DinosaurianStarling t1_ivl9979 wrote

No worries, I'm an introvert. You know the horror that extroverts felt during lockdown? That's our normal, covid was just a break from hell


ZerngCaith t1_ivkdp0i wrote

I think that was more of being alone and locked inside with no options, freedom was limited at least in my country.


JCPRuckus t1_ivhhqej wrote

Turns out most people don't want true freedom.


Thermon01 OP t1_ivhjr0b wrote

Most people can't just sacrifice their families


JCPRuckus t1_ivho9d2 wrote

Yes, it was meant as a critique of the quote, not a critique of the people who don't see losing everything and gaining true freedom as a positive. It's not. True freedom is dying in the woods somewhere, because you're all alone and life is incredibly hard without society (and all its limits on your freedom).


inotparanoid t1_ivin2c7 wrote

A lot of these questions are explored in Berserk, the manga. I doesn't give you a definite answer, but it does give you certain illustrations about life.

The most important lesson I take from it is that if you've got a sword, swing it. Demons will get you in the end, but till that time...


Goldmansachs3030 t1_iviqaom wrote

Man, that manga is bad. That women is an unreal depiction of a survivor. Why people like that when they massacred the MC emotionally?

MC should just power up and kill the guy, but then i know, FMC will come as always and defend her rapist.

She should set her heart on one man only. The one who has been with her.Even the trauma flashback she gets is on see guts, not on the rapist. Intentional drama.


inotparanoid t1_ivirrvr wrote

It's got it's flaws, but Berserk is one of the best Manga, nay, one of the best fiction ever written.


Regi0 t1_iviy9x4 wrote

No offense but what the fuck does berserk have to do with anything

It honestly sounds like you just wanted to talk about it and needed an excuse


inotparanoid t1_ivizcji wrote

You're kind of right. For some reason when I read that passage, I thought of Berserk. It's not the only thing in fiction which explores that specific idea of incomprehensible loneliness and pain: there are many others, including One Hundred Years of Solitude, though in a very different way than the others, Kafka on the Shore, A Wizard of Earthsea... So many others.

But what they have in common is the rejection of a destiny, the contemplation of loneliness, the struggle of life, brought out in all of its forms.

Berserk, the manga, falls right into the middle of it. It's visceral, but it talks about struggling against a destiny of death. And that's life.


WiseChonk t1_ivjigh3 wrote

I love this type of freedom.

My job and hobbies are demanding, but I find them incredibly fulfilling.

Some may see this as romanticization of a spiteful mind after a break up (which can be true), but it can definitely be a chosen, enjoyable path.

Sure dating and romance is fun, but I'd often rather be doing the other things I love.

I haven't found a partner where we'd be mutually compatable for the long haul. Also it wouldn't be right for either of us to settle for less than what we deserve.

My hobbies aren't common so sure, it can be "lonely"... but that's a small piece of the bigger picture that's worth having, given the satisfaction I get from them and life.


Clarksp2 t1_ivh095k wrote

That man is winning at life


Thermon01 OP t1_ivh0q4r wrote

I like the way he understands the concept of life


Cylon_Skin_Job_2_10 t1_ivivyme wrote

God damn, I just was telling one of my friends “I think I’m okay dying alone, if I get to live the life I want.” But really, there’s no fucking way I don’t touch enough lives between now and then that I end up entirely alone. I love having friends and being social, I’m not a hermit, I just enjoy my freedom.

There’s people I’d drop everything and go see if they needed me, and likewise. In fact, the more financial and time freedom I can create, the more space I create for that sort of thing.


Johnmegaman72 t1_ivizgo7 wrote

This is oddly reassuring, thank you, will fart in your face in this life or the next.


onlycrazypeoplesmile t1_ivj0dj3 wrote

Fully agreed. You do you provided it doesn't harm anyone else.


JoshRiddle t1_ivj7rq3 wrote

I want to know what rimjob_Steve said!


[deleted] t1_ivjmi1i wrote



Thermon01 OP t1_ivk7cqw wrote

Right? Exactly. Geez I don't know why is that so hard to imagine for some.


0nline_persona t1_ivit0ua wrote

At first I read it as “white kids and a white picket fence” and I thought yikes


Chomusuke_99 t1_ivj4r17 wrote

they asked me fart on their face. but the comment moved me so much, i sharted. I sharted all over their face.


mcr1974 t1_ivj5ynl wrote

actually I have kids and a job etc. and I wouldn't give a shit anyway. I do what I can, whatever happen I'll be fine.

and we all die alone anyway, even if we have a lot of people around.


lavenderlove1212 t1_ivjexys wrote

Wow this is terrible. Humans have a deep need for connection and belonging.


taco_monger t1_ivjmflq wrote

The usernames omg, so profound


Specialist-Lion-8135 t1_ivjpsdm wrote

To avoid responsibility because you might suffer seems antithesis and paradoxical to the purpose of motivation.

However, challenging yourself to let go of other people’s ideas of happiness and find your own is a beautiful goal and I wish you good fortune.


SpiritOfTheFox1111 t1_ivjv044 wrote

Username does not check out, but this was wonderfully said.


Auirom t1_ivk80g7 wrote

I've always wanted someone to do stuff with. Always had a hard time with getting out. Know what though? I'm going to jujitsu. People there are real nice and helpful. Fun people to be around and I'm greatly enjoying it. I'm getting a motorcycle soon. Riding by myself may not be as fun with someone else but I know deep down I'll run across someone who likes the bike I get and wants to ride with me. Being alone isn't all bad as long as I get out of the house and not stay stuck inside all the time alone.


FriendCountZero t1_ivkzr11 wrote

I completely disagree. Living with yourself at the center of your world will eventually make you miserable and it will prevent any potential relationship from working out. "If you hit it off, cool" ???? No, no one just falls in love and lives happily ever after. It's a choice you have yo make every day and it's a choice that's off the table if your #1 priority is you.


vinayyy-n28 t1_ivimock wrote

Fear is an amazing motivator, if you don't put in the work, then this is how you'll end up being, like what that man's saying. It's something you should fear and try your best not to end up there.


Thermon01 OP t1_ivj9ete wrote

Idiots who say this is bullshit, I think you just really don't understand what the fuck is being said here so just stfu and keep your idiot comments to yourselfs.


Rajarshi1993 t1_ivjb4hs wrote

Oh, the joys of having fossil fuels.


xxbatman9898 t1_ivibt54 wrote

What a sad way to live


DireEWF t1_ivik4hy wrote

Meh, seems more like making the best with what you have. Even people with families can take that lesson to heart.


Bambooworm t1_ivil3tx wrote

Can you explain why you think it's sad?


Vault-Born t1_ivji1ic wrote

Suffering in the wilderness sounds like the worst response to homelessness you could possibly have imo.


xxbatman9898 t1_ivingd8 wrote

Idk seems lonely, having a family isn’t a bad thing.


Bambooworm t1_ivisq98 wrote

Having a family is really nice, I agree. However, if you don't have a family isn't it better to have a good attitude about it, and to take advantage of the plus sides of being on your own rather than being sad that you're alone? To me it seemed like it was more about seeing the positive side of things and working with what you've got.


vinayyy-n28 t1_ivimcbl wrote

Humans ARE social creatures


testcyplover t1_ivi0zq3 wrote

Spoken like a true Incel


TheConboy22 t1_ivi43fz wrote

Doesn't sound like an incel, but a man who has had a bad run in life.


testcyplover t1_ivi8pq0 wrote

That lead him to be involuntarily celibate


TheConboy22 t1_ivi9ihk wrote

It sounds like he’s voluntarily celibate though. Being celibate isn’t an issue. It’s people acting like it’s others fault that they are unable to get laid. Tons of people abstain for various reasons.


Kryptonian-Hero810 t1_ivifv07 wrote

I mean exploring and traveling the world ain't bad option at all .


TheConboy22 t1_ivigsa0 wrote

That’s what I’m saying. People need to get out of this mentality that what is for them should be the same for everyone. We all walk our own path.


Kryptonian-Hero810 t1_ivifs1w wrote

Says a femcel


Goldmansachs3030 t1_iviqg30 wrote

Inspin or a femcel. You get that sub where women said they were alone and were getting so many pm's, they made it private. or 40 year old who all life gave "toxic" people time and then cry, or some OF girl who can get a bf easily but naaahhh, gonna cry.

Same across all spectrum, do not want to improve.


vinayyy-n28 t1_ivimbb0 wrote

Men need families, they want to love, care, provide and support them. And they want same in turn. Loneliness isn't the way, you need a brotherhood, you need a loving family, you want good relations w your co-workers, a good mental and physical health, you want to take responsibility and feel needed and wanted. The single most important thing for a man is fatherhood, their families is what keeps men going. Don't come at me w "yOu ShOuLd bE aLlOwEd To HaVe fReEdOm", freedom of what? Jacking off to porn while being miserably lonely playing video games all day? Your actions need to have meaning.


onlycrazypeoplesmile t1_ivj0ccw wrote

Sounds very ol' skool. If playing video games and jacking off makes someone happy, it literally has zero affect on you. You need to get over the fact that people do in fact like to be alone. Sure, they might have a primitive instinctive need to have all those things you mentioned but let's face it, not you or I have any say on how somebody chooses to live their life.


vinayyy-n28 t1_ivj3tru wrote

It's not happiness, that's just instant gratification which will yield worse results. They're just dopamine junkies. Chase meaning, not hApPiNeSs because that feeling is unreliable. Have discipline. And the way they choose to live their life is all good until it starts affecting their loved ones or society over the time.


onlycrazypeoplesmile t1_ivj4j9k wrote

So video games or adult entertainment is 100% incapable of bringing someone happiness? But I guess if they sink their eyes into a book instead that okay with you though huh.

How about this, let's say you decide to move out if you haven't already but would prefer to live far from main society (cities/towns) and find a decent cabin in the forest/woods, you're telling me that's going to affect your loved ones and society when in actuality it's not doing anybody any harm? As long you are happy, your loved ones would be too.

I'll be honest, you sound miserable as fuck about what OTHER PEOPLE do with their own lives.

"Those who mind, don't matter. Those who don't mind, do matter."


vinayyy-n28 t1_ivj500n wrote

Video games are cool if played for a hour instead of spending your whole day in. Porn is extremely unhealthy in any amt at all, it literally affects brain in worse ways. And if your absence doesn't make a difference or if they don't need you at all, it means you provided very little value. If no one from your family's depended on you then go off lmfao. What you're saying is really irrational. You need money to even farm, lel.


onlycrazypeoplesmile t1_ivk68dc wrote

What about the people who make a living by playing video games? Or the people who struggled with education and decided that adult entertainment is something they like? If no one in a family depends on someone, it can also mean that the other members of the family are equally independent, it's not unheard of. As for needing money to farm, not really, provided you know what sort of plants to look for and how to harvest the seeds properly, all you need is an empty piece of land (which is highly abundant in forested/wooded areas naturally) and some water. You'll argue against all of this obviously because you can't handle the fact that people can be independent.


dragoniteswag t1_ivhqsxh wrote

No those are not wise words. We are social creatures we need company, and the biological purpose of our existence is to reproduce and carry on our DNA. If you use the internet in any form, you're not the type who will survive the wilderness for any prolonged period of time.

Get real.


BaconPancaaaakess t1_ivierql wrote

Lol, people who use the internet even for 1 second a week can't survive the wilderness? Dumbest shit ive ever read.


dragoniteswag t1_ivirois wrote

Yes, in a western context, if you have access to the internet through a personal device (not a library or something), that implies you lead a modern lifestyle and will never be able to endure a couple years in the wilderness.