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a7x1o t1_ivip9xz wrote

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel


Rufio6 t1_ivl499s wrote

I’d lean into whatever you’re interested in. As A Man Thinketh is a weekend read for me. Older stuff should be cheap or free. Biographies of people you admire.

Some people like stoicism and philosophy.

As a 20s finance nerd, I stuck to Think And Grow Rich.

As a currently depressed and burnout person, I’d probably go for biographies or Feeling Good by Dr. Burns and stuff like that.

I used to enjoy browsing a physical bookstore to pick what to read next. There’s a self help section.

The Power of Now and stuff like that mattered to me at a certain point, but doesn’t resonate with me now.


fafamuni t1_ivlshvg wrote

This is how you heal


enduring_student t1_ivszvfz wrote

I'm a big fan of self help from a place of knowledge and understanding, so I recommend educational books.

One I learned a lot from is 'The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog' by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph. D. and Maia Szalavits. Great insights into how brains our minds develop with different types and amounts of stress.

Also, probably the best financial advice is how to save money, and few books have more tools for that than 'The Tightwad Gazette' by Amy Dacyczyn.

Both do have a US focus, just FYI, but the basic concepts are applicable to nearly everyone.


FunCriticism9327 t1_iw32i7y wrote

George Carlin had a famous skit about self help books. Paraphrasing, "If you're motivated enough to get off the couch, to buy a book, and read it, you're already fucking motivated"