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yeahalrightokfine t1_iw0qy02 wrote

This is not true. It is much more difficult for, say someone with depression, to get themselves unstuck. It takes effort. It is different for everyone.


SylvariFountain t1_iw137m1 wrote

I've been trying for 4 years now, on antidepressants and went to counselling. Nothing has helped and I don't know if there's any hope anymore.


I_MIGHT_BE_IDIOT t1_iw1h5fv wrote

I have been trying for 10 years. If you do things right life gets better. You still have your moments though.


Gwayana t1_iw1mzq3 wrote

Try sport with a progressive goal. It helps me a lot


hikaris_demon t1_iw494wm wrote

I want to try this but that would cut into sleep since it'd be after work and I barely sleep enough as is.


Gwayana t1_iw4i8yo wrote

I don't know your situation but mental and physical health is your absolute priority. Unless you are in surviving mode right now, you can make room. Take care of your screentime maybe. It is worth it.


Steve_Austin_OSI t1_iw4tzsc wrote

start super simple with one thing.
For example, Set a goal; ot plank for 10 minutes.
At first may you can ony do 5 seconds.
So your doal is 10 seconds.

Ort maybe there is something you can do during break at work?

You don't need a membership to any place, and we aren't training for the olympics.
You just need few minutes and a floor.

Good luck, life of just work and sleep suck, I know because I have been there to.


hikaris_demon t1_iw5gy5z wrote

I'll try that but I don't take breaks because that would give me more work, I have a physically demanding job and bike to work though son I don't know how well exercise will work


mmerijn t1_iw2z2qj wrote

Took me a solid 10, most of which was spent figuring out exactly what it meant to be depressed and how it worked. Most of which ended up being not what I was told by psychologists and the like, or being something I wasn't told (because it more personal).


Suyefuji t1_iw3zojm wrote

You might need to try different antidepressants. I'm currently taking a combination of #11 and #13 that I tried and it's working great, but it does take a stupid amount of persistence


giganticbitties t1_iwmhf5e wrote

I don’t know your physical health and what types of food you eat, but I am a good 50 pounds overweight and literally and I mean literally only ate fast food or fried foods/processed for all of my meals for a couple years.

Less than a week ago, I have eliminated all of it. I am going to the gym. But not only this, I am pushing the shit out of myself to do this and it is not easy. When I’m lifting weights, I feel my mind slowly getting stronger, inching away from the depression and anxiety. Trying so hard to turn it around into positive thoughts. It really doesn’t come easy you have to continuously put in the work. Again, I don’t know your situation but I’m just letting you know about mine.

You said nothing has helped but have you tried this? Genuinely curious.


[deleted] t1_iw100g6 wrote

It’s pretty easy to make yourself miserable honestly. Especially if your environment or circumstances are less than ideal. Plus the state of the world is kind of fucked right now


COYFC t1_iw3jb7d wrote

It takes exactly zero effort to make yourself miserable


Donotcatch22 t1_iw3vmpv wrote

Sure it’s easy to get miserable, but once you’re there you are paying for it in stress. The post is saying that pain you get, you could use it to get better/strong and be happy at the end of it.


johntwoods t1_iw0u7wo wrote

Can we be honest for a second?

The amount of work is definitely not the same.

Unless this is some sort of wishy washy 'it's all about your attitude' type thing. In which case, yeah, ok, I guess.


Warhause t1_iw0swvo wrote

If these are your reals views you're pretty out of touch my guy


Unkindlake t1_iw1osom wrote

It's so easy! Just be happy stupid!


Ecinev1 t1_iw2kau5 wrote

What absolute garbage


ChimpBrisket t1_iw0ttxr wrote

I make myself ramen while getting numbly high with mild self-loathing. The amount of work is the same.


kingjesp t1_iw345c6 wrote

What about miserably strong?


Insemzandtaya t1_iw3a71j wrote

Yeah, I guess you could call me a workaholic. I lift weights and feel miserable doing it 😎 /j


dream_monkey t1_iw47sbn wrote

Our people is both blessed and cursed. Same things that make us laugh make us cry.


ds_arcanine t1_iw4w68h wrote

I disagree. I could make myself happy and just end it all. And it would take SIGNIFICANTLY less work.


RedPoliceBox t1_iw1bvu3 wrote

So just don't try, then? What exactly am I learning here?


I_MIGHT_BE_IDIOT t1_iw1jzoi wrote

Not that I agree with this but I'm pretty sure the point is that the work can be the same over a lifetime.
For example working out will get you a fit body and will give you better health in the long run and will get easier with time.

Eating shit food is easy now but you will get overweight and it will get harder the longer and unhealthier that you get.

So basically it's a work hard and keep up with life and have more doors open to you or slack off and get left behind by life and have more doors closing which will make you struggle more.

There is truth in that but reality also isn't so black and white and it's worded poorly.


TheGreatDave666 t1_iw39c68 wrote

Eating shit food is also affordable... this post boils misery/happiness down to a choice.


DryEyes4096 t1_iw1pt1j wrote

This is such bullshit. Some misery is a choice, some isn't. If I killed someone's child, misery is not a choice and they wouldn't have an opportunity for it to make them stronger. Strength is also honed and made better sometimes, but sometimes you either have a certain amount of strength or you don't.


lokethedog t1_iw29abe wrote

I think these two are often the same. Only making yourself strong might be whats making you miserable.


Drink15 t1_iw2itph wrote

It’s so much easier to make yourself miserable…


HappyJacks17 t1_iw34gl6 wrote

I really need to figure this out


mumyv t1_iw4yz0e wrote

it’s not always my choice, sometimes it’s just bad chemical connections in my brain 🫠


TheGreatDave666 t1_iw391za wrote

This is the type of motivational poster that I HATE. It puts all your issues onto your own shoulders.

Life takes luck and I'm tired of people refusing to acknowledge this.

Just because someone is miserable doesnt mean they aren't trying to be happy, and this rhetoric puts them down even harder.


fng4life t1_iw3bim9 wrote

What a load of garbage.


RuneArc t1_iw3d56v wrote

No fucking joke, I have been contemplating suicide. I don't really agree with this post, in that it takes the same amount of time. When you're extremely depressed, there isn't any hope left.


B_Maximus t1_iw3ggig wrote

Total lie. By doing nothing you make yourself miserable. Thats Zero work if my math is correct


sebastianlive t1_iw3hqfn wrote

False, Do nothing and you see your life going downhill and also experience snow ball effect.


LAUSart t1_iw3lda6 wrote

Say this and then ''your choice'' to someone with depression and expect a slap in the face lol


ValPrism t1_iw3uity wrote

Not exactly…


MeowMyOvaries t1_iw40gf1 wrote

Idk man, it’s way too easy to feel miserable these days


GsTSaien t1_iw418bn wrote

Absolutely not. Making myself miserable is CONSIDERABLY easier.


deceiverofthedogs t1_iw434sh wrote

"Your choice.." Yeah because I can choose to be depressed, you know.


pikab7uu t1_iw4i4r5 wrote

fuck this post..


Gainsborough-Smythe OP t1_iw4ji90 wrote

You lack charm.


pikab7uu t1_iw4m90v wrote



Gainsborough-Smythe OP t1_iw4mbzb wrote



pikab7uu t1_iw4ml7k wrote

i dont care much about manners when such a stupid post is spreading some “oh ho ho just try harder?” bullshit


Gainsborough-Smythe OP t1_iw4nend wrote

That's not what the post is saying. Here's what the post is saying: Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't, you're right.


rafael-a t1_iw4n9v6 wrote

No it isn’t, you just need to do nothing to be miserable, it’s way easier


GrimRipperBkd t1_iw55neb wrote

What?? Lol that shit doesn't make any sense


JesterRaiin t1_iw6oq60 wrote

Actually no. Being miserable requires very little to no work at all - stay at bed, east junk food, binge watch porn and you're gonna become miserable with little effort.

Becoming AND staying strong is helluva work, pain, sweat.

Who invented this quote and who upvotes it?